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General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday Panzerde
« Last post by panzerde on Today at 03:32:32 AM »
Thank you, thank you, all! I hope you are all doing well!
General Games Discussion / Re: Cold Waters
« Last post by Asid on Today at 02:10:54 AM »
Beta Version 1.08c Available

Updates the models for all US subs and fixes placement of meshes.
Devblog #24 - Upcoming features

What’s up survivors? Is Hellion treating you alright? You getting the hang of survival? Better put on your pressurized suits and double check the safety on your helmet since we are introducing a number of brand new hazards to the world of Hellion.

It’s been awhile since we did a proper announcement of new features so this blog will outline our plans and explain various new mechanics that we are working on, including damage, degradation, heat and radiation. Today, we’ll explain the reasoning behind these decisions and update our roadmap https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=https://trello.com/b/IB3hepnV/hellion-road-map-phase-one accordingly.

Here’s what Marko Smiljanic, creative director at Zero Gravity, had to say about the planned features: “We are excited to implement mechanics that will take the PvE aspect of the game to a new level. Immersion plays a big role in Hellion and recreating the harsh conditions of space is a major part of it. After all, space is a dangerous place and it won’t hesitate to kill you if it catches you off guard, even for a second.”

These changes will be introduced one by one in the following updates to allow more time for testing, feedback and improvement.

Damage, degradation and repair

Some of you may have noticed the new concept art in between the loading screens. These images are just a small teaser for the upcoming damage and repair mechanics. We are happy to announce that the “age of invulnerable ships and stations” is coming to an end. In order for their equipment to function properly players will be required to repair and maintain it. Damage comes in two basic forms, degradation and collision.

Degradation is a steady process that represents a slow decay of materials due to extreme temperature variations and exposure to space radiation. As time goes by modules and ships will slowly lose a percentage of their health until it is reduced to zero. This is true for both claimed and unclaimed modules and ships and will completely replace the current despawn mechanic. Loss of health will be accompanied by various visual changes like cracks and material decay, sparks and electrical discharge for modules with power and fire for those with pressure. These effects will vary in intensity based on the amount of HP lost allowing players to discern the approximate HP of an object at a glance.

Collisions in space can be a rather deadly thing, especially considering that damage is based on physics and takes into account mass and relative velocity of objects. So a slight bump between two small modules will cause damage, but won’t be fatal. However, a full on collision between two ships is likely to ensure mutual destruction and even cause damage to other nearby objects as well.

All of this brings us to the repair mechanics. In order to repair a damaged module players will require two things: a working repair tool and resources. Repair tool is a small welding device that allows players to restore HP to the modules and consumes a certain amount of resources that can be replenished from the cargo interface, much in the same way as you refuel a jetpack. Repair can only happen at repair points that are scattered across both the interior and exterior of the module. They also count as damage indicators since the number of active repair points and the intensity of visual effects indicate how damaged a module is. To fully fix a damaged module players will have to interact with all active repair points as each one can only restore a fixed amount of HP.

And just to spice things up and make salvage a bit more interesting, modules and ships that players can find will never spawn at full HP, requiring some maintenance work before a module is restored to full functionality.

Heat management

Another new feature that we are working on is the introduction of heat and cooling in space. Considering that we often hear “how cold space is” it might come as a bit of a surprise that in vacuum cooling is actually a bigger problem than heating. This is because all matter transmits heat in two ways: contact with other particles and electromagnetic radiation. Since in vacuum there are almost no particles, the only way to cool down is to either vent hot particles (using limited resource) or radiate heat into space. However radiating heat is a bit tricky since it is based on the mass and surface of the object. The bigger the surface the faster an object will cool but it will also absorb more of solar EM radiation causing it to heat up.

Modern technology handles this problem by using specifically designed radiators. Radiators look similar to solar panels in design and use heat transfer system to collect excess heat and bleed it off into space. To compensate for solar radiation, they are always angled in a way that exposes very little of their surface to the sun.

In Hellion, we plan to introduce a similar system that will require players to carefully plan their actions and manage excess heat if they want to keep their ships and stations operational. There will be two factors at play here: external and internal influence. External influence is entirely based on the distance from the star and whether or not players are in the shadow of another large body, such as a planet or a moon. Internal heat will be generated by various onboard systems. As a rule of thumb the more power a module produces or consumes the more heat it generates. Needless to say excessive heat will have a negative impact on the player’s health and cause damage to the module’s hull. In order to mitigate these effects and maintain stable conditions players will have access to entirely new systems and upgrades.

Radiation exposure

In addition to heat we also plan to introduce radiation as a factor in Hellion. Rather than damage the hull of the modules directly, radiation will cause damage to active systems and parts ultimately causing them to break down. For players however, it might be more dangerous than heat since there will be only a handful of options for removing radiation poisoning.

Radiation sources will include natural ones such as trapped radiation (Van Allen belts), galactic cosmic radiation, solar particle events (coronal ejections, solar flares) and gas giant planets, while abandoned stations, damaged modules and derelicts will represent artificial sources.

Station management and overview

So by now, we already know what you’re thinking. How the hell are we going to keep track of all that? It is for this reason that we will be adding a proper ship/station overview interface that will allow players to easily keep track of the conditions in their base. The overview will feature all necessary information to allow easy management of security, power, pressure, damage, heat and radiation. So, no more guessing if there is enough oxygen to pressurize that new power supply module. The overview will be available to players at any given time, but managing various systems will only be possible from specific consoles within the base.

Our goal is to make player stations an important part of gameplay in Hellion. As such their function will expand well beyond “a place to safely log off” and turn them into safe harbors where players have to return to recover, upgrade their equipment and plan their next move. Creating a proper base layout to counter various threats at a certain location by using available upgrades, resources and equipment will require additional planning and in large part decide the pace at which players explore the Hellion system.

Inventory and storage rework

Along with the features mentioned above we are also working on improving inventory and storage mechanics that will make manipulating items more intuitive and user friendly. Streamlining inventory management will speed up gameplay and eliminate many of the grievances our player base had reported so far.

That’s all for today’s news, fly safe and stay tuned for more news over the next weeks as we will go into detail about each and every new feature outlined today.

Zero Gravity team
General Games Discussion / Re: Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:48:30 AM »
Last chance for Early Access prices


This is a heads up, for the prices in the apocalypse are about to increase. Those pesky demons going about destroying everything causing shortages and stuff... Last chance to get Judgment for the Early Access price!

We have been considering for a while whether we want to keep the early access price for the full release, and after a lot of consideration and deliberation we decided to increase the price for the full release. Around Tuesday, September 26th, we plan to increase the price to 19.99$ (base US price). The exact date may change due to the time it takes Valve to approve a price change.

This decision comes to serve a few purposes. First, we believe that with all the updates since we launched Early Access, the game is definitely better, and worth more than it was back then. Compared to other games in the market of similar quality, it's a bit underpriced.

The second consideration is long term. In order to continue to update Judgment after release and create new games, the studio needs enough income to cover it's costs. So far sales of Judgment have not been enough to cover it's expenses. We hope that by raising the price on full release the game will earn enough to cover it's cost and allow us more breathing space towards future updates and our next game.

Last but not least, we see this as a way to thank our Early Access supporters. This way, our earliest supporters, those who believed in us when the game was still in it's earlier stages, end up paying less for the game than those who join after the full release.

Edit: Just to clarify - having starting funds to see the game through (as mentioned in our store page) does not mean the game is profitable. We used our savings and help from friends & family to create the game. But this is something we do full time, we have no other source of income, so it must be enough to pay for it's expenses if we want to keep at it in the long run.

Full Version Progress
Progress on the full version is going well. We've already the new items, equipment and enemies to the game. Still a bit of fine tuning left, and then we can move on to implementing the story. We'll be announcing a release date soon. This is a very exciting time for us!
General Games Discussion / Re: Man O' War: Corsair
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:44:37 AM »
The Art of Man O' War: Corsair and Fell Cargo Double Pack DLC

Introducing the art of Man O’ War: Corsair, take a look behind the scenes at the art and artists involved with over 80 pages of detail and art. Also included in this pack is the classic Warhammer sea faring novel Fell Cargo written by Dan Abnett.

The Art of Man O' War: Corsair
An in-depth look into the creation of Man O' War: Corsair from the design of its buildings to the modelling of its characters and ships. The team behind the game talk about their approach to bringing this world to life, what software they use and the trials and tribulations of the creative process! Over 80 pages of art and interviews!

Fell Cargo
A Warhammer novel by Dan Abnett

When infamous pirate captain Luka Silvaro returns to reclaim his craft and crew, he is given the most important – and lucrative – assignment of his career: to defeat a monstrous daemon lord that haunts the Old World's oceans.

The oceans of the Old World have fallen silent. The waves are haunted by the Butcher Ship, a nightmare vessel manned by zombies and captained by a daemon lord. Its ghastly crew bring about a reign of terror on the high seas, killing anyone they encounter. When infamous pirate captain Luka Silvaro returns to reclaim his craft and crew, he is given the most important - and lucrative - assignment of his career. Supported by the Prince of Luccini, Silvaro knows he will be able to claim a king's ransom if he can defeat the daemon lord. But he will have to face treachery from within, the dangers of the high seas and the Chaos-infested crew of the Butcher Ship if he is to earn his reward.

“Come twilight, they rowed ashore and beached in a small, high-sided cove of shingle and mossy rock west of the harbour bay. He knew the way, and led his companion sure-footedly up the cove path, over the grassy headland and down towards the lantern lights of the ramshackle town.”

Buy the DLC now
Naval Action / Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:41:11 AM »
List of hot fixes for patch 11 that were applied this and last week

Captains, bellow is the list of cumulative hotfixes that were applied for Patch 11.0 in the last two weeks.

What’s new:
•   Cities set as neutral by clans will have their own unique marker
•   Cities set as neutral by clans allow outpost construction and placing contracts
•   Port battle attack limit set as 3 per enemy nation (it was temporary remove during last weekend to give some more freedom). Previous limit of total 3 port battles was too small.
•   Production bonuses now work both on trading resources (more trading resources spawn in the city) and on production in buildings (more volume can be mined or grown)
•   Teleport is allowed to free towns
•   Forge papers allow usage in free towns and neutral towns
•   Nation descriptions and difficulty levels added player creation description.
•   Added new upgrade French Gunner
•   Added new upgrade French Gunnery Sergeant
•   Added blueprints for French gunners and French gunnery sergeant

•   Hostility quests disappear from the list of available if your nation has already set 3 port battles for one enemy nation.
•   Removed hostility missions for ports that cannot gain hostility
•   Hacked in the bigger limit for the number of neutral town port battles
•   Improved bonuses for clan controlled ports
•   Several tunings to trading were done (improving chances to find profitable trades)
•   Reduced the distance for hostility missions from the pier by 15%

Fixed bugs:
•   Fixed bug that limited national reinforcement zones by other cities
•   Fixed bug that craft did not work if item was supposed to receive a Labor hour bonus
•   Fixed bug that did not update craft info after teleport from outpost to outpost
•   Fixed bug limiting stone production
•   Fixed bug that did not let players exit the Available for All ports
•   Fixed bug closing the missions near free towns immediately
•   Fixed decals bug on Radeon video cards
•   Fixed several other graphical bugs
•   Other fixes and tunings
General Games Discussion / Re: Project Zomboid
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:38:39 AM »
Thursdoid Rising

And so begins a bold new era of… Thursday.

Build 38

We realise the 38 release has been built-up a fair amount, it’s been on the brink for so long while we mop up this bug and that – but on the approach to release on Monday we realised that some aspects of the build’s optimizations hadn’t been properly integrated in recent 38 builds, and as such as a whole the ‘release candidate’ hadn’t received sufficient public testing. There’s a lot of changes under the hood in Build 38, and the last thing we want is for an unironed version to go out and disrupt people’s ongoing games.

It’s all in place now, however. As such, if you’re an IWBUMS tester or fancy being one for the day, please jump into the latest beta[theindiestone.com] – let us know how it runs for you, and we’ll press ‘go’ when we see enough green lights.

Build 39 (aka Vehicle Test Build 21)

As mentioned in a previous Mondoid, we now have various people working on Build 39 (the vehicles build) so have a ‘gameplay’ coder and Bitbaboon Steve doing general optimizations – all alongside Yuri’s existing ‘nuts and bolts’ engine and physics work.

As such, Vehicles Build 21 has been released[theindiestone.com] with a bunch of stuff intended to gel our vehicles ever tighter to PZ gameplay. This includes:

•   Simulated gear shifts are now based on your engine rpm, the number of gears your car has and the max speed. Previously it would just work on the speeds you hit.
•   You’re now slowed and have less traction if you’re driving off-road. [In future builds constant off-road driving will also reduce a vehicle’s condition.]
•   Car keys are now a more important aspect of the game. They are mandatory when it comes to starting an engine or turning on headlights, and have a (small) chance of spawning already in the ignition or in the glove box. A ‘car locked’ sound is also heard, rather than the characters say ‘locked’ out loud like a weirdo would.
•   If you have Level 2 Electrical Skill then you can Hotwire a vehicle if you can get inside. Better and more modern cars are trickier to hotwire, and a failed attempt will result in damaging the ignition.
•   In larger vehicles like vans and emergency vehicles you can fit more characters inside in MP – and rear seats can also be used as containers now.
•   Vehicles are no longer empty of ‘life detritus’. They now have loot tables that reflect their past owners. Every day vehicles might have bags of rotting groceries inside, uneaten candies and old magazines. Meanwhile there’s a small chance that a pick-up might have a fisherman’s equipment, while a pick-up could have been a carpenter’s work vehicle – and as such have a trunk full of items that reflect his work.
•   General changes: gas consumption now dependent on what gear you’re in, and more forgiving. Reduced chances of stalling. Balanced vehicle storage capacities. Vehicles audible from a greater range. Can no longer drive through double doors. (Sorry   )

Moar vehicles

A few threads have popped up on the forum saying that we could do with a bit more variety in vehicle models to make things look a little bit more realistic – and as such Martin has been modelling up some different variants on existing car models, as well as creating a few new ones, for Mash to paint up some textures for.

These won’t appear in Build 39, most likely, but will pop up in the relevant areas in the versions that follow

A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here[projectzomboid.com] – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki[pzwiki.net] should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List [projectzomboid.com]that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord [discord.gg]is open for chat and hijinks too.
General Games Discussion / Re: Project Zomboid
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:35:25 AM »
Behold the Thursdoid

Hello everyone. A little bit of a short Mondoid this week. In fact the last one ever. But don’t worry, we’re still keeping up with the weekly updates.

It’s the end of an era. This Mondoid is just an announcement to say that from this point the traditional Mondoid blog will be moving to Thursday – henceforth to be known as ‘Thursdoid’.

There are several reasons for this. We know some people look forward to Mondoids to combat the back to work/school Monday blues, but as our team has grown quite dramatically over the past year, it has become more and more clear how inconvenient Monday updates are, how much harder it is to coordinate the week’s work after a weekend, and how they are ultimately of detriment to the game, player-base and developers. From the game’s side, it means we’ve had an entire weekend just prior to the most important day of the week, where it may have been more difficult to get hold of people, or work has been at its lightest. From the developers side, many of the contractors we’ve taken into the fold have families, and its a bit crappy of us to impose our historic looming Mondoid pressure onto them.

We feel that moving to Thursdays will be better for everyone, as we’ll have had several working days of preparation and week day communication to make sure the Thursdoids are on point, versions have had sufficient time in the incubators during the week, and yet we’ll still have Friday to fix up any problems that crop up before the weekend starts (that’s not to say the workaholic elements within will not continue to poke at the game during the weekend as we always have). It’s also closer to the weekend, so when versions emerge, players have less time to wait to have dedicated time to enjoy them.

Also we ran out of Monday puns a long time ago.

We had hoped to sweeten this final Mondoid with a public release of build 38, but in the last hours discovered a few issues we really need to address. As such we will warm up for a full release as soon as we can this week, and we’ll see you on Thursday!
General Games Discussion / Re: Tempest
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:32:23 AM »
Sneak peek!

Please enjoy another sneak peek of Tempest work in progress!

Multiplayer games & AAR's / Re: SOW Waterloo Multiplayer Friday 22/09/17
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:26:17 AM »
Stay at work, will be for the next!

There will be plenty more battles to fight my friend  :fight
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