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Steel Beasts Pro / Another flaw spotted
« Last post by RedWardancer on Today at 03:28:36 AM »
I did not add in a scoring menu.  This will be fixed. 

Also, I created a random spawn zone for the defending Ukrainian forces, but they don't pop up in different locations.  Now that I have learned how to "Spawn If..." this will add more randomness and better replay value. 

Third, I need to created a better call sign template for Red.  Hard to add in an entire regiment with only 16 companies to use.

Fourth, I forgot to add in a region for Russia to exit the map for values on a breakthrough. 

If I have missed something, please tell during your playtesting.  It's been a long time since my endeavors in scenario designing. 
DCS World / Re: How to get the Plane paths to show.
« Last post by Mr Dirt on Today at 02:44:53 AM »
Thank you sir, the ribbon size was out like you said.  I appreciate your help very much.  I probably hit it rewinding or something.  Thanks again for your help.
Thanks John
Steel Beasts Pro / Re: Fellow DOGS
« Last post by Rinix on Today at 02:23:49 AM »
I second Asid's thanks. 8)
Falcon B.M.S. / Falcon BMS 4.34
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:27:13 AM »
BMS 4.34 Teaser YouTube 1080p

Published on Apr 18, 2019
BMS 4.34 Teaser featuring some of the upcoming 4.34 features. The whole BMS team wish you many hours of enjoyment.

Games Discussion / Re: What's your gaming pleasure this weekend? 19/04/19
« Last post by Reds on Yesterday at 06:51:59 PM »
Working RL all weekend so not much time on my hands , but Hopefuly working on Balkans and flying P3d online .

Asid I'll have to send the updated theatre there have been quite a few changes could do with some testing done if you have the time ?

If my brain is tired then I'll be playing Diablo 3 and 2 .  :thumbsup
« Last post by Vyrtuoz on Yesterday at 05:23:07 PM »
Also, can you try the following?

  • Launch Tacview application
  • In the options (the wrench icon) menu
  • Select “ACMI Files Recording Folder…”
  • Then select a very simple folder name like “C:\Tacview\” for example
  • Then relaunch DCS World (relaunch Steam if you are using DCS World from Steam)

If this works, this will confirm that the default document path may point to an improper folder or maybe the path is too long.
« Last post by Vyrtuoz on Yesterday at 05:19:23 PM »
Thank you for the log this is very helpful.

Indeed, it looks like that Tacview was not able to create the acmi file:
Failed to create flight data recording [C:\Users\HECTOR SIERRA V\Documents\Tacview\Tacview-20190418-234034-DCS-flight]

Can you check if this folder exist? Do you have write access to it, and you have enough space left to store files in this folder?

Let me know what you can find about that. I may improve the exporter if required.

PS: I replied to your email yesterday but for some reason it looks like that my message has been lost. Make sure you whitelist emails from at
« Last post by hector9211 on Yesterday at 04:14:53 PM »
Hello this is my first post on a forum sorry if you find any mistakes

Two days ago I bought the standart version of tacview and after I intalled I realized that I was unable to record any flight
so, I  checked the website and this forum as a visitor but I could not find a solution  this is my log if anyone can help me!!!

ERROR   TACVIEW.DLL: Failed to create flight data recording [C:\Users\HECTOR SIERRA V\Desktop\Tacview\Tacview-20190419-224856-DCS-training 01 .zip.acmi]
Tacview / Tacview 1.8.0 beta 8 is available Now
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 03:43:51 PM »

Tacview 1.8.0 beta 8 is available Now

Download: HERE

•   Release Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2019
•   Operating System: Windowsฎ 32-bit / 64-bit
•   File Size: 269.4 MB

Release notes


•   NOTICE: Windows XP is not supported anymore (definitive)
•   Added a brand-new shot log
•   Added an option to automatically pause on shot log events
•   On pause, the current shot log event is now displayed in the 3D view
•   BEGIN/END buttons have been replaced by PREVIOUS/NEXT SHOT LOG EVENT commands
•   Added CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT to jump to previous and next shot log event
•   Manually or automatically selecting a shot log event will select corresponding objects
•   Added an option to remove objects from the 3D view context menu
•   When opening a new file, only important objects are automatically selected instead of any object
•   When opening a new file, the camera will center on the battlefield
•   Added more options to configure the camera mode from SDK API
•   It is now possible to specify the altitude of new object above ground level
•   When an object is manually added to the world, it is now automatically selected
•   Added support for Grinnelli Designs Virtual Air Racing Pylons 2019
•   Added C++ API to import telemetry data files via the command line, menus and drag & drop
•   You can now press SHIFT+CTRL to display mouse cursor world and bullseye coordinates
•   Improved 3D view object list to reduce clutter
•   Added CTRL+N shortcut to deselect primary and secondary objects

•   The acmi 2.x file loader was not properly handling events
•   It was not easy to dynamically add a SA-6 STR on the battlefield (wrong name in the database)
•   Violet objects were improperly displayed in blue in the 3D view object list
•   Fixed crashes in C# Math.Vector API
•   Telemetry export tool was not exporting native coordinates (U, V, Heading) when available
Games Discussion / Re: What's your gaming pleasure this weekend? 19/04/19
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 03:22:55 PM »
Maybe some Tank simulation....  :tank
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