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Games Discussion / Re: The Operational Art of War IV
« Last post by Stardog765 on Today at 08:36:09 PM »
One of my all time fav wargames.  Its just complicated enough and operational as opposed to strategic so if you dont want to worry about production and those more strategic things and focus solely on the operational art of war, this is your game.

Games Discussion / Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Last post by Asid on Today at 08:17:29 PM »
Update 35 - More Improvements - is Here!
Medieval Kingdom Wars - Dev Konstantin

Hello Everyone,

What a busy week. We are making a lot of progress on the Diplomacy, and can`t wait to share it with you - but looks like we are still 10+ days away from the first draft.

Our animator and artist are busy preparing a unique look for each of the 52 Lords and 14 Rules in the game, and OddConfection is coding away at this monster of the project at full speed.

Meanwhile if you`ve missed it, we have 'pre-anounced' our new game - Stars End, more about it here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/499660/announcements/detail/2472902157226137566

Since Diplomacy is taking a while to finish, we took a bit of time to prepare another big update to ease up the wait. And really this updated turned into quite a game changer. From new towns, to awesome new AI behavior, as well as greatly balancing out the mid to late game and the challenge. And of-course couple of dozen of 'quality of life' fixes and improvements.

There`s a small chance that this update can bring back the lag and the crashes, if so please let us know and we`ll hot fix this ASAP.

As always - thanks for your support, and please keep these suggestions and bug reports coming.

New Features
-New AI world map army behavior - will chase after other armies in range
-New level - Town of Caen. Will be used for several of the world map towns
-AI city defender will sally forth and attack if they are are significantly stronger than the attacker
-Attack cursor only shows over enemy units/buildings, not allies or neutral
-Marshall highlights AI armies on the way to attack player

Fixes and Improvements
-Removed various fade out effects from Advisors
-0 strength armies are now properly removed
-Potential fix for auto pausing when double attack happens
-Not spawning all siege weapons in naval combat, only ranged siege weapons
-Creating a new army only offers one option to recruit a base army
-Fixed both palisade and stone wall overlapping in player and AI towns
-Hiding World Map GUI on Campaign first run, so Advisors don't overlap subtitles
-Moderator Announcement stays up for 30sec
-Moderate improvement to tasking units onto towers
-Showing unit upkeep/income cost in all mouse-over pops-up including training and building construction
-After auto-resolve units in the army are updated to show the losses right away
-Properly spawn entire army or town garrison if there are a lot of units of the same type, instead of bundling them up by the town hall
-Re-ordered nations for campaign selection menu
-It`s now a low easier to intercept AI armies that seek battle
-With single unit select can move the camera by RMB and move

AI Changes
-AI constructs a lot of siege defenses on the town walls
-AI is a lot better at closing town gates to stop player from rushing in
-AI is a lot better at attacking player towns, especially large castles
-AI serfs should target trees closest to their town hall first
-AI will not pause the attacks if it runs out of siege weapons, will always construct new rams
-AI repairs buildings a lot less often, giving player a chance to properly destroy them

Balance Changes
-Greatly increased the cost of creating a new army
-Greatly increased the cost of technology research
-Technology tree cost increases with progression
-Livestock and workers generate a lot more silver on the world map
Multiplayer games & AAR's / Re: SOW Waterloo Multiplayer Friday 17/11/17
« Last post by Asid on Today at 08:11:52 PM »
My men are rested and eager to fight  :cool_Napoleonic
Games Discussion / Stars End
« Last post by Asid on Today at 08:00:11 PM »
Stars End

From the developers of Medieval Kingdom Wars

Stars End Anouncement Trailer EA

Uploaded on 24 Oct 2017

it`s been in development for a very long time. Yes that means - we`ve been working at two games at once; and no we are not crazy, money hungry or evil (maybe a little bit evil), and yes MKW will be finished, and it`ll be spectacular...

With that out of the way - in the very near future we`ll publicly announce our new game, titled Stars End. But we wanted to share it with you first. Stars End is a complete departure for us from RTS genre. It is an open world multiplayer space themed TPS/FPS survival game. Something like No Man Sky and Ark having a baby.

Stars End has been in development for several years now, with full speed production ongoing for about a year. We mostly have separate sub-team working on Stars End, with it`s own creator and developer. So SE production doesn`t overlap with Medieval Kingdom Wars, and moving forward nothing is changing with our love and commitment to Medieval Kingdom Wars.

As a good example - with Stars End production going full speed over the last year, we are making really good progress with Medieval. In the end it comes down to having separate developers working on each title, something that we have gotten pretty good at lately. Also moving forward we plan to continue with our passion for RTS games, and MKW is definitely not the last Grand Strategy game that we have planned.

We plan to release Stars End in Early Access sometime in 2018.

Now we wanted to give you the first look at Stars End with this unreleased video. This is from a very old build dating a few months ago, so please ignore the older looking visuals.
FSX/P3D/X-Plane / FSLabs new Concorde for P3Dv4?
« Last post by Asid on Today at 07:51:07 PM »
FSLabs new Concorde for P3Dv4?

From Flight Sim Labs, Ltd. 17/11/17

Hello all,

As you are all well aware by now, our A320-X is available for Prepar3D V4, we’re working on the A320-X SP1 release for FSX and Prepar3D v3 and the rest of the A32X fleet is in the pipeline to be released in the coming months.

We had promised that when that time came, we would take a closer look to the possibility of creating a new Concorde title, specifically designed for Prepar3D v4.

Our existing Concorde-X title, developed in 2008 and released in 2010 was a huge success: It brought the thrill and excitement of Concorde to a desktop simulation and even today, almost 15 years after the last Concorde flight, the interest in Concorde remains very clear.

Our Flight Sim Labs developer team feels there might still exist one more opportunity to see this aircraft take to the virtual skies in Prepar3D v4 - with the resources we have been acquiring since the days of the Altitude Concorde for FS9 back in 2002 up to today, we believe we are the single company uniquely fitted to undertake this quite significant task one last time, on the most recent flight simulation platform: Prepar3D v4.

We feel that in order for the Concorde to be done justice with the exciting new features available today, we would need to see the following new and improved facilities included in this new version:

New Virtual Cockpit
New cockpit model built with the Prepar3D V4 SDK
New high-resolution textures
Complete 3D engineers station
Both British Airways and Air France variants
Full dynamic light integration with FSLSpotlights v2
Improved external texturing - using techniques developed for the A32X Series
All new high-resolution sound set using our new sound infrastructure developed for the A32X Series including cockpit, cabin and external sound sets, complete with sonic boom
New special effects - including our spectacular lighting effects in adverse weather conditions and fog
True Dynamic Lighting - a system developed for the A32X Series that varies the intensity of the light depending on environmental conditions and time of day (or night).
Cabin PA sound sets for both British Airways and Air France
Concorde Weather Radar integrated with Active Sky
Utilization of our Jet Engine Simulation program to simulate the Olympus 593's more accurately in every phase of flight – developed for the A32X Series

The purpose of this post is to gauge how much interest there would be in a new Concorde title for Prepar3D v4, as we estimate the price of this new version to be around $100 USD.
If you'd like to see a new Concorde in Prepar3D v4 – most likely the last Concorde project of its kind - please vote:

Send an email to "wantconcorde@flightsimlabs.com"
Subject: “I will buy the Concorde on P3D v4!”
Add your full name and age, telling us that that you will support this effort.

We reiterate: This project cannot and will not happen without your help. This is possibly the last time a Concorde will ever be developed at this fidelity level and caliber for any simulator platform – if you wish to keep the dream alive, tell us!

As always, thank you very much for your continued support in Flight Sim Labs!
Scourge Of War / Re: SOW: Multiplayer battle today
« Last post by Asid on Today at 07:45:23 PM »
Battle today

SOW Waterloo Multiplayer 17/11/17: HERE
Multiplayer games & AAR's / Re: SOW Waterloo Multiplayer Friday 17/11/17
« Last post by Asid on Today at 07:44:27 PM »
My conscripts are concerned about the possible lack of available troops.

But nevertheless their draft was meant to serve in the war.

You and your men will have a glorious battle this day  :Vive
My conscripts are concerned about the possible lack of available troops.

But nevertheless their draft was meant to serve in the war.
Games Discussion / What's your gaming pleasure this weekend? 17/11/17
« Last post by Asid on Today at 05:43:44 PM »
What's your gaming pleasure this weekend? 17/11/17    :gamer

Dow Air (have a look)    Quite a lot of TFDI B717 hopefully multicrew  :pilotfly

Scourge of War Waterloo: multiplayer immersion with real world tactics and with friends. We are testing some interesting balistic and morale changes.  :bonaparte

TOAW IV:  Operational wargame with 100's of scenarios.

Rainbow 6 Vegas 2: As always with my mates     :sneaking   :poke   :Shit fan   :shooting-two-guns


Maybe if time allows....
Steel Beasts Pro

RC helicopter flying:. Not sure....Freezing..Again...... :sstorm

What about you? Surely I am not the only one playing?
Flight Simulation / Re: Flight Sim World
« Last post by Asid on Today at 04:52:57 PM »
Content, Development, and Direction - Note from Stephen Hood

Aloha everyone,

It feels like an while since I updated you here, and I want to take a moment to apologise for the lack of communication about what we’ve been working on for Flight Sim World. The response to the rate of progress within our simulator has not escaped the attention of the development team. We’d like to take a moment to address some of the things we've read.

When we first released in Early Access, we had a lot lined up, which contributed to a rapid update schedule. With the feedback you gave us; we outlined a hit list of bugs to squash, elements to adjust and features to plan for.

We also released some major updates, our Cold & Dark implementation emphasised our commitment to welcoming new simmers to the hobby, whilst not comprising the complexity demanded by those with years of experience - something that’s consistently been at the heart of our approach to development.

It also saw the implementation of a visual gamechanger, our Advanced Weather system utilizing trueSKY technology, a technology you cannot experience in any other civilian flight simulator.

Since then, it may feel like things have been quiet on our front. There were PBR improvements and other changes, but we’re aware it feels like there hasn’t been a meaty update to sink your teeth into for a while.

That’s in part, due to the nature of our studio. We’re a small but highly specialized team and each member has their part to play. It means things seem mismatched at times, you’re asking for one thing and we deliver something completely different. It doesn’t mean we’re not working on it, but that we don’t want to be sitting on content we can share with you in the meantime. We’re also none too aware of the need to further improve those new technologies we’ve brought to flight simulation – rest assured we’ll have news on those developments in the very near future.

Our next big update is our SDK, which will open development capabilities to experienced 3rd parties, freeware creators and anyone who wants to try their hand at bringing the experiences they crave to Flight Sim World. It’s an exciting prospect and one we couldn’t have achieved without the feedback of the 3rd party developers who’ve brought their content into FSW. Releasing the SDK will be one of the milestones for the continued development of Flight Sim World.

SDK 1.0 will be available before the end of the year, this initial release will provide the tools, documentation and reference material for aircraft, scenery object and mission content creation. In addition, it will provide the libraries required for C++ application/FSW interoperability, through the SimConnect interface.

We view the SDK as an ongoing project, one we will expand over time to encompass the needs for the creation of all FSW content. The 1.0 release will provide all the tools our inaugural 3rd party partners have utilised in their content and have helped shape over the last few months.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re no longer committed to developing the core sim. Far from it. There are no vital pieces of FSW which I foresee only ever being available as a 3rd party addon. That wouldn't be right. Nor does it match our repeated mission to improve the core simulator. Our vision has always been to create a platform for the future of flight simulation and we couldn’t do that without your support. You’ve gone above and beyond to help us, but I recognise that our communication hasn’t been as two-way as you (or we) would like.

As Flight Sim World evolves, developing some of our more ambitious ideas take longer than the two-week schedule we previously ran on. That said, we want to keep you more informed in what’s going on, with more regular communication from myself and the dev team about what we’re working on.

Without further ado, we’ll kick things off with a free piece of content that you’ll be able to jump into as soon as it has been signed off by quality control, Mission Pack 2.

As the “inspiring” title suggests, this is a mission pack that follows the first week in the life of a pilot for the fictitious Hawaiian passenger and cargo transport company, Kahului Air. You’ll be introduced to some of the different tasks expected of you by your new employer. This will be made freely available as soon as it’s signed off and named, and will automatically download to your copy of Flight Sim World once released.


We mentioned it previously, but we’re developing Flight Sim World with your support and we want YOU to help us name this new content. We have some names lined up, but we’re not sure which to opt for:

Name the free Mission Pack!
•   Cargo Carrier
•   Kahului Air
•   Hawaii Hopper
•   Pacific Paradise
•   Aloha Adventure

Let us know what you think of these suggestions, or if you’ve got something that is more fitting then post it below and leave your personalised mark on Flight Sim World.

This is just an example of some of the content that our team are bringing to Flight Sim World and we’re eager for you to get to know them better. We’re planning regular communications from the development team about what we’re working on, whether that’s a deeper look into the day of one specific developer or broader updates about the progress of the simulator in general.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

- Stephen Hood, Executive Producer on Flight Sim World

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