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Just Flight Christmas 2018 Sale

The Just Flight Christmas Sale

Get up to 50% off a dozen aircraft for P3D/FSX or X-Plane 11

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LIF:MMO (Dev News #134) Tis the Season for Optimization

(Dev News #134) Tis the Season for Optimization
14 December - Saxxon   

Hey, feudalists!

This week we focused on optimizing the game using the valuable performance data that we’ve gathered during our series of PvP stress-test events, thanks to all of you who participated! We discovered that our current performance bottleneck is in some of our network protocols and the amount of data we transmit during gameplay.

So in this week’s patch, we have implemented seven (7) different network protocol optimizations that should significantly boost the performance and smoothness of gameplay during massive open world PvP engagement. We had another stress test event yesterday in order to check if these optimizations were helpful or not, so now we are analyzing data received yesterday, in order to find what worked well, what we missed and what needs work. Thanks to all the participants!

We have also tweaked stamina use a bit in this patch. A lot of you have been...

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Milviz Prepar3d V4.4 Compatibility

Milviz Prepar3d V4.4 Compatibility
11 December 2018

News released by the dev:

All our aircraft that were compatible with P3D v4.3, are now compatible with P3D v4.4 with the exceptions of the F-4E and F-4J/S base models.

The F-4 E and F-4 J/S base models will not be updated for v4.4. However, discounted TP+ADV packages will be made available over the next few days that will allow your F-4 to work under v4.4 and subsequent iterations of P3D v4.

Please note that plugins that do not yet support V4.4 will cause our aircraft to crash to the desktop.
REX WX: For some craft you may disable the wx via the MVAMS, in others you may have to disable the wx via the P3D dll.xml (more information via the support forum).
For Tacpack, please set TP to 'ask' before launching rather than letting it automatically run.

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