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General Discussion / Re: War in the East Massive PBEM
« Last post by General Sandman on Today at 08:24:15 AM »
It might be the best to first figure out two basic questions:

1. Who of the DoW-members owns the game or will get it soon?

2. Who of these persons is basically interested to participate in a MP project according the given parametres?

For myself, I can say, that both points apply!
Regarding the details, these could be discussed after we found out, if there is a sufficiant number of interested players.

So it would be helpful, if the members state their opinion about that subject.
Any tank for me, please.
Any tank for me, please.
Games Discussion / Re: I’m not a Monster
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 03:10:20 PM »
I’m not a Monster - shirokikh.e

Hello everyone!

Today we released a new update and we can’t wait to tell you all the details.

Most importantly, we’ve made it as simple as possible for players to form groups. It is now possible in the post-match screen to form a group with all other players at once, as well as only with those whose playstyle you like.

More details:
- The “Suggest forming a group” button has been added to the post-match screen. Once any player clicks this button, a group invitation is sent to the other players.
- You can also add a selected player to a group or to your Steam friends list. Just click their portrait on any in-game screen where you can see their avatar (the pause screen, the post-match screen, the main menu…).
- It’s now also possible to commend players for their in-game actions and behavior. Players who receive enough commendations over the last few days will have a special emblem in their avatar.
- We have changed the appearance of group invitations to make them less intrusive.

Some smaller, but still positive, changes:
- We’ve fixed some issues with unreadably small fonts and visual elements. The number of notes and jokes about this on our Discord server  was a source of shame for us, so correcting this was a matter of honor.
- Bot behavior has been improved. A lot of changes have been made, but it wouldn’t be sporting in terms of AI to speak about them all in detail. In short – they’ll be making much fewer thoughtless and fatal mistakes, and will pose a much greater challenge to players.
- The issue has been fixed where (under specific, very strange and mysterious circumstances) the use of ultra-abilities uses up more Morale than it should.
- The graffiti feature has been tweaked. Sprays now stay on the map longer, but players can only spray one. Leave your mark in-game! Infected a terrified civilian around a corner somewhere? Show your smarts and cunning by leaving a picture beside them!
- We fixed and added 32 other minor things that don’t need their own explanations in this announcement, but are nevertheless designed to make the gaming experience more comfortable (for example, any changes to your Steam name will now be reflected in-game). You’re the ones who made these changes possible – we read every single one of your messages and do everything we can to address and implement everything (or almost everything) you suggest.
- We’ve fixed 14 minor technical bugs. These changes have been made to improve the quality of the game and minimize the number of situations where “something’s gone wrong”.

We hope you’ll be pleased with this update. The next one will come along very soon. We’re working on a few surprises for you.

Thank you all!

The Cheerdealers Team

Games Discussion / Re: Empires Apart
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 02:40:11 PM »
Empires Apart - v2.1.2 Update
We are releasing a small update containing very few fixes for Empires Apart.

Changelog v2.1.2 – October 18, 2018

• Fixed an issue with merchants not completing the trade cycle.
• Fixed an issue with units attacking from the fog of war without being exposed.
• Fixed an issue with wall and gate placers.
Games Discussion / Re: Kingdoms
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 02:38:48 PM »
Patchnotes (18.10.2018)

-Fixed bugged door in Tax Collectors office;
-Fixed bugged door in three level wooden house;
-Fixed bug when player could shot with infinite arrow equipped;
-Fixed bug when taxes value wasn't saved correctly;
-Fixed bug with wrong switch to new weather;
-Fixed issue, when rain and snow particles were moving together with player;
-Fixed issue when some models were invisible when using "low models quality";
-Fixed issue when horse could fall underground when player riding it;
-Fixed graphical glitch when looking at distance sky mesh;
-Fixed issue when sun was rising in the east;
-Fixed the issue when saved file was unable to load (it was an issue in save system so new game needed, sorry:( )

Games Discussion / Re: Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865)
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 02:36:12 PM »
Thank you Zipuli :thumbsup

Battle AI

Games Discussion / Re: Military Operations
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 02:32:19 PM »
Unit formations video

We've been working on improved unit and troop formations
as well as movement. To give you an early peek at current progress we put a video on YouTube demonstrating the new behaviour.

The slides of our DevCom 2018 talk
from last August can now be downloaded here. It is intended for developers, so beware.

Games Discussion / Re: What's your gaming pleasure this weekend? 19/10/18
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 02:07:49 PM »
Thank you Frankie. I can live in hope.
Games Discussion / Re: What's your gaming pleasure this weekend? 19/10/18
« Last post by Frankie on Yesterday at 01:47:59 PM »
Sorry to hear that Asid. Hope Scotland Yard and the Police can nail them hard.
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