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CMANO - Making Tactical Decision Aids - The Lua Gag Reel Ep1: By JC

Monday, September 18, 2017
By: JC
CMANO - Making Tactical Decision Aids - The Lua Gag Reel Episode 1

In my previous entry, I praised WarfareSims for their farsighted decision to extend the CMANO's base code with the wide capabilities, simplicity and memory management benefits of the Lua scripting language.

I deeply appreciate the interest that many of you have expressed for knowing how I did put together my tactical decision aid, but I have to confess that I dread that you will be disappointed. I'm no programmer, and I grabbed pieces of code from here and there to put together this Frankenstein project. I apologize in advance, as you may see improper coding techniques and some inconsistencies in the logic of my entire scenario.

Without further ado, here is...

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FSW Epic Approach Mission Pack Available Now

Epic Approach Mission Pack Available Now - 30% Week-long Discount

Put your seatbelts on and prepare for the landing of a lifetime! The first mission pack from the newly-formed mission creation team at Dovetail Games, Epic Approaches is a challenging spin on the traditional mission format.

Choose from five unique locations and work your way up through the rankings, which provide you with a clear path to mastering the approaches. Watch out, though - the harder the level, the more likely unexpected events will occur!

In addition to fifteen missions, Epic Approaches includes two exclusive new liveries for the Piper PA-46 Malibu Mirage and Piper PA-34 Seneca. Also included is a smart new uniform for your in-sim avatars which are used during the missions and is also accessible via the Pro Mission Tool, so you can include it in your own custom scenarios.

   Five approaches each containing three skill levels: Gold,...

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Steel Beasts ProPE - The Artillery Observer's Job: By JC

Saturday, September 16, 2017
By: JC
Steel Beasts ProPE - The Artillery Observer's Job

One thing that Steel Beasts has is that keeps you thinking. The modern mechanized/armored battlefield is lethal and humbling. Learn or be condemned to reload the scenario forever.

An M981 FISTV (Fire Support Team Vehicle) assumes a hull down position to acquire targets and call for indirect fire support.

I had the opportunity to play a coop scenario and was particularly impressed with a young virtual commander's use of a single computer-controlled FISTV.

According to him, the secret is the use of the contextual use of the defense order. I heard about this a time ago, but I only used during the setup/deployment stage. After deployment and when rounds ...

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