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Games Discussion / Re: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
« Last post by Asid on June 20, 2024, 12:36:57 AM »
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic 1.0 Timezone Release Map
Wed, 19 June 2024

Workers of the world unite!


We are proud to announce that Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic will leave Early Access and release version 1.0 tomorrow! Prepare your factories, rally your workers, and stand ready to build the most glorious republic the world has ever seen.

Check the release map below to determine when 1.0 be released in your region.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - Biomes
The Biomes DLC will be release tomorrow too.

Build a Soviet superpower across three new biomes: the scorching desert, the unforgiving tundra, and the lush tropics, each with its own challenges and opportunities. The spirit of socialism knows no bounds!

    Establish a glorious nation from the ground up on unpopulated maps, or explore populated maps that feature existing small towns with architecture fitting their respective biomes, begging to be united by a visionary leader.
    Contend with limited access to trees in the desert and the resulting demand for localized logging around the minimally available wet soil. Prepare for the logistical challenges of long-distance hauling, whether from distant oases or foreign trade.
    Brace for longer, harsher winters in the tundras by investing more heavily in the appropriate sectors – a shorter farming season strains your agricultural sector as heating services struggle in the frigid climate.
    Brave the monsoons of the tropics, where road conditions will suffer under the immense pressure of precipitation. Traffic and transportation will be slow-going, and as a result, you must plan around the reduced flow of industry and commerce alike.

Challenge yourself with unique biomes that allow you to explore new opportunities and experience new struggles as you build a powerful republic in some of the harshest environments on Earth.

Steel Beasts Pro / Re: S B Videos Thread
« Last post by Rinix on June 19, 2024, 12:04:27 AM »
Games Discussion / Re: Barotrauma
« Last post by Asid on June 19, 2024, 12:01:42 AM »
Out now: Summer Update
Tue, 18 June 2024

Hello everyone!

The Summer Update has just been released. It includes the new Permadeath and Ironman game modes, monster-attracting voice and text chat, bot AI fixes and improvements, multiple quality-of-life additions and a long list of fixes.

Read more about the update in our previous post and see the full list of changes below.

Make sure to update your game to the latest version to be able to join and host servers. Have a great summer everyone, we’ll see you again after our vacations!


Changes and additions:
- Added a new, optional, permadeath mode in the multiplayer campaign. When your character dies, they stay dead, along with all their XP and talents. You will have to acquire a new character to respawn and continue playing. This can happen in two ways: you can wait to hire a new character for yourself from the next non-hostile outpost, or take control of a bot to resume playing right away.
- Added a new, optional, iron man mode in the multiplayer campaign for those looking for an insane extra challenge. Players who have died in Ironman mode can only spectate, and hope that the rest of the crew will make it.
- Added a new wreck mission: clear Thalamus.
- Added more beacon stations with bandits.
- Added giving items to others by dragging and dropping. It's always enabled when targeting pets and bots (on the same team), but can also be enabled in the server settings for targeting players.
- Added a slider at the bottom of the tab menu that allows you to set the salary of all crew members whose salary has not been manually set, and also determines new characters salary for late joiners.
- Added support for new outputs in item containers:
- "contained_conditions" (sum of the conditions of contained items)
- "contained_conditions_percentage" (sum of the condition percentages of contained items)
- "contained_items" (total number of contained items)
- Turret auto operate settings now transfer to the other turrets that are swapped in place of the original.
- Turret auto operate functionality can now be enabled or disabled with signals.
- Reduced the minimum length of the outpost hallways. Should get rid of the horizontal hallways and reduce the length of some vertical hallways.
- Monsters can now hear when the players are using the text chat and in-game voice chat.
- Changes to carrying turret ammunition:
- Can now be carried with one hand, instead of requiring two.
- Each shell/box now slows the character by 20%.
- Adjusted the hold positions.
- Made small and medium mudraptor eggs glow the same way as the large version. The small version can now spawn in mudraptor nest missions, and they're extremely difficult to find without the glow.
- Improved the hireable husks and clowns. Added titles, made the gear more appropriate, and added high-level versions of the NPCs.
- Optimization: Fixed medical clinic UI refreshing and the server sending updates to clients whenever the number of afflictions on a character changes (which can in extreme cases be several times per frame).
- Pumps and engines now deteriorate faster when being operated at full power for a while.
- Changes to the highlighting to make it easier to interact with items near pets.
- Made combat diving suits and slipsuits reduce visibility less than the other suits.
- Added support for hosting servers in a local network without a connection to Steam or EOS. You need to set requireauthentication="false" in the server config to allow clients to join without Steam/EOS authentication.
- Updated Crawler and Crawler Husk textures to a higher resolution.
- Changed the logic of assigning jobs for the bots in the multiplayer game mode. Previously the jobs were assigned based on the number of spawnpoints for that job in the sub, now the game instead tries to distribute jobs evenly to the bots.
- Changed the logic of generating hireable characters in the outposts:
- All outposts now offer at least one hireable for a given job, if that job is missing from the crew.
- Added medics, security and captains as hireables in mines.

- HMG has less severance chance and always applies a slow to characters, rather than just when carried in hands.
- Assault Rifle magazine size is now 30, up from 20.
- Flamer and Prototype Steam Cannons are better as weapons when used with Incendium Fuel Tank.
- Lead and Uranium can now be launched with the Scrap Cannon too, increased the Scrap Cannon damage with some materials.
- Auto-Shotgun is now less accurate than the Riot Shotgun.
- Grenade Launcher can now hold 6 grenades, and fires faster.
- Bandolier is now held in the bag slot, replacing the Toolbelt/Backpack but only accepting munition-type items (includes grenades).
- Reduced bonuses given by money-related talents of the Captain's "Politician" tree. Stacking all bonuses was too effective.
- Adjusted Captain's "Politician" talent tree.
- Fixed the talent "Your reputation..." not giving double money for cities.
- Minor speed buffs to Combat Diving Suit, PUCS, Slipsuit (only when swimming).
- Added a bit more level generation variation to later biomes.
- Changed the Great Sea a tiny bit in appearance (tweaking the chunks available).
- Fixed some XML oversights, some plants had 0 commonness in all biomes and thus never appeared (for seemingly no reason).

- Outpost NPCs now blame the character who equipped a diving mask with welding fuel inside it for the deaths caused by it.
- Security bots don't inspect characters for stolen items in the first 30 seconds of a round. Prevents "unfair" inspections you have no chance to react to if you happen to spawn right next to a security NPC with stolen items on you.
- Outpost guards will now hold fire for a while, give two warnings, and after that attack the target, unless it complies (e.g. by ragdolling). They still prefer stun weapons while trying to arrest, but can also use lethal weapons, unless the target is on the same team.
- Targets that have escaped, resisted being arrested, or acted aggressively, will now be considered as criminals. Criminals will be immediately arrested with no warnings, if they do something illegal. The criminal status persists only for one round.
- The outpost guards should now also always confiscate all weapons and stolen items when they arrest a target. Previously this happened inconsistently.
- Fixed outpost security guards only attacking thieves when they can stun the target.
- Fixed outpost guards not letting go of the target they’re inspecting for stolen items when their objective changes (e.g. when someone is attacked).
- Fixed inconsistent guard reactions on interacting with handcuffs. They are now always considered illegal items, unless equipped (handcuffed).
- Fixed/changed: guards can now follow the player to the player sub. They will now wait for a while, after which they'll return back to the outpost, if able to.
- Fixed bots sometimes yelling incorrectly that they can't find a path when following/holding a position.
- Human enemies and outpost guards can now react to noises (ai targets that have the tag "ProvocativeToHumanAI").
- Fixed automatically created hulls in the docking ports not being marked as wet rooms, allowing the bots to drop the suits there.
- Bots no longer automatically take diving suits off in shuttles.
- Bots no longer take off diving suits while climbing. They should now drop the suits in the next platform instead.
- Bots no longer cancel (looping) orders outside of the submarine. Some orders are still cancelled.
- Added a separate job for outpost managers. Fixes outpost managers trying to operate the navigation panels in the outposts.
- Fixed bots getting stuck in some outpost stairs.
- Fixed bots sometimes stopping in the stairs while idling around.
- Bots don't take items from magnetic suspension crates or the crates recovered from a wreck in the "lost cargo" missions.
- Fixed bots "cleaning up" items from magnetic suspension crates and crates salvaged from a wreck.

Submarine layers (previously "groups"):
- Added CheckDifficultyAction. Can be used to check the difficulty of the current level.
- Option to require a specific layer to be present for an event or event set to be triggered.
- Stop updating items that are in a hidden layer (previously e.g. reactors and other devices would work fine despite being hidden)
- Hide wires that are connected to a hidden item. These are still visible in the connection panel though (just locked).
- Added DamageBeaconStationAction. Can be used to disconnect wires and break devices and walls in beacon stations.
- Fixed the "layers visible by default" sometimes showing the layers incorrectly.
- Fixed entities getting hidden when loading a sub with some hidden-by-default layers in the sub editor.
- Disabling a layer with spawnpoints in it now also disables the spawnpoints.

Circuit box UX:
- Fixed selecting wires causing you to also select components if they overlapped.
- Added character count indicator to circuit box labels and turn the text red if it goes over.
- Show a prefab icon on the cursor of the wire that is being dragged when you start dragging a wire.
- Input and output connections can be renamed by right clicking.
- Labels can be renamed by double-clicking.

- Fixed editing water or fires using the console commands not working while on the freecam mode.
- Water edit mode: you can now double click with the primary mouse button to set a room flooding with water instantly. Double click with the secondary mouse button to completely drain the room.
- Fire edit mode: you can now use the secondary mouse button to gradually extinguish the flames in a room. Double click with the secondary mouse button to put off the flames instantly.
- Copy-pasting multiple commands into the console executes all of them in order.
- Added a parameter for specifying a location in the "teleportcharacter" console command.
- The auto-completions in the console can now be browsed backward by holding left shift.
- Added some subcategories shown in the value inspector views. Not yet used extensively.
- Fixed turret rotation limits seemingly inverting when the angle wraps around at 360 or -360 degrees.

- Fixed "holdpos" attribute no longer working on throwable item components.
- Added "PropulsionSpeed" StatValue and use it instead of "PropulsionSpeedMultiplier" in status effects. The latter doesn't stack, meaning if you wear multiple items that affect the propulsion speed, the last one would take priority.
- Added a new attribute "ShouldBeOpen" to doors. Can be used by status effects to tell the door to open/close.
- The game now prefers English texts when a localized text isn't found. This means that if your mod is only translated to English, e.g. mission and item names use the English text if someone is playing the game in another language, as opposed to displaying the text configured in the xml directly (e.g. missionname.mycustommission).
- Fixed "TransferAfflictions" setting of StatusEffect (which can be used to transfer afflictions from the character executing the effect to a new one spawned by the effect) not working correctly if the characters have a different amount of vitality.
- Instead of having to define the pirate sub files in the mission, you can also just leave it out and let the mission choose a random enemy sub. The reward, preferred difficulty, and tags that restrict which mission a sub can be used in, can be configured in the sub editor.
- Changed how outpost modules are configured for abandoned outposts: Special outpost module types are now used: "AbandonedAirlock", "AbandonedAdminModule", etc. Previously these special modules used the same module types as normal outposts, but were restricted to only spawn in outposts of the appropriate type. That meant a mod could not add a new module that's used in all types of “normal” outposts by setting the location type to "Any", because it would also be used in abandoned outposts.
- Made vision obstruction effect adjustable: instead of being just on/off, there's a ObstructVisionAmount value that can be set to a value between 0 and 1. A value of 0.5 roughly corresponds to the old obstruction effect, and setting the obstruction using the old ObstructVision boolean sets it to that value.
- Better support for including non-human characters in the crew: CharacterInfo (which defines a characters job, skills and such, and is required for characters in the crew) can be enabled on any type of character by adding HasCharacterInfo="true" to the character config.
- Fixed crashing when you try to spawn a character defined to use human AI but doesn't have CharacterInfo or a job.
- Added an option to supply "addtocrew" argument to the "spawncharacter" console command. Makes it easier to test the above changes, and allows spawning "nonhuman crewmates" using console commands.
- Added a new parameter for upscaling character textures: SourceRectScale. It's intentionally not exposed in the character editor, but can be used together with the existing TextureScale to adjust the scaling of the textures. E.g. TextureScale 0.5 and SourceRectScale 2.0 doubles the resolution without having to adjust the other values of the ragdoll.
- Fixed DamagedByRepairTools not working if the item doesn't also take damage from projectiles or melee weapons.
- Fixed artifact events causing a crash if the item the event is supposed to spawn can't be found.

- Fixed the game sometimes crashing on welding a leak.
- Fixed store stocks of most items increasing constantly, all the way up to 100.
- Fixed ID cards not getting assigned the appropriate tags when you choose to get them delivered immediately.
- Fixed antibiotics not applying "drunkweakness" as intended.
- Fixed characters holding throwables, like grenades, weirdly in an unintentional pose.
- Fixed "exhibitionism" event failing if clothes or a diving suit are held in the hand slots.
- Fixed outposts giving an endless supply of missions if you keep taking up the missions, and then saving the game and reloading it again.
- Fixed flipping of the item not being taken into account when launching a projectile (making left-facing projectiles launch backwards).
- Fixed inability to hire/fire/rename/heal "twin bots" (bots with the same name, appearance and job).
- Fixed characters moving faster on underwater scooters while wearing a backpack and an exosuit than when wearing other equipment or none at all. Also affected the movement speed of the characters while wearing/holding other items.
- Fixed some CJK characters, for example ㅎ and A not drawing in the game properly.
- Fixed item container sorting behaving inconsistently when there's instances/stacks of the same item in multiple slots (randomly shuffling the items around).
- Fixed label tags sent via Wi-Fi components not using the localized text in the chat interface.
- Fixed "minleveldifficulty" and "maxleveldifficulty" attributes being ignored in the single mission mode.
- Fixed vertical gaps not emitting particles if the top of the gap is not above the top of the hull the water is flowing to.
- Fixed some draw order issues on alien hatches and doors.
- Fixed decorative items on held items glowing for no reason.
- Fixed a potential softlock if you accidentally start a round in a level that's too deep for the sub. The crush depth warnings on the campaign map now take the start/end position of the level into account, and the sub doesn't take depth damage in the first minute of the round, giving you a chance to return if you end up in a level that's too deep.
- Fixed BeaconStation and Wreck info (e.g. place on the ceiling and the difficulty settings) resetting when you enter the sub editor's test mode.
- Fixed skin tint (both the normal skin color and tints applied by afflictions) affecting the color of the damage overlay (i.e. darker-skinned characters seemed to have darker blood).
- Fixed melee weapons losing collision with platforms and level walls after being swung.
- Moved the alien terminals a bit farther from the guardian pods, so that the player operating the terminal won't get damaged by the exploding pod.
- Fixed inability to open some item interfaces in the sub editor (more specifically, items without an item container).
- Fixed attempting to flip items that cannot be flipped on the X axis, for example crate shelves, not doing anything and looking broken when the submarine is flipped on the X axis (for example in PvP).
- Fixed sprite bleeding on some structures and items.
- Fixed clients sometimes displaying missions as having failed even though they succeeded server-side.
- Fixed fabricating getting interrupted if you start fabricating an item whose recipe is unlocked by a talent on some bot, and then switch to that bot.
- Fixed items that are marked for "relocation" (automatically moved to the main sub) after a bot drops them in the outpost disappearing if you save and quit. Now we also handle the relocation when saving and quitting mid-round, not just when starting a new round.
- AutoInteractWithContained fixes:
- Ignore AutoInteractWithContained in editors (e.g. don't force picking up an item from an artifact container when trying to rewire it in the editor).
- Enabled AutoInteractWithContained on fire extinguisher brackets and weapon holders (interacting with one automatically picks up the item).
- Fixed all walls taking double damage.
- Fixed portable pump UI flickering on and off when picked up in MP.
- Adjusted Camel airlock layout: removed the inner horizontal wall and moved the wires and components.
- Fixed the oxygen generator not being wired on KopraKoht beacon station.
- Fixed respawn shuttle spawning when a respawn triggers, even if all the characters spawned directly in the main sub (e.g. because they had an existing character who was previously on the sub).
- Fixed docking ports and hatches being very difficult to interact with when they overlap with a door or a hatch.
- Fixed flak cannon shrapnel not damaging the character who fired the cannon.
- Fixed campaign map sometimes auto-opening at the beginning of the round (more specifically, when traversing backwards to certain kinds of levels).
- Fixed crashing when the game doesn't have access to certain folders or files (e.g. if the folder the saves are stored in is set to be read-only). Should now throw a console error instead.
- Fixed selected container staying open if you lose access to it by e.g. putting the ID card that's required for access into another item in your inventory.
- Fixed characters teleporting outside when they pass from hull to another, and there's a tiny sliver of "outside space" between the hulls.
- Fixed hanging end disappearing from a wire when you connect the other end.
- Fixed marking a stack for deconstruction only marking the first item for deconstruction server-side, even though the deconstruct icon is displayed on all client-side.
- Fixed an issue that caused duplicate characters in the HR manager menu. Happened when you moved a hire to the pending list, closed the menu and then reopened it.
- Fixed "Junction Junkie"" talent giving an incorrect number of XP.
- Fixed "Machine Maniac" and "Quickfixer" talents not affecting fabricator and duct block repairs.
- Fixed "Better Than New" talent not affecting reactor repairs.

Games Discussion / Re: Starship Troopers - Terran Command
« Last post by Asid on June 19, 2024, 12:01:39 AM »
Urban Onslaught DLC Out Now
Tue, 18 June 2024

Gear up Troopers!

Urban Onslaught, the latest DLC for Starship Troopers: Terran Command, is out now.

A ferocious Arachnid onslaught is sweeping through the great city of Mahanagar. The Mobile Infantry is teaming up with local police forces to save the city from total destruction.


Discounts are available on all Starship Troopers: Terran Command content. Don’t miss out on the exciting occasion to get up to 40% off on all the series.

Join the fight, Troopers! The Federation counts on you!

Tue, 18 June 2024
Anglo-German War 1939- 1945 / Re: What is this graphic?
« Last post by schwerpt on June 18, 2024, 01:20:56 AM »
It's an Urban hex.  Look under terrain Legend.
World War II Europe 1939-1945 / Re: WWII-Europe Campaign Scenario #102 Update
« Last post by schwerpt on June 18, 2024, 01:16:13 AM »
Thanks.  It does play well, with lots of scenarios to try.  And as you say, it is easy for anyone to modify.  I supplied the text files used to build each scenario because many game players are also game developers at heart.  I have two more scenarios in the works.  #81 is complete, and I am 2/3 finished with #88.  Enjoy!
Games Discussion / Re: Starship Troopers - Terran Command
« Last post by Asid on June 18, 2024, 12:14:24 AM »
Franchise & Release Event June 18th
Mon, 17 June 2024

Gear up, Troopers! The wait is over.

Urban Onslaught, the latest DLC for Starship Troopers: Terran Command, will be out today.

Join us on tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. CEST for a special franchise and release event.
Games Discussion / Re: Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm
« Last post by Asid on June 17, 2024, 11:23:36 PM »
Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm - Update Out Now
Mon, 17 June 2024

Hello Colonels and Polkovniks.

Update for Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm is out now. This update includes a new free scenario called “GM Giraud”, featuring French versus Soviet forces on the Epinal map and created by the very talented Joao Lima.

This update also includes the addition of a new PBEM++ Tournament Play system, allowing Flashpoint Campaigns to work with the Matrix tournament system.

Also included are some major changes to the unit log. As the game unfolds, a series of messages are recorded to the unit logs with a time stamp, a “tag” or type of log entry, and then the text of the entry. This log has been massively improved with the following features.

• All messages are now Tagged (instead of just some of them as before)
• Tags are now filterable
• Unit names are highlighted to make them easier to find and hotlink to the Dashboard
• Locations are given a subtle highlight (just bold, no color) and are hot-linked to flash on the map
• The log is searchable – see the top right corner where any text that is typed in will be matched to log messages
• Highlight colors may be specified by tag type so that specific tags can be emphasized or de-emphasized

These changes to the unit log should make managing large formations and figuring out exactly whats going on to your units far more easy. With the ability to pick your own highlight colors you can pay special attention to your favorite formations.

There are numerous other tweaks and fixes included with this update. These and the previous changes listed are fully covered in the changelog PDF, available for download 

That's all for now, happy hunting out there everyone!

Scourge Of War / Re: Scourge Of War - Remastered
« Last post by Asid on June 16, 2024, 03:33:01 PM »
Dev Diary May 18, 2024
Sat, May 18, 2024

Sorry for the completely unrelated image, but I was feeling nostalgic. This is the very first time I ever put my game code out for the world. The people on that team have done some pretty cool things.

So I was trying to debug why our uploaded version was crashing. The logs said that it was missing sprites, so I put in the sprites, but it still kept crashing. I have a staging folder and I was trying to launch from there and it crashed every time, as if I was doing nothing. Thing is that it was Steam enabled, so as soon as I launched the game from the staging folder, Steam shut it down and launched the version in the Steam folder. Talk about frustration! But I finally figured out why I was a dope today.

In real life I got fired. That was a shocker. It was over the fact that I said from day 1 I would not commute more than 15 minutes. They changed the HR policy and decided they did not care about the terms of my employment. It happens to the best of us, but it really is a shock because it just destroys everything you thought you could depend upon. You fight for your family and do what it takes to get the income coming in again. So if you see any odd pictures of me...

But SOW is the subject here. Between all the craziness that real life throws at you, we've been working to try and get something out that is a little different, runs a little better, and looks much nicer. It's a work in progress, so it's early access. We are just trying to get everything together and we'll have it up for sale. We've had some changes on the team, but my right hand is back in charge. Jim has taken the reigns again so you can be sure that everything will get done. We'll get all the team listed for the credits as we've got some new faces and the old guard together. We're not fast, but we do finish and if we're lucky we'll give you something you like and improve it enough or make enough promises for you to be happy. We still have major work to get done, it's not close to where we want it to be, but we are a small team and would love the input of our supporters.

We are still thinking that June will be our release, so stay tuned sportsfans.
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