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Flight Simulation / Re: Announcing the TFDi Design MD-11
« Last post by Asid on July 04, 2024, 12:11:11 AM »
TFDi Design MD-11 Released!
Tuesday, 2nd July, 2024

The TFDi Design MD-11 is now available!

A few moments ago, we pushed the update to the MD-11 that will activate it for all of our Presale customers and the aircraft is now available for purchase! After four and a half years of development, the team is proud to announce that the TFDi Design MD-11 is now available.

How much will it cost?
The pricing structure of the MD-11 will follow an a-la-carte system allowing you to purchase exactly what you want.

The base package will either be the Passenger or the Freighter and will be $69.99.
The expansion package (the variant you have not purchased already) will be $9.99.
The Extended Simulations package will be $4.99 (this is coming at a later date).

What happens next?
Work will continue on the MD-11 to squash any bugs that arise after release, we will also be working to bring the Pratt and Whitney engines to the sim as soon as possible. We will also be working on the Extended Simulation package which will add failures and give you an even greater depth of MD-11 simulation.

Where can I download liveries and the Paint Kit:
All of our official liveries and our Paint Kit can be downloaded from the Downloads section of the website.

Thank you for all of your support on this project - we wish you many happy flights in the TFDi Design MD-11!

TFDi Design

Games Discussion / Re: Ostriv
« Last post by Asid on July 04, 2024, 12:11:07 AM »

Games Discussion / Re: Victory at Sea Atlantic - World War II Naval Warfare
« Last post by Asid on July 03, 2024, 12:33:26 AM »
Axis Powers Take Command in Victory At Sea Atlantic's New Campaign!
Tue, July 2, 2024

We are excited to announce a major update for Victory At Sea Atlantic, introducing the highly anticipated Axis Campaign! You can now take on the role of the Axis powers and work to halt the critical resource convoys heading towards Great Britain.


  - Added the Algérie-class cruiser, Gearing-class destroyer, River-class frigate, and Altmark-class oil tanker.
  - Added the Hawker Typhoon fighter, the Junkers Ju 188 bomber, and the Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter.
  - New campaign objectives now require transported resources instead of manufactured resources.
  - New campaigns lock amphibious assaults and building assault fleets until certain objectives are met.
  - Updated the objectives panel, with progress indicators and locked objectives shown.
  - Improved enemy scouting and convoy-hunting behaviour, and increased German priorities for building u-boats.
  - Improved enemy structure building behaviour and research priorities.
  - Starting convoys now include troop ships.
  - Adjusted the initial structure setup for North America and Axis territories.
  - Increased spotting range vs structures on the bridge.
  - Removed delay between alert popups.
  - Increased research times for historically later technologies.
  - Added separate lock toggles on airfields for automatic fighter, bomber, and spotter launches.
  - Airborne aircraft flights are rebased (or removed, if no space is available) after demolishing their airfield.
  - Added passive sonar to frigates, and they can no longer be ambushed by submersibles.
  - Adjusted torpedo launching behaviour for submarine AI.
  - Ship squadrons more in faster and looser formations whilst turning.
  - The lead ship of a selected squadron is highlighted as such on the minimap.

Bug fixes:

  - Gave the L, O, S, and U-class destroyers functioning AA weapons.
  - The Heinkel He 177 Greif model now loads correctly in combat.
  - The Cimarron-class oil tanker is available to the Allies in the campaign.
  - Docked fleet markers will not double up when a new multi-ship fleet is completed.
  - Under-construction fleets can be merged with docked fleets in the shipyard panel.
  - Ship and aircraft build counts are reset upon closing the window.
  - Ensured inital convoys don't include non-researched ship classes.


  - Updated the appearance of the campaign map.
  - Various performance optimisations.

Join the Community:
We greatly value your feedback and involvement. Share your experiences and suggestions to help make Victory At Sea Atlantic even better. Join the conversation on our Steam Community Page!
Prepare to embark on this new strategic journey and lead the Axis forces to victory! We can't wait for you to experience the thrilling new challenges of the Axis Campaign.

Scourge Of War / Re: Scourge Of War - Remastered
« Last post by Asid on July 03, 2024, 12:33:20 AM »
We Are Close
Tue, 2 July 2024

We've submitted a build for release, but it got denied. Since we do not have a typical client server architecture, they could not confirm the MP. We tried to explain how it worked, that we've had the game this way on Steam before, and we're waiting for the response. I apologize that it's not ready by our release date. But please be assured we are doing what we can to get it out as soon as possible. Even if we just have to remove some tags so that they can pass it, we will. It's submitted again, so we are just waiting. Thank you!"


Games Discussion / Re: Reentry - An Orbital Simulator
« Last post by Asid on July 03, 2024, 12:33:13 AM »
Update 0.99.25 is out! - LM lights, CM SECS and TrackIR CTD fix
Tue, 2 July 2024

This patch will improve and correct the SECS logic in the Command Module, improve lighting logic in the Lunar Module, and fix an issue where the game would crash to desktop if TrackIR is enabled in-game while the TrackIR device is not connected or TrackIR software is not running.

CM SECS and the EECOM stating in MOCR

The CM SECS logic has been modified (no changes in procedures) and correctly mapped to telemetry. The telemetry can be seen on the EECOM station in MOCR as the VMLA, VMLB, VMQA, VMQB parameters.
VMLA is the Logic Bus A, VMLB is Logic Bus B, VMQA is Pyro Bus A, VMQB is Pyro Bus B.

Adding integral and numeric brightness to CMC and LGC export

I have added the numeric and integral brightness to the CMC and LGC data export file for use by external software and devices. This can be mapped to modify the brightness of the DSKY digits and the keyboard integral lights.

Lunar Module lighting

I have improved the lighting logic in the Lunar Module, giving you more control of the internal atmosphere in the Lunar Module.

Some of the annunciator (P02) light colors has changed from RED to ORANGE, and the COMPNT lights has changed from RED to AMBER.

You will now need to, as per checklist, use the Anun/Num to change the brightness of the numeric, annunciator (warning light grid) and component lights.

I have also connected and improved the general lighting logic in the Lunar Module. Before, some lights were magically powered and always on regardless of EPS setup and cbs.

The Anun/Dock/Compnt cbs on Panel 11 and Panel 16 (reduntancy) controls the power of most internal lights. One of these needs to be in and the Anun/Num selector used to tune their brightness.

I have also connected the ANUN and NUM Override switches. If things are powered correctly, the override switch will set the annunciator and numeric brightness to max.

Command Module Lighting

A lot of the lighting logic in the Command Module has been wired, however, I have improved the logic for the numeric selector to also set the brightness of the mission timers.



Special thanks to Folgers at the Reentry Discord server for help related to lighting power control.

Patch notes:

    TrackIR (Blocking): Fixed another TrackIR init bug and added the TIR control panel GUI if error/issue is detected.
    Mapping Pyro and Logic Bus A/B to VMLA, VMLB, VMQA, VMQB to EECOM station (MOCR)
    Adding integral and numeric brightness to CMC and LGC export
    LM: Corrected comp/anun lights
    LM: Wired Anun/Num selector to digits
    LM: Wired Integral to integral panel lights
    CM: Wired Numeric selector to digits
    LM: Connected additional light bulbs to EPS
    LM: Connected P11_LTG_AnunDockCompnt cbs to the LM Exterior Docking lights
    LM: Connected the Anun and Num override switches to the logic above

Steel Beasts Pro / Re: S B Videos Thread
« Last post by Rinix on July 02, 2024, 02:29:20 AM »
Games Discussion / Re: Starship Troopers - Terran Command
« Last post by Asid on July 02, 2024, 12:10:54 AM »
Patch Update v3.0.7
Mon, 1 July 2024

3.0.7 - bc6e23ed


Another patch is live with various fixes and improvements.


  - Fixed being able to purchase the same platform twice
  - Fixed hives not capturable in Tide Breaker
  - Fixed various crashes

Raising Hell DLC

  - Fixed missing Polish translation in Blazing Trail

Urban Onslaught DLC

  - Achievement in Brain Drain
  - Tweaked visuals of the new turret to better match their stats
  - Fixed excessive Hornet Tanker spawning bug

Main Menu

  - Fixed scenario difficulty not always saved after restarting the game

Games Discussion / Re: Exanima
« Last post by Asid on July 02, 2024, 12:04:53 AM »
Coffee Diary - July 2024
Mon, 1 July 2024

Hey Exanimates,

The last round of changes we discussed in the last coffee diary went live on the test branch shortly after. The new weapon motions and other adjustments were very well received, and we will of course continue to tweak things based on feedback. The new arena with new vegetation features was also included and seems to be working and performing well for everyone. Before we move things to the main branch and do a save wipe we are making some content changes that are required to support upcoming features, so that we won't need to save wipe again when they are introduced.

This major overhaul of our engine, physics and many big core features is finally complete. Some of this such as terrain, vegetation and cloth was in our original immediate plans, but realistically most of it wasn't. These are all hugely important changes though, planned or not, and now that they're done we're finally turning our attention back to the role system.

We briefly introduced the role system topic a few coffee diaries ago, but basically the role system is what drives all "high level" NPC behaviour. We already have a very good and functional system in place for modelling behaviour based on emotions and basic relationships, but with just these things, AI basically behaves like animals. We do already have a version of the role system in place, which is used in a very basic way to give characters dialogue and some basic understanding of others, but as it is this is very static with few placeholder roles, and does almost the opposite of what the role system was designed to do.

What we call a "role" system is very broad in scope. Roles provide different behaviours, decision making that exerts control over raw emotions, they model relationships, carry memories of past events and interactions and generally context for AI to understand and interface with things. They can be very broad like "human", very specific like "Derrin the farmhand" with personal details, or just fleeting contextual things like "pulling lever at friend's request". Relational roles identify others based on experiences with them, context or assumptions, and carry histories between individuals. A character can have many roles active at the same time, and remember them even when they are no longer active.

It's hard to talk about without being vague, but the takeaway is that roles can do a lot of things. It all depends on what roles we design, as part of general AI behaviour, specific events, player interaction and all sorts. Most roles can be circumstantially adopted by any character, and as we expand our library of roles all NPCs will gain more behaviours and awareness. Building this library of roles is one of the key challenges, but it's something we can do incrementally once we've defined a good foundation.

In the past month we've made some important strides in defining what our key role types are, how they interact with each other and the mechanics to support more functional and dynamic roles, control emotions and more. We figured out a lot of important stuff, and are already moving into implementation and optimisation details as far as the most important mechanics go. As we get into a lot of the more practical roles, we do also need to pair them with new AI actions or events that drive behaviour, but we do have a good foundation here for how this works. It's a matter of adding to the range of things that AI can do and understand. Beyond that, the role system itself can be considered complete and becomes mainly content driven. That means we can continue to add new roles and nuanced behaviour without changing how things work.

Our first intermediate goal is a smarter and more aware Derrin. We will use him to aggressively test new role system feature and interactions. The somewhat lofty goal would be to make him feel like a real human companion that is more independent, reacts to things and makes decisions on his own. His relationship with the player should be more nuanced and dynamic, with more things affecting it, but also a better understanding of context and when cooperation is useful even if he doesn't really like it. Basically, we want him to feel smart and alive, not an NPC following scripted behaviours and commands without question. That and emergent outcomes is the purpose of the role system.

The next major update will also feature new NPCs, able to have complex interactions not just with the player, but also with other NPCs. The roles for the most part, as stated previously, are not static things designed to fit one character, but things that can be attached to any character, if circumstances are right. All NPCs have a broad range of behaviours and relationships, and events are mutable and can carry things in new directions.

It's a lot, and we've seen that people tend to either consider too abstract and are somewhat indifferent, or let their imagination run and get very hyped. Whatever your expectations might be, and what we actually accomplish, it will absolutely make for a more immersive and dynamic experience with many new interactions and outcomes. That is the kind of game we're making, and the role system in our eyes is perhaps the most important part of it.


Bare Mettle

Games Discussion / Re: Ostriv
« Last post by Asid on July 01, 2024, 12:01:57 AM »
Alpha 5 patch 8
Sun, 30 June 2024


    Can now relocate the town hall to another building and demolish it

    "Take from other granaries/warehouses" can now be set for each resource separately

Added additional help tips on the start of the game

Can now hire managers at stables and cowsheds to replace dead draft animals

Another brick fence model

    Some widows/widowers will now remarry. Orphans who has grown up should now also marry properly

    Iron ore can now only be stored in a stone storage

    Added a personal log entry for parent's death

    Added a slight variation to rowhouse colors

    Optimized pathfinding

    Added some additional info in some help pages

    Slightly changed rowhouse floor height to better fit to human proportions

    Can now import limestone

    Reduced the game startup time

    Optimized grass trampling

    Optimized plough rendering

    Optimized citizen decision updates

    Optimized model scaling

    Optimized chicks rendering

    Optimized info overlays rendering performance

    Slightly optimized memory usage on trees


    Tents had a relocate button which they didn't need

    Settings utility didn't start recently

    Some resources were not selectable in "Find resource"

    Citizens could get stuck in endless labor cycle while trying to move out

    Replaced plough ox inherited its skin from a dead one

    Fishing boat animation didn't work in the latest update

    Wooden logs had storage space

    "Allow chopping trees" didn't reset on replanting the area

    Other minor fixes

A lot of people asked of the ways to support us outside of buying the game, so we made this little symbolic DLC which not only helps ensure the future of Ostriv, but also adds a nice decorative building:

Ostriv - Patron of the Arts

If you already have it, you can buy it for your friends.

Flight Simulation / Re: Announcing the TFDi Design MD-11
« Last post by Asid on July 01, 2024, 12:01:52 AM »
The MD-11 will be released to the public on July 2nd 2024. Preloads are available now!
Jun 29, 2024

Community member and presale customer 'JamniorMarinero' created the backing music for this and it has been used with their permission.

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