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Games Discussion / Re: The Black Death
« Last post by Asid on Today at 07:36:03 PM »
Games Discussion / Re: First Feudal
« Last post by Asid on Today at 07:29:47 PM »
Update "Trade and production" (0.8.4)
First Feudal - Tassadar

New features:
- Added "Trade" science. It's unlock trade tent building and trader profession. You can set buy/sell orders in the trade tent. Everyday foreign caravan will arrive, buy prepared goods and sell some of items that you ordered.
- Also merchant with own tent will come to your settlement every few days.
- Added ingame tips system. Most of tips will be shown only if player make some mistakes. You can disable tips in the game settings.
- Traps are added: wooden spikes and bear traps. Spikes will only damage enemies and bear traps will also stun them.
- You can use resources for crafting from attached to workbench boxes and barrels. Peasants will interact with boxes and workbenches only from one side. You can see those connections and side on the special map (you can switch maps on M by default). For better compatibility with old saves rotation of chests was added.
- First steps for mods! Localization modding is added (manual: https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/733460/manuals/modding_en.pdf?t=1523991877 ).
- Improved sprites for many buildings.
- New music is added.

Gameplay rebalance:
- Increased amount of exp gained by main character.
- Added autosorting after opening inventory or box menu.
- Basic cooking science gain exp from gathering wild plants.
- You can set max limit in chest for certain resource in the filters menu.
- HP of animals increased from 80 to 150.

Fixed bugs:
- Huge optimization of peasant logic (especially for warriors).
- Fixed rare crashes after destroying selected building (or peasant).
- Fixed an issue where peasants can move through walls after building new wall over old one.
- Text corrections.

Also if you want to support our composer - you can preorder First Feudal OST here: https://nickcarella.bandcamp.com/releases
FSX/P3D/X-Plane / Re: FSPassengers
« Last post by Asid on Today at 06:49:18 PM »
News about development 26 April 2018
DanSteph 26/04/18

Pweeeee.... those BGL didn't surrender without some hard fight...  Doubt
The unofficial documentation is... well, not very clear on some points. (there is no official doc)

Anyway, I just solved my problem, it work ! Flower
Time to go to bed (3am) Tomorrow I'll clean the code from all my dirty test and continue
with the interesting part. (screenshot about this part incoming I hope tomorrow)

    Will there likely be any difference to the UI Dan in the p3dv4 final version?

As I'm late, the goal is first to make a quick release, so the basis will be *almost* the same.
Once the first release done I'll continue to work and within one or two month there will be more features in updates.
This said, the dialog are easy to modify, so yes, most of them will be modified for the first release.
Bigger, cleaner, easier to use and with some news stuff.

    Is there a release date planned?

The last days are a perfect example of the difficulty to give a release date.
When I started I thought that this feature would take me three days maximum, then I had some problems
and it finally took me 9 days and it's still not finished. 1/3 of one month almost gone... (and I don't sleep much)
On the other hand, sometime one might have some good surprises.

Core, dialogues, documentation, utilities, text, language translations, beta test, bugs that may be revealed by test and various fix.
I would say do not expect it before 2 month but stay tuned (or subscribe to this thread).

    You may add me to the list of testers too

Sorry mate, the list is not open yet. I don't want to maintain a list that might be outdated at test time.
FSX/P3D/X-Plane / Re: FSPassengers
« Last post by Asid on Today at 06:47:51 PM »
News about development 24 April 2018
DanSteph 24/04/18

For those that watch often: I'm still working on BGL/GPS airport information as stated above.
There is a lot of code to add/change but it will add a nice new feature in the first release of FsPassengersP3D v4.

More info with screenshot within one/two days.
Games Discussion / Re: Bargains / Sale
« Last post by Asid on Today at 06:44:26 PM »

Tank Battle Dollar Bundle

0.89    47.53  You save 46.64  (98%)


About this bundle
Control heavy-hitting tanks in World War Two surroundings with the Tank Battle Dollar Bundle. With seven Steam PC games at one incredibly low price, wage war against the German army in a series of intense strategic campaigns.

From controlling the British Commonwealth and US forces in North Africa to breaching the beaches of northern France, your commands must ensure that allied forces prevail.

Tank Battle: East Front
Normal price: 6.99

Tank Battle: Pacific
Normal price: 5.59

Tank Battle: Normandy
Normal price: 6.99

Tank Battle: North Africa
Normal price: 6.99

Tank Battle: 1944
Normal price: 6.99

Tank Battle: Blitzkrieg
Normal price: 6.99

Tank Battle: 1945
Normal price: 6.99
Games Discussion / Re: Any News On Tigers Unleashed?
« Last post by Asid on Today at 06:40:33 PM »
It was on the front page, In its own post and linked in the main TU topic.

Here it is anyway:  http://dogsofwarvu.com/forum/index.php/topic,6109.html

Games Discussion / Re: Any News On Tigers Unleashed?
« Last post by Selva on Today at 04:57:14 PM »
Good evening folks, please, allow me to use the shovel on this topic.

I've sent an email to HPS requesting information about new patches concerning TU and PoA ( Since both of them are completely unplayable due to crashes and bugs ).

Rich didn't give me a solid answer, but he said that Scott should be releasing a patch soon and that they consider both games as still unfinished. In better words, here's what Rich replied to me:

Hi ***

Thanks for the note. I sent this on to Scott and he'll be in touch with you - but yes, he has new updates that are very close to release. He definitely does not consider them "finished".

FSX/P3D/X-Plane / Re: Maddog X
« Last post by Asid on Today at 02:38:47 PM »
Open Beta program has just started. Version 1.2b260 is available for download.

Check our forum (accessible only from validated accounts, you must have registered with the email used for activating the Maddog X on load manager).



- FDE: fine tuning of ground effect and idle taxi power.
- FDE: contact points tweak.
- FMS: ETA differences between leg page and prog page (EN ROUTE WPT).
- FMS: display of dntrk on ND when not intercepting leg.
- FMS: missing 'NOT IN DATABASE' message when LSKeing non-existing airway.
- FMS: pressing 'ERASE' after changing crz alt would not undo the change.
- FMS: wrong fix altitude calculation for certain descent/approaches.
- FMS: improved 'OVRD' logic.
- LOAD MANAGER: TrueGlass disabled when RealLight disabled.
- LOAD MANAGER: conflict of RealLight setting and FS2Crew setting.
- LOAD MANAGER: wrong calculation of TOI for limited wing fuel schedule.
- PANEL: engine spool-up speed decreased.
- PANEL: wrong range on ND CM2 WX image when both ND ON (AS WXRadar).
- PANEL: no radar image for range 80 or above (AS WXRadar).
- PANEL: CDU 2 not working with CDU Remote.
- PANEL: blurry breakers texture behind CM1 seat.
- PANEL: missing breakers flood light.
- PANEL: missing vc light .fx file in FSX installer.
- PANEL: wrong QNH in speed chart.
- PANEL: incomplete aircraft registration text in speed chart.
- PANEL: external wing view with vc in 'wide' mode.

- FMS: separated transition altitude / transition level.
- FMS: support for reading airport-based transition altitude/level from Navigraph Airac.
- FMS: LSKeing dntrk info (FIX page) will copy on scratchpad user wpt data.
- FMS: second FIX page.
- FMS: when configuring aircraft 'Ready to Fly' from add-on menu route and data are not reset.
- LOAD MANAGER: Load/Save of setup and configuration file.
- LOAD MANAGER: Load Manager checks online for new versions (manual download and install).
Interesting manoeuvre by Klaus to shift some troops to the West to face Colbert  :Vive

Thanks for the AAR HerrPaulchen  :thumbsup

The battle ended in a draw.
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