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Games Discussion / Re: Burden of Command
« Last post by Asid on May 22, 2023, 10:52:49 PM »
The last campaign segment
Mon, May 22, 2023


Mon, May 22, 2023

Our testers have played through the Germany campaign to the end of the war ...

Turn sound on, and remember to add Burden of Command to your Steam wishlist!

Games Discussion / Re: Distant Worlds 2
« Last post by Asid on May 22, 2023, 10:48:28 PM »
Distant Worlds 2 - Hyperspeed Update out on May 26th
Mon, 22 May 2023

Welcome back explorers,

We have some exciting news for you: tomorrow, May 23rd at 01.00pm BST, on our channel there will be a special streaming event with Erik Rutins, producer and co-designer of Distant Worlds 2. Get a reminder here

During the stream, Erik will be previewing the upcoming Hyperspeed update, releasing on the May 26th, which brings fixes and improves many long-standing issues with gameplay and system compatibility. 

This is an amazing opportunity to get an exclusive preview of the new update for Distant Worlds 2, straight from the source. You won't want to miss it!

The streaming event will be taking place on May 23rd at 01.00pm BST, so be sure to tune in and join us for what promises to be an incredible showcase of Distant Worlds 2.

See you there. 

The Galaxy lives on

Games Discussion / Re: Stellar Tactics
« Last post by Asid on May 21, 2023, 06:38:38 PM »
Chapter 2 released!
Fri, 19 May 2023

The story continues with Chapter 2. Introducing Azimuth, new missions and more!

I'm pleased to release Chapter 2 today. It's been a long road and I do hope everyone enjoys the new content. As always, it is likely a few bugs will surface over the next few days so I will keep an eye on the forums for any issues. If you do find any issues, please post on the bug forums here. Any details and screenshots you can provide will help:

Localization - The English and German versions of the game are in good shape at this time. French, Spanish and Russian translations will be very rough. If you are interested in translating any of these three languages, send a note to and I'll get back to you.

- Pick up where you left off after completing chapter 1 with a message when entering space. Note that there are some very tough battles in this chapter so, grenades, Azimuth (when you get it) and Psionics will really help.

- The final ground combat system to be implemented. Azimuth is a reward received during the chapter 2 story. It provides you with a variety of powerful effects that can be mixed and matched to both benefit your crew during combat and to debuff enemies. Effects last through an entire combat area so they are best used either at the start of an area or when you have tough enemies to defeat. Azimuth uses energy gathered over time through combat, space travel and by charging Azimuth with Aznari Shards. Chapter 3 (the final chapter) will introduce Azimuth which can be used in space combat.

- Mission NPC's can now be found on stations. When pressing the highlight key (TAB by default), mission NPC's are highlighted in BLUE. These missions offer cash rewards, loot, faction tokens and general faction. All of these missions have several stages/locations that need to be visited with different objectives and pay out rewards based on the number of stages required to complete the mission for the NPC. This is the first pass at NPC missions. I expect that I will be expanding on and refining the NPC mission system over time.

- Trade and smuggling missions will be offered occasionally when entering a star system that has orbiting stations. These missions are only offered if a star system does not have an ACCEPTED buy or sell order registered in your Trade Net. Expand your trade network using beacons to take advantage of these missions.

    These missions always pay out bonuses that are above market value so it is always worthwhile taking the missions when offered.
    There is no timer so you can have as many as 20 of these missions available at any time. 20 is the maximum number of active trades allowed via the Trade-Net.
    Note that you can fulfil ore and refined ore missions by mining and refining ore yourself. Or, you can just buy the goods on the Trade Net. Of course, mining and refining ore will offer the most profit from these contracts.
    The volume required by these missions - that is the number of items needed to fulfil a contract, is based on your current cargo capacity. Ships with more cargo will be offered larger batches of commodities to trade.
    Trade contracts scale based on the amount of credits you have available when the contract is offered.
    There are special contracts that reward a very high return. These are offered by NPCs you have met through the games story content.
    Trade contracts can be canceled in the Trade-Net with no penalty.

- Phestus will offer simple boarding missions - so he can retire, you know. He will start giving you missions once you have a FTL Drive after you complete his story mission in Achmedius.

    Only one boarding mission is offered at a time.
    To receive the reward, board any ship of the type that Phestus needs parts for. When selling the ship to Arkus, Arkus will route the parts to Phestus and Phestus will reward you.
    These missions cannot be abandoned. To get another mission, you should complete the current mission provided by Phestus.
    These missions are basically a bonus to the payout you receive and give players specific ships to target.
    Pick your targets carefully. Boarding ships will reduce your standing with the owners main faction.

related to the chapter 2 story line. This is a ongoing permanent mission in your log. You will know what it is when you you get it.

You can now approach any non-hostile station and access the stations cargo terminal without boarding. This makes it a lot easier to store ore you are mining and deliver trade goods between stations. To display the cargo icon, click the station itself in space when you are close enough to board. A new icon will be displayed allowing you access to the cargo interface.

You can now add notes to star systems on the star map. Selecting any star system will display a notes area above the lower-center detail console. Star systems that have notes will display a green box around the star system.

Harvested ship repair components used for boarding can now be viewed on the ship menu [K] by selecting the new button under the ore refinery. Note that ship repair components used to repair boarded ships can be harvested from other ships, or, ideally by salvaging wreckage in Star Systems. Salvaging wreckages is the best way to gather these materials.


UPDATED - Additional checks are now in place to avoid bad enemy target clicks that lead to movement instead of attacks. In addition, when rolling over an enemy in combat, the enemy will pause animation so you can get a very "clean" target selection. Previously, some enemies animations could lead to bad information at the moment a player would click, leading to an unintended move. Hopefully this reduces or eliminates these annoyances. Let me know what you think on the forums. Is this better, worse?
UPDATED - Fog of war data on the ground area map [M] now persists between areas and saves.
UPDATED - Phestus will now give you a mission to meet with Forley Coresh in Achmedius after you purchase the FTL drive from him when exiting his station. This fixes the missing quest link that would lead players to the start of Chapter 1. Regardless of when you got your FTL drive, the next time you enter a star system, the new mission will be triggered if you have not already spoken with Forley Coresh.
UPDATED - Added directional indicators to the mini-map/radar for N,S,E and W. The "camera" FOV indicator now has a arrow tick mark for identifying the direction your camera is facing.
UPDATED - Reduced INT bonuses to initiative for player and NPC's. This still needs work as INT is generating too much initiative.
UPDATED - When pressing the highlight key bind, NPC's that can be recruited are now highlighted in green. NPC's that have procedural missions are highlighted in blue. Faction agents are highlighted in blue.
UPDATED - Ship loot containers now display distance to the players ship.
UPDATED - Moved star system player spawn point and jump points away from planetary orbits to avoid possibly intersecting with a planets on spawn.
UPDATED - No random attacks when entering Achmedius - this is to smooth out the starting experience in the game. This also applies to attacks related to carrying contraband.
UPDATED - Added more responses when selecting NPCs.
FIXED - Removed shields from creature type enemies.
FIXED - A number of typos in the English language files.
FIXED - Multiple clicks on exits and during loading could lead to a level lockup or misaligned camera.
FIXED - Corrected feedback text to log when delivering trade contracts.
FIXED - Several localization errors.
FIXED - Various areas - map and mini-map did not correctly display the map background.
FIXED - A non-critical bug related to experience when selling ships to Arkus.
FIXED - Visual error with Psionic bleed projectiles.
FIXED - Mission objectives UI under radar/map for boarded areas and new areas that use the UI is now correctly displayed when entering or re-entering these areas.


I am also releasing a supporter pack for Stellar Tactics today. I've been asked many times to add a way to help support the game. I finally decided to put together a few things that I think people would like. It contains a unique ship not found elsewhere in the universe, poster art, 3D printer models for those of you who have 3D printers and a few other things. For those of you who do decide to purchase the DLC, many thanks. And as always, regardless of whether you purchase the DLC, thank you for supporting the game.


Well, Chapter 3 of course! Here is a list of things I'll be looking at. Some of these may be released between now and the Chapter 3 content.

    With Azimuth in the game, I'll be able to make final adjustments to the combat system.
    Adjusting the initiative system and exposing more information when rolling initiative.
    Better STAT descriptions that are in line with any changes I make above.
    Mining system changes. The current mining system is fairly basic. I'd like to make this a bit more interesting.
    Adjustments to various effects in the game.
    Tweaks to space combat.
    Knocking off rough edges everywhere. That includes final passes at the various game systems.
    Expanded faction warfare system and FTL map events.
    Advanced game settings.

Two answer two common questions I see:
[Q] When will achievements be added.
[A] After chapter 3 is complete so I can tie achievements into all the game content.

[Q] When will custom portrait support be added.
[A] With chapter 3.

Many will ask - when? When will chapter 3 be finished? December. Of course, I may need more time - we will see. I'll keep everyone posted as I make progress.

GHPC Update 20230519
Fri, 19 May 2023

Regular Update

GHPC Early Access has been updated to version 20230519.

This is a regular update, introducing several new features, adjustments, and bug fixes.

Headlining the new update are the explosion audio overhaul and a new "mini-campaign". The mini-campaign is available in the Fulda Outskirts map under Instant Action. Complete each mission in the sequence to unlock the next.

This mini-campaign introduces a new experimental feature: on-call reinforcements. Both teams start with recon elements containing a relatively small number of units. When contact is made or losses are incurred, the other elements of the company are called into play. An alert message will inform you of the arrival of your comrades, and you will immediately be able to switch to them in the unit selection menu.

As an extra treat, the M901 ITV (an M113 equipped with a "hammerhead" dual TOW launcher turret) has been introduced as an AI opponent in the new missions. This vehicle will be playable in the future once a few additional aspects of it have been completed. In addition, the recently added BMP-1P, previously only available in campaign mode, makes its first Instant Action appearance in the new mini-campaign.

Behind the scenes, work on major goal features is ongoing, as we work our way down the roadmap. Stay tuned for more changes soon!


At 10:00 pm EDT, the build was hotfixed due to an issue with some audio effects.
At 12:23 am EDT, the build was hotfixed due to some units failing to move.


    Overhauled explosion audio
    Added mini-campaign in Fulda Outskirts Instant Action with 3 missions and sequential unlocking
    Added M901 ITV as an opposing AI vehicle in some missions
    Added new visual effects for some projectile explosions
    Added US helicopter pilot models
    Added "night lights" to AAR, allowing a better look at the shooter and all struck units when reviewing a shot
    Added power lines to power poles in all maps
    Added shadows from smoke
    Removed Proving Ground map (this was the oldest and least optimized map in the game, and all its features are covered by the Grafenwoehr Tank Range map)
    Fixed an issue that caused laser rangefinders to not aim where the reticle indicated when the tank was moving
    Fixed a visual issue with muzzle blast smoke from certain angles
    Fixed AI crews looking in odd directions to find the threat when struck by artillery shrapnel
    Fixed an issue that could cause the binocular overlay to get stuck on the screen
    Fixed issues with some tree LODs
    Fixed helicopter pilots bailing out of a chopper with a destroyed engine, causing it to crash instead of auto-rotating
    Fixed several issues with crew voice command flow, including issues with target priority and adapting to player shooting an unintended target

Thanks for playing!

Games Discussion / Re: Imperiums: Greek Wars
« Last post by Asid on May 20, 2023, 11:12:55 PM »
Spotlight - Weather and Seasons
Sat, 20 May 2023

Ancient Gaul is a dangerous place in itself and its extreme weather can add further complications.

We are back with our Spotlight series, with each article focused on one new mechanic that appears in the new DLC Imperiums: Rise of Caesar. Today, we will talk about Weather and Seasons, a new concept that greatly enhances the tactical dimension of the game.

Far north beyond the Alps, the weather is not as mild and pleasant as around the Mediterranean. The often harsh conditions make the lands inhospitable and its people tough, they are used to living on the edge of survival. There are no roads to make traveling through the dense forests and boggy swamps easier. The tribal settlements are often hostile, so the building and guarding of military camps is a matter of survival.
Spring comes with rain that turns the few paths into muddy slides, while the air in hot summers buzzes with mosquitoes. Autumn brings early snow and the freezing temperatures of the winters can leave the most resilient of men weak and exhausted.

Pavel, the main developer and game designer, will share his views on how this mechanic is incorporated into the game.

    Previous campaign maps have turns lasting a month, a quarter or even half a year and as such, it made no sense to implement more tactical mechanics. Perhaps with the exception of a „battle view“ and even here the possibilities would be quite limited. Besides, this is not a direction which we want to go in right now.

    The Rise of Ceasar
    DLC has a different time scale and turn length compared to previous campaign maps, which was a major factor in shaping our decisions about what changes to implement.

    The fact that one turn in the Rise of Caesar
    DLC equates to one week dramatically changed our options for adding more tactical elements to the game. The most important one is Weather and Seasons.

    The mechanic has 3 elements – rain and snow, snow cover and temperature. Let’s dive into each of them now.

    Rain and snow (depending on temperature) lowers the mobility of units and reduces the effectiveness of supply lines. Both phenomena move across the map with the wind. Tiles where it was snowing the turn before will be covered with a snow crust (this also reduces the mobility of units and the effectiveness of supply lines but to a lesser extent than snowing itself). The snow cover stays on the tiles until the temperature rises above 0°C.

    Temperatures change over the seasons. Most of the time you will not need to pay extra attention to it, however it will become an important factor when it gets to more extreme levels (above 30°C or below -5°C). In such cases, all units not stationed in or close to a city will be affected by the extreme weather.

    In hot conditions their battle readiness is temporarily reduced (the men are exhausted), but it will return to its original level when the temperature drops. The health of units exposed to freezing temperatures below -5°C is negatively affected with every turn the situation lasts. This is a more permanent effect on health that does not automatically recover when the temperature rises, any units affected will need healing before they reach full battle readiness again.

    A new Weather panel above the Map Menu has been added, this indicates the weather for the current turn and a forecast for the coming turn. It shows the temperature, the weather and the wind direction for the current turn (wind direction is important to give you an idea of how the weather will develop for the coming turn). Forecasts are only indicative and should be viewed accordingly.

    Special warnings are displayed when snow, rain and/or extreme temperatures are forecast for the coming turn. This notification can be disabled directly in the Weather panel if so desired.

    I consider this mechanic to be the most interesting new concept in the DLC. It greatly expands the tactical dimensions of the game and forces you to plan your campaigns as well as any backup plans to account for the effects of winter and the actual weather. Caesar himself had to plan his conquests in a similar way, winter was too unpredictable and campaigning too risky.

It is said that you might lose a battle but still win the war, but in Imperiums: Rise of Caesar one lost battle could be the end of your military career. It requires a true tactical genius to balance the risks. The Gallic bogs are full of Romans who will not return home.

If you haven’t done so, please add Imperiums: Rise of Caesar to your wishlist.

Imperiums: Rise of Caesar

Q3 2023

Thank you for the continuous support!
Kube Games team.

Games Discussion / Re: WarPlan
« Last post by Asid on May 19, 2023, 01:19:01 AM »
WarPlan Update - version 1.00.25
Wed Apr 26, 2023

We have just released an update for WarPlan, adding also three new maps designed for US Marine Corps University:

FIXED Paradrop on fleet bug where they don't retreat or scuttle
FIXED Convoy attack message is clearer
FIXED Support unit name being placed in corps list when undo is performed
FIXED Red Sea convoy lane
FIXED Italian DD tech
CHANGE unit values in Breakout 1944
FIXED Invading on resource bug
FIXED turn number bug
FIXED Unit loss bug (rare but important)
FIXED beta version PBEM bug
FIXED Removed low resolutions from the graphic options
FIXED Combat high loss issue (I hope)

ADDED Moscow production move to Urals for both production and manpower for Russia
ADDED Alexandros Papagos to Greek generals
ADDED $Weather to scripting allowing players to set the weather for a zone
ADDED Saint Low to Western Front scenarios
ADDED new scenarios, designed for the US Marine Corps University:

Ardennes Offensive 1944
Operation Bagration 1944 (Russian front only from Europe 1944)
Europe 1939 Small Fleet 41 Winter (historical winter for Russia 1941\

Download the Update from here

Tacview / Tacview 1.9.2 beta 3 is available Now
« Last post by Asid on May 19, 2023, 01:13:04 AM »

Tacview 1.9.2 beta 3 is available Now

Download: HERE

•   Release Date: Thu, 18 May 2023
•   Operating System: Windows® 32-bit / 64-bit
•   File Size: 751.5 MB

Release notes


•   ADDED Inclinometer (slip indicator) cockpit instrument
•   ADDED tacviewPlaybackDelay custom option for DCS World servers (60, 120, 300, 600, 1200, 1800 sec)
•   ADDED DCS: Normandy 2 terrain
•   ADDED RPM and Throttle #2 to X-Plane advanced telemetry
•   IMPROVED Korea database and terrain for BMS 4.37.2


•   FIXED real-time telemetry disconnect would not always work
•   FIXED real-time telemetry was auto-retrying on wrong password
•   FIXED corrupted A-10 3D model (regression)


To run a beta version, you need a product key. Feel free to have a look at the features comparison to know which edition is the best for you if you are interested in buying Tacview.

Please note that even if we are doing our best to produce a high quality product, beta versions usually contains known and unknown bugs, may crash, or have some features disabled because of work in progress. This is why, it is suggested to download and install beta versions alongside the latest official release (not over it). That way, in case of problem, you can simple launch the latest stable version to continue your work...

Games Discussion / Re: Rule the Waves III
« Last post by Asid on May 19, 2023, 01:04:06 AM »
Rule the Waves 3 - Out Now
Thu May 18, 2023

We are happy to announce the release of Rule the Waves 3, a naval grand strategy game that places you in command of the great fleets of the 19th and 20th century. Engage in national politics, set your research priorities, build your fleet, and fight massive fleet actions from the age of ironclads to missile destroyers. Rule the Waves 3 is available as a digital edition on Steam, with physical copies available on the Slitherine store.

Games Discussion / Re: Rule the Waves III
« Last post by Asid on May 19, 2023, 01:00:41 AM »
Rule the Waves 3 - Dev Diary #6 - Jets and the Missile Age
Wed, May 17, 2023

After the mid-1940s, jet aircraft enter the scene. Existing aircraft carriers will have to be rebuilt to handle jet aircraft, adding blast barriers and angled flight decks. As carriers will need to be larger to handle heavier jet aircraft, carrier sizes will grow. Eventually, supercarriers of upwards of 60,000 tons will be the norm.

A carrier in the jet era.

The battleship will still have a role to play, but it will be eclipsed as the ultimate expression of naval might by the large aircraft carrier. Jet aircraft will eventually evolve to have allweather and day and night capabilities, but already in the final years of WW2, the missile makes its appearance. At first primitive, with limited range and easy to counter with jamming, guided missiles can still cause grievous harm to surface vessels. This leads to the development of anti-aircraft missiles to give ships longer range air defences against all these threats.

Existing ships can be rebuilt, or completely new missile cruisers constructed. Anti-ship missiles do not consume all that much space, and can be accommodated by most ships. On the other hand, anti-aircraft missile systems and their attendant radar arrays are huge and will take up most of the space on a ship. This will tend to lead to missile cruisers specializing into either anti-aircraft or anti-ship roles.

A fairly typical cruiser in the missile age.

Missiles are initially limited to line of sight, but with improved guidance systems will get longer ranges and even over the horizon capabilities. On the topic of missile combat and missile damage, real world historical experience is limited. A number of ships have been hit by missiles, with a wide variety of results, some being sunk by one missile hit, others taking multiple hits to sink. But there are no examples of large, armoured warships being hit by missiles, so the effectiveness of heavy anti-ship missiles on a dreadnought battleship is really unexplored. That means that the game relies more on informed speculation in the area of missile effectiveness than with, for example, torpedo or shell damage.

Missile damage in game is simulated with more variability than other types of hits. Generally, missile hits are treated as very large HE shells in game with additional incendiary effects (unspent fuel starting fires). They will do more limited damage if they hit the armoured belt, but can do substantial damage to superstructures, and often cause fires.

Incoming missiles

With additional technical development, you will be able to set up strikes from multiple platforms, including land missile batteries and missile submarines.

Setting up a missile strike on enemy ships.

This concludes the Dev Diaries for Rule the Waves 3. We hope these diaries have given you some insight into the breadth of the wargaming experience this game can offer. Over 80 years of naval warfare, starting with ironclads duking it out at 1000 yards and ending with missile shots from over the horizon. No other game covers such a long period of modern naval warfare, or gives such an insight into how technology, ship design and tactics interact and develop over time.

Games Discussion / Re: Rule the Waves III
« Last post by Asid on May 19, 2023, 12:58:23 AM »
Rule the Waves 3 - Dev Diary #5 - The Dreadnought era
Tue May 16, 2023

The dreadnought era in the game can be said to cover roughly the years between 1905 and 1945. The completion of the first all big gun battleship, the HMS Dreadnought, was a consequence of technical developments that made long range fire by heavy guns more accurate and effective.

Fighting ranges for battleships will be from 10,000 to 20,000 yards in the mid-1910s. The lower bound for combat range will tend to be governed by torpedo ranges. By this time the range and reliability of torpedoes have increased considerably. The speed of battleships will be around 20 knots or slightly above, which is a couple of knots higher than normal pre-dreadnought speeds, and comparable with a cruiser from the 1890s.

German battlecruisers in combat against French battleships

Rule the Waves 3 will show you not only the mechanics of how ships fought, but also why Navies organized as they did and why fleets deployed as they did. In the early dreadnought period, scouting light cruisers advancing in front of the battle fleet are the chief means of situational awareness. Spotting the enemy fleet at an early stage to plan your deployment or decide on whether to engage or withdraw is vital.

The cruiser screen of the German High Seas Fleet

The pace of technical development is still high in the 1920s and 1930s, but not quite at the same breakneck pace as before 1915. Indeed, some battleships that fought in WW1 gave good service in WW2. Battleships will continue to evolve, but the changes are more gradual, like higher speeds and better fire control.

The main development seen in the 1920s and 1930s is the rise of naval aviation. Initially, the main contribution of naval aviation is better scouting. Early aircraft have low ranges, limited weapons loads and doubtful reliability, so their ability to hurt undamaged ships is limited. Soon however, aircraft develop until by the 1930s they can be a serious threat to battleships. This will lead to a flurry of reconstruction, as existing battleships need to be equipped with anti-aircraft guns to be able to protect themselves against air attack.

A battlecruiser from the 1910s being rebuilt with more anti aircraft guns.

The rise of naval aviation will also cause the development of aircraft carriers. Initially, aircraft carriers will be conversions of existing ships, but with time you will be able to build purpose built aircraft carriers.
By the 1940s, airpower will start to play a more and more important role in naval warfare. Battleships will need their own air carrier based air support and think twice before they enter constricted waters in range of enemy airfields. The era of the dreadnought battleship will draw to a close. At the same time, developments in jet aircraft will make many carriers obsolete. But that is the subject of our next Dev Diary.

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