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TFDi Design: Announcing PACX

TFDi Design: Announcing PACX
June 19, 2018


To us, one of the most notable things missing in commercial aviation simulation was the feeling of teamwork and the feeling of having an aircraft full of people counting on you to get them to where they need to be. There is a responsibility to make it to your destination on time smoothly and without issue, or if that’s not possible, properly communicate it to your passengers and crew. Every flight brings a whole new group of people and potentially new situations to handle. Our goal was to bring this experience to flight simulation; and so we present Passenger and Crew Experience – PACX.

Dynamic Announcements

The first area that needed addressing was flight attendant announcements. With PACX, the announcements you hear are tailored specifically to your flight. For example, if you’re flying a morning flight number...

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Free gift to the community Robin 401 by Aerobask

Free gift to the community Robin 401 by Aerobask

The new Robin DR401 CDI 155 is a wooden sport monoplane, conceived by Robin Aircrafts. It has a tricycle undercarriage, and can carry four people. Powered by a new diesel Centurion engine.

The DR401 features a new glass cockpit, larger cockpit, electric trim and flaps.

•   Accurate flight model tweaked by X-Aerodynamics.
•   Integrated Laminar Garmin G1000.
•   Functional virtual 3D cockpit, with manipulators VR ready.
•   3D model with high resolution PBR textures (4K).
•   FMOD Quality sounds (engine & system) by Daniela RC.
•   Simulated FADEC test and Pre Heating.
•   Windshield reflections.
•   Optimized to save FPS.
•   Freeware aircraft. Requirement : X-Plane 11.20+ | Windows/Mac/Linux. 4GB+ VRAM Recommended

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Napoleon's Waterloo hat sold on anniversary of battle

Napoleon's Waterloo hat sold on anniversary of battle
Reported by BBC 18/06/18

Napoleon was well known for his "bicorne" (two-pointed) hats

A military hat belonging to Napoleon, said to have been salvaged from the battlefield after his 1815 defeat at Waterloo, has been sold at auction for €280,000 (£245,000; $325,000).

The former French emperor was renowned for his "bicorne" hats, so-called because they had two points.

Napoleon's battle garb has become a focus for collectors over the years.

The red cloak he wore at Waterloo belongs to the Queen and has been in the Royal Collection since 1837.

The ankle-length, embroidered cloak was worn by Napoleon on the night before the French defeat and was looted from his carriage after the victory by Allied troops.

The De Baecque auction house confirmed Monday's sale in Lyon, 203 years to the day since the battle. The total sum for the hat including fees was just under €350,000, a spokeswoman told ...

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