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Aliens: Colonial Marines: Small Typo made aliens AI stupid

Who remembers Aliens: Colonial Marines (2013) and it's quite horrible in-game AI, as it turns out. The game was borked due to a one letter typo. Deleting the correct letter from a .ini file is enough to play the game, this time with proper AI.

As it turned out, Gearbox Software outsourced a lot of this game to other studios during development and included a “tether” system when assigning AI commands to the game’s enemies. So when you locate PecanEngine.ini  in "My Games \ Aliens Colonial Marines \ PecanGame \ Config", as mentioned by jamesdickinson963 from ModDB Ai all of the sudden changes. Change the following:

There only the marked "a" of the following line must be deleted:


AttachPawnToTether" controls, among other things, patrolling, the pursuit of prey and tactical position changes. The various zones tell an alien what its surroundings look like and where exits are located. The game is confirmed to show improved behavior.

Article here
Games Discussion / Re: BlackWake
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:21:50 PM »
Update 3.2
Blackwake - Mastfire Studios

We apologize for how long this patch took to release. While finishing up the two ships shown in the last news post we finished modeling our final ship, so we decided to add that too. Three new ships were added with this patch.

A ship focusing on being tanky while being less manueverable.

Will eventually be the fastest large ship of the seas.

The bomb ketch's big brother.

All ships will continue to be balanced with each patch.

Full notes:

- 3 ships added

- Fixed some ice patches in unfortunate locations

- Many new players mistook the tutorial video on the main menu for being a patch review video. We've added the word tutorial and made it clear until we eventually have a playable tutorial.

- Grape damage has been doubled (was 13 per pellet)

- Moderators on servers can now use /ff to toggle friendly fire. This should help griefing when mod activity starts getting low.

- CONNECTION ISSUES: We have 3 new ideas to try in regards to connection issues that appear for some players when joining a server with more than ~30 players. The first is included in this patch, the other two will appear as hotfixes soon.

We have many more updates headed your way! We are currently also working on adding new map type variations, islands and environments. More will be shown soon! :)

Dakota & Tyler
DoW Air / Re: DoW Air: Screenshots & Videos
« Last post by Attila on Today at 10:34:49 AM »
Lol what happens here ?
Games Discussion / Re: Ancient Armies: by Rob Pollard
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:15:29 AM »

It’s been a while…

Posted on July 16, 2018

The Ancient Armies Software Suite. Click here for the full-sized version. (Clockwise from top left the apps are: Telematics Application, The Army Editor, The Scenario Editor and the Map Editor. The actual game takes pride of place top centre! 🙂

I’ve been away for a while pursuing other hobbies. In this case
Astro Imaging and Guitar. The former purloined my laptop, which necessitated the removal of all the development environment server components.

I had kept promising that I’d invest in the hardware and software to rectify this, but never got around to it until now!

In the end I invested in a dedicated server, updated all software licenses and adopted the very latest in Visual Studio tooling. The new development environment looks like:


With this new environment, I can work either from home or away. Regardless, I will always have access to the support services that I require.

Adding the dedicated server will safeguard the development environment and prevent any of my other hobbies from encroaching on its space!

The new environment also provides many benefits over the older one including password-less commits (everything now works with public and private crypto keys over SSH), release artefacts and much tighter integration between, builds, releases and my work tracking system.

As a few examples of the new tighter integration consider the images below:

Build and release integration in JIRA. I can instantly view all the builds and what issues went into them. I can even drill down to individual issues to get more detailed build information, including the source code changes that went into that issue!

A list of builds and their releases. Click here for full-sized version. I can now access all historical builds from anywhere and get hold of their artefacts and other information. Note – This screenshot was taken before I standardized the build numbering.

Release information. Click here
 for full-sized version. Here I have picked a build and can immediately see what went in it in terms of fixes and changes. This will aid in testing and traceability.

Build artefacts. Click here for full-sized version. In addition, I can download and run that build’s versioned installers from anywhere – Perfect!

Overall a much improved system that should impact on my productivity in a positive way.

That’s enough of environments. What have I actually been up to with regard to Ancient Armies?

So far, it’s been a relatively busy month…

I did say busy!

Nearly 30 issues addressed!

Whilst impressive, this graph doesn’t actually tell you what I have been up to and where I intend to take the project.

After the development environment was restored, I decided to address a particular piece of technical debt that had been haunting the project for a long time. I had tried to avoid it, as it was going to be one of those long and repetitive tasks…

The technical debt centred around naming conventions and general structure…

When the project was first started I knew nothing about C#. The result was that I had adopted many Java conventions. Alas, these conventions go against the grain of .net and more importantly had irritated me every time I wrote a line of code.

This situation had to be resolved as the engineering part of my brain was almost preventing me from coding – I simply don’t like writing code that I know isn’t correct – especially as I knew that any new code added would be increasing the size of the problem.

Besides, I figured that I would benefit by going through every source file in the project as it would help re-acquaint myself with the current state of play.

The Ancient Armies system is pretty big for a home project. It spans some 19 projects with a total of 34,641 manually written lines of code!

The overall system… So far…

At first I thought I could find an automatic way of updating the code, but none of the approaches I tried worked. In the end I just bit the bullet and went through every source file updating it by hand.

Now that this is done, the code is in great shape. It follows the C# standards and takes advantage of many of the newer technologies offered by .net, such as async and anonymous methods.

The other advantage to come from this is that I can now come home from work and carry on coding using exactly the same styles and philosophies that I use professionally (I’m a web developer by trade). This eases the transition from my professional environment to my home environment – and vice-versa.

These changes are all well and good, but where are we with regard to Ancient Armies? What happened to column movement?

Planning? Yes, we now have planning! Click here for full-sized version.

The above picture should give you a preview as to what I’m doing and the order that I’m going to be doing it in.

Read on: Click Here
FSX/P3D/X-Plane / Re: Milviz: ATR 72
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:05:21 AM »
Systems work-in-progress.

DoW Air / Re: DoW Air: Screenshots & Videos
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 10:47:27 PM »
Tacview / Re: Tacview for sub warfare?
« Last post by Grover112 on Yesterday at 10:18:41 PM »
Great!  I appreciate your efforts.
Tacview / Re: Tacview for sub warfare?
« Last post by Vyrtuoz on Yesterday at 06:54:34 PM »
I can’t agree more! I am playing Cold Water too, and I which it could be possible to playback missions, so I can understand better what happened. With the constant "fog of war" in this game, this is even more important than in flight simulators.

Unfortunately, looking at Cold Water files, I do not see any way to export data from it which could be read by Tacview (for example, there is no software development kit available).

I have contacted the dev team of Cold Water on that mater, we’ll see if they are interested in adding support for Tacview in their product…
Games Discussion / Re: Gary Grigsby's War In The East 2 WITE2
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 05:34:39 PM »
Update on progress

Joel Billings

"WitE stated develeopment in 2000, was stopped and started several times (got distracted by War in the Pacific and a few other games during that time) and only got back to full time development in 2008. It released in December 2010. WitW started at that time and was released in December 2014. WitE2 started at that time, but we're also working on a remake of Gary's old Steel Panthers series. We're a small dev group and these games take a long time to develop. The testing time alone is enormous (testing for both bugs and game balance). We are still in alpha testing as there are a few major pieces of the game that still need to be completed before we can start beta testing. All we can say is that we are working on WitE2 and until it's in true beta testing we're still quite a ways out from release. "
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