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ARMA 3 Emergency Alert

Emergency Alert
20 MAY @ 2:20PM   - KORNELIOS

Please go inside immediately, close all doors and windows, and stay tuned for the reveal of a new official Arma 3 expansion this Thursday May 23.

Arma 3 Expansion Teaser - Reveal Date: Thursday May 23

For your own safety, please listen to the instructions of development officials, and follow Arma 3 on Facebook[], Twitter, and YouTube. If you see this broadcast, like and share to warn others.

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Mil-Ops Attack on weapons factory

Mil-Ops Attack on weapons factory

A quick mission to neutralise a weapons producing factory

Milviz F100d

Loadout: 6 x M117 General Purpose Bombs (785lbs)

Factory before

Factory after 1 salvo

An F-100D of the 308th TFS, being loaded with Mk 117 750 lb bombs at Tuy Hoa, South Vietnam, in early 1966.

The M117 is a 750-pound general purpose bomb that can be employed in several different configurations. The basic M117 dates from the Korean War and uses a low-drag tail fin for medium and high-altitude deliveries.

The M117R (Retarded) uses a special fin assembly providing either high-drag or low-drag release options....

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SOW Waterloo Multiplayer Saturday 18/05/19 @ 20:00 GMT

SOW Waterloo Multiplayer Saturday 18/05/19 @ 20:00 GMT

Immersive, friendly session.

Played with full fog of war.

**                    Notes                      **
SOW Version: Waterloo 1.03
Largest command: Corps
Smallest command: Brigade
Mission Duration: 150 - 240 minutes; 180 min regulary
Minimum number players: 2
Date: Saturday 18/05/19
Time: 20:00 GMT
Time (local): Click here
Teamspeak  IP:  Please wait in lobby for access to other areas.Read More

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