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Games Discussion / Re: Empires of the Undergrowth
« Last post by Asid on Today at 10:36:00 PM »
November 2018 Newsletter
Empires of the Undergrowth - Mike

With the exception of a few necessary balance changes and fixes for the more recent playable builds, the team’s sole focus for the past month has been the leafcutter update. Over the past few weeks we’ve been showing off some of the progress on the creatures of Ecuadorian jungle where these levels are based. Our artist Matt has been producing amazing work to bring this sublimely rich ecosystem to life within Empires of the Undergrowth. John and Liam have been working on bringing the creatures into the game and figuring out how they interact with our leafcutters. This newsletter will therefore focus mainly on the amazing biodiversity of the rainforest setting. Without further ado, let’s get to having a look at some of these fantastic beasties!

The rainforest at night

Full newsletter here
Games Discussion / Re: Strategic Command WWII: World at War
« Last post by Asid on Today at 05:25:48 PM »
v1.01.00 – December 14, 2018

Change History:

v1.01.00 – December 14, 2018

Game Engine Changes/Fixes
• Fixed an error that allowed escorts to fly from bad weather hexes.
• Fixed an error that allowed land units to amphibiously embark from any position as this should have been limited to Special Forces only.
• Fixed several AI GUARD script errors and other AI optimizations.

All Campaigns
• Trigger position for the National Morale script USSR Morale Boosted From Allied Landings In France amended (Mithrilotter).
• Text removed from a Belligerence script when China surrenders, and an additional script added so Italian units could enter a surrendered China (Bryan Hawkins).
• Makassar port in the Celebes moves (Fishbreath).
• San Juan on Puerto Rico’s name corrected (dwrobel).
• Resource.txt files updated for Hunters Point, Bushehr and San Juan (PDL).

1939 World at War & 1939-45 Race to Victory
• Mobilization_2 script for when the Axis seize Kuwait corrected (Bryan Hawkins).
• Increased the per turn chance in the War Entry script for South Africa joining the Allies from 25 to 50% (Xwormwood).
• Reduced the swing for Persia and Turkey when Persia is declared war on from 50-75% to 20-35% towards the other side (Philippe).

1942 Axis High Tide & 1942-45 Race to Victory
• Nauru now starts the campaign in Japanese hands (Mithrilotter).
• India now starts with a chit invested in Mobility research (Mithrilotter).

1943 Allies Turn The Tide & 1943-45 Race to Victory
• India now starts level 1 in Mobility research (Mithrilotter).

v1.00.00 – December 06, 2018
• Initial Release.

Games Discussion / Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Last post by Asid on Today at 04:15:23 PM »
Patch is Live - Holiday Bugfixes
P.A.M.E.L.A.ฎ - NVYVE Studios

Happy Tuesday! We've got some pre-holiday bugfixes ready for you to enjoy, all to do with the recent Geist update, along with a deadly new trap to craft.

The most egregious bug that is resolved in this patch pertains to buliding not being allowed in certain areas - build away to your heart's content!

Check out the full list below, and enjoy! From the NVYVE Studios team, have happy holidays and an excellent New Year!

•   Added Blaze Trap

•   Shock trap deals less damage but also stuns enemies
•   Electicity damage now deals 1.5x damage to robots
•   Fire damage now deals 1.5x damage to Geists

•   Fixed certain zones which were incorrectly blocking buildable items from being placed
•   Fixed a blockaded area in which player could get stuck in new Geist area
•   Fixed several props overlapping with level geometry
•   Fixed several floating item spawn points
•   Fixed an FX texture which was not scrolling correctly
•   Revenants now correctly trigger traps
•   Eletricity attacks will now correctly buff the Revenant's damage

FSX/P3D/X-Plane / Re: JUST FLIGHT Avro Vulcan B Mk2
« Last post by Asid on Today at 02:08:52 PM »


Avro Vulcan B Mk. 2 - v1.04 Update

Changes made:

- Manual updated to reflect changes since release

- Livery textures mismatch - fixed

- External model options not initialising correctly when product installed outside of Prepar3D directory - fixed

- External model shadow issue when viewed from cockpit - fixed

- All eight elevon surfaces are now independently animated

- PFC failures now affect control sensitivity

- Alternator failure lamp logic fixed

- Un-commanded brake parachute door opening above 170 KIAS - fixed

- Radio altimeter OFF flag logic fixed

- Fuel system logic fixes
Games Discussion / Re: Objects in Space
« Last post by Asid on Today at 01:59:45 PM »
Patch Notes for v0.9.8.2 and v0.9.8.1
Objects in Space - [505 Games] Taikobo

Version Patch Notes

•   Fixed bug where ships would sometimes hail you in EMCON mode and carry out conversations as if you hailed them.
•   Fixed a bug when attempting to moor with cargo pods using autopilot with very slow ship configurations.

Version Patch Notes

•   General speed-up of in-space private comms.
•   Added ability to look at buy prices when hailing space stations.

•   Fixed a bug when loading player armanents.
•   Fixed a bug where selling an old module could sometimes erroneously disconnect a replacement you had previously bought for it.
•   Fixed a bug where final waypoint ETA was not being calculated correctly on the nav map.

Games Discussion / Re: Bargains / Sale
« Last post by Rinix on Today at 04:42:42 AM »
Games Discussion / Re: Aggressors: Ancient Rome
« Last post by Asid on Today at 01:20:54 AM »
Aggressors - version v1.0.7. "Strategic command" available!

Hello again, Aggressors!

It has been a while since the last update, but don't doubt that we are working as hard as before.
We have prepared a new update for you with many changes that were requested by you - players!

You can download the patch here.

The most important changes are:
  • Strategic Overview window was extended, and you can now choose between Map View and Table View. We received this request from a number of players, and I am sure you’ll appreciate the result.
  • We extended the Resource Usage window calculation panel. It is more detailed and the individual factors affecting the calculation are explained in detail.
  • Battle Result outcomes have been reviewed, and the calculation of outcomes such as "Draw", "Victory", etc. has been tweaked. Similarly, the General's advice has been reviewed.
  • AI has also been improved. Prepare for being even more pushed by AI, who will use its cavalry units better, upgrade its units, and wisely choose which units and where they will be recruited.
  • Food will no longer be always abundant. Bigger cities will consume more, and if you want to have a strong army with advanced units, these will be more affected during food crises. Plan ahead!
  • Many other small tweaks were made, especially in UI.

Here is the complete Changelog:

User Interface
  • Strategic Overview window has now two views: Map View and Table View.
  • Resource Usage Calculation Panel improved.
  • Recover, Heal and Heal Inside tooltips now inform about potential Loyalty and General Morale changes.
  • Battle Result outcome improved.
  • Improved "General's Advice".
  • Economic and Happiness graphs were improved.
  • Government and current Research labels in State window are clickable.
  • Tooltips in Map Item Type window specify how a map item can obtain a particular Improvement (in battle / training in ... / preset from the beginning).
  • Playback speed of History Replay window changed.
AI Player
  • Improved decision-making related to upgrading units.
  • Improved decision-making related to what units, where, and when they should be created.
  • Algorithm of using cavalry units improved.
  • Food consumption of cities and advanced units tweaked.
  • Improvements for cavalry units changed.
  • CTD in supply calculation fixed.
  • Strategy Review action's incorrect text in tooltip fixed.
  • Units not added to units loop issue fixed.
  • Some issues with Objectives fixed.
  • Couple of rare bugs causing CTDs fixed.
  • Many minor bugs fixed:)
  • Performance improved.
  • Some text changes.
Games Discussion / Re: 39 Days to Mars
« Last post by Asid on Today at 01:14:30 AM »
Patch Notes
15 Dec

- Control hints are now correctly localized.
- Control remapping strings are now localized.
- Hint popup notes now size correctly to the text and don't overrun.
- Quitting before interacting with anything no longer corrupts the save file.
- Control hint popups for movement are also dismissed when rotating, not just linear motion.
- Additional logging to try and track down rare mining puzzle bug.
Games Discussion / Re: Settlements
« Last post by Asid on Today at 01:11:33 AM »
Special Christmas Update
17 December - Tormunda

Merry Christmas and welcome to a special Christmas Update.
The update adds several of the most popular community requests, some of which have been long awaited and it is fitting that they now arrive as a special xmas gift to the community.


The new update now has an extra 'Repeat' column on the far right.
When a building has both a current and a follow on recipe, the repeat flag will now cycle those recipes.
Example: If you set the current recipe to produce 5 Copper Ingots and then a Follow on recipe of 2 Tin ingots. When the repeat flag is ticked, the production will continue to cycle betwen the Copper and Tin ingots in the quantities reqested.


It has long been requested that extra abilities to search for and filter Characters in the Character Lister would help in equipment planning.
To this end there is now a Free Text Field in the character sheet that can be filtered in the Character Lister menu.
Below is an image of the field on the Character Sheet.

With the introduction of more skills to the game it has become a much debated requirement to allow for more than 15 skill slots.
Understanding that not all characters need so many skills and that a key management part of the game is to juggle skills around your character pool, the release of extra skill slots is as follows:
1) All characters can purchase 2 extra skills with gold.
2) These 2 extra skills are obtained as feats in the General Feats tab.
3) The costs of these extra skill slots are not cheap, however by the time you have characters in need of these extra slots, the gold costs should be managable.

Some key weapon types are in need of some love to make them desirable. Axes, Polearms and Maces are often taken as a secondary weapon type compared to the Sword.
To Help balance this, extra feats have been added to make these other weapon types more desirable.

•   Added: New Feat - Skill 16. This feat allows you to purchase an extra skill slot
•   Added: New Feat - Skill 17. As above.
•   Added: New Feat - MaceMaster. An extra 4% critical for maces / clubs
•   Added: New Feat - AxeMaster. An extra 4% critical for axes.
•   Added: New Feat - Polearms. A feat for 4% critical for polearms.
•   Added: New Feat - PoleMaster. An extra 4% critical for polearms.
•   Added: Crafting Repeat - A long awaiting request to allow a reapeat option on the craft menu. When ticked, any follow on recipe will swap with the starting recipe and continue indefinately.
•   Added: Character Filter Text. - A text field is now available on the character sheet that can be seen in the character lister menu and can also be filtered by.

•   Fixed: A bug where research would not happen if you have a quantity of the item being researched, larger than your current store allowance.
•   Fixed: An error in the German Tutorial where some steps did not show.

Games Discussion / Re: Bargains / Sale
« Last post by Rinix on Yesterday at 09:20:36 PM »
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