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DCS World / Re: Three Issues with TacView recordings
« Last post by Vyrtuoz on Today at 02:45:48 PM »
As a side note: Tacview displays a day or a night sky depending on the time when the camera is relatively close to the ground. This may bu useful while waiting for the local time display.
Flight Simulation / Re: Flight Videos - Real World/Simulation
« Last post by Lusik on Today at 02:09:21 PM »
I've never had a chance to fly to Poland's main airport in Warsaw. It has an opinion of not being very friendly towards GA traffic but yesterday I gave it shot and it was worth it.  8)
This time the video is with ATC audio. I was in a 200 HP Cessna 172SP with a friend and his two daughters.

Games Discussion / Re: Military Operations
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 01:58:48 AM »
I messed around in the demo this morning, and here's 22(ish) minutes of the results.

Games Discussion / Re: Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare
« Last post by Asid on Today at 01:11:36 AM »
Version 0.191 Uploaded
Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare - KK Game Studio

Change Notes:
-Added FOV slider
-Added cheat to reset player location(if you are stuck in water or mountain, etc)
-Increased quest time limit
-Improved loot drop
-Improved auto-resolve
-Reduced garrison troop salary to 50%
-World camera max distance increased.

-Bug Fix: Party doesn't gain exp after combat
-Bug Fix: Stuck in water
-Bug Fix: Key-binding for Reload doesn't work
-Bug Fix: ARF specops holding weapon backwards
Here's my screenshots:

This is what I get for running ahead after delaying

I lost both of my tanks, so I went hunting

The M1025 HMMWV only destroyed 1 BMP

Oleg playing hide and seek

Watching with Yoprst, eventually they killed me again

Oleg and Yoprst destroyed the rest of them

Oleg gave me 5/A and I was back in action

Close call on the way to the objective

Cleaning up enemy infantry

Going up to look for the last infantry

Coming down
Games Discussion / Re: Military Operations
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 10:12:18 PM »
Bug-fix promoted from beta to default
Military Operations: Benchmark - Treesong

After the success of the bug-fix
we have decided to make it the default so new users will immediately benefit.

If you start experiencing difficulties when there were non before, please let us know in the Bug reports forum.

To people that have other issues, we are currently looking into them and will start working on a solution soon.

Thanks again for your support and patience while we were working on a solution.
DCS World / Re: Three Issues with TacView recordings
« Last post by Rudel_chw on Yesterday at 07:45:15 PM »
Thanks a lot for the response, hope you are able to add local time on the future since it allows one to check if the flight data corresponds to a night or day flight.

If the DCS time isnt fully precise isnt as important as to just have the same time both while flying the mission and afterwards when analyzing it.

Hope the Normandy & Persian Gulf gets the airfields soon, tough on my case it isnt as important as point (1).
Best regards and kudos for a fantastic software.

Tornado / Re: Modding Tornado
« Last post by Frankie on Yesterday at 07:00:11 PM »
74. Enhanced Explore feature

Mod: Improved Explorer usabiity
By Frankie
Description: Modded version of Explore feature in Digital Integration's Explore feature.
Here's what's new:
1. Pitch ground down (key 1) and up (key 0)
2. Swivel left (key z) and right (key x)
3. Now default mode is keyboard control
4. Default starting view height is 1000ft for a more panaromic view
5. Improved bottom status bar with help keys
6. Reversed the actions of UpArrow and DwnArrow keys so that, NOW, UpArrow raises elevation and DwnArrow lowers elevation.

Summary: better pre-mission planning and target ID/visualisation.

Attached is the latest FLIGHT.EXE.

Update: 25/6/2018, 8:47PM Malaysian Time.

Since Tornado has many night missions, I thought that it would be useful to see the external view in green infra red colours. Hit Shift+Tab to toggle between daytime and green infra red colours.

I have reuploaded the FLIGHT.EXE file. Enjoy.
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