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VRS F/A-18E SUPERBUG & TACPACK P3D v5.4 and v6 support inbound...

High Fidelity Strike Fighter Add-on for FSX/P3D


News on the next update to make VRS F/A-18E SUPERBUG & VRS TACPACK COMBAT SYSTEM  compatible with P3D v5.4 and v6

by VRS Varmint
Mon Sep 11, 2023

Just a quick update for all your patience.

TacPack/Superbug support for v5.5 as well as P3D v6 HF3 is inbound. Chris has finished his work, and I need to finish some revisions to the TPM before I can build installers and test them. I estimate by the end of next week at the latest. I usually say "two weeks" when I don't really know, so this is definitely an improvement!

Superbug: There will be no charge for Superbug upgrades, and the Superbug (same installer) will support v4, v5, v6 (all 64-bit versions of P3D) but you will still need to be able to access the new installer from your customer portal. This means you're going to need to have active maintenance on your Superbug license.

TacPack for P3D v5.x --> v5.4: v5.4 upgrades from any previous v5 license will be included for all users with active maintenance (just like the Superbug). You will simply log into your customer portal and download the latest build. If you purchased TacPack within the last year, that means you. If your maintenance is expired, you're going to need to update it via the customer portal prior to accessing the downloads. Please see the link below for a complete description of how to do that.

TacPack v5 --> v6 Upgrades: v6 upgrades from P3D v4+ will incur an upgrade fee of $29.90US. This is exactly the same process we used between v4 and v5. Since this is an upgrade, the license (v4 or v5) being upgraded will become invalid and replaced by the new license. If you want to continue to run the old license, you'll need to purchase a new (full) license for v6. If maintenance is current on your existing license, you can log into the customer portal and add the upgrade to cart from the licenses page. Here's how.

Why we charge for upgrades: The upgrade charges from one version of P3D to another, much like Lockheed's, are necessary in order to keep us going. It's really as simple as that. Nobody likes them, including us, but they're necessary to fund development when there's significant work involved, and as many of you know, every time LM releases a new version of P3D, we need to update our hooks/assembly. This is always non-trivial to maintain. We hope you understand and very much appreciate your patience and understanding.

One final note; P3D v6 has an "Automatic Update" function. If you are using, or plan to use P3D v6 in the future, then we urge you to TURN THIS FEATURE OFF. The moment P3D updates itself, the TacPack will break. Again, the TacPack only ever supports the EXACT version numbers we list on the product page. Even a minor build outside that will break it.

We will post this same information in the Announcements section as soon as installers are finished testing. Thanks again for your patience,

Jon & Chris.

(1) Important compatibility note: If you're considering moving TacPack and/or Superbug to P3D v5, it's important to remember that upgrading P3D beyond the supported version ranges will BREAK the Superbug and TacPack immediately. We MUST patch our products after every new P3D/FSX release. Current P3D v5 support covers v5.0 through v5.3. If Lockheed comes out with, for example, a v5.4 and you update before a compatible TacPack is ready, it will break.
(2) Active Maintenance is required for the product(s) you wish to upgrade. If your maintenance period has expired for one or more products, it may be renewed from your Customer Portal prior to purchasing the upgrade(s).
(3) P3D Pro is not supported for domestic use. Commercial or institutional entities interested in obtaining commercial-use licenses for P3D Pro, are encouraged to contact commercial sales for a quote.

D.O.W. Steel Beasts Wednesday Mission 20/9/23

Games Discussion / Re: Holdfast: Nations At War
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:11:36 AM »
Celebrating 6 Years Of Holdfast!
Thu, 21 September 2023

September 21st 2023 marks 6 years since Holdfast's initial release into Early Access.

Celebrating 6 years of Holdfast! September 21st 2023 marks 6 years since Holdfast initially released into Early Access way back in 2017. Since then Holdfast has seen multiple evolutions of the game including, new classes, factions, customisation, a free WW1 total-conversion DLC, the regiment registry and most recently the Howitzer artillery piece just to name a few.

The best thing about it all is that we’re not done yet… Anvil Game Studios are committed to further bettering the experience of this game we all love so dearly. Our development efforts for the remainder of the year and the year to come will continue to be focused on bringing the game into the new era and revolutionise this genre of Roleplay Shooters with new features and mechanics for players new and old. Development on more optimisations making the game increasingly more accessible is also currently ongoing.

Celebrating this remarkable feat, Holdfast and all its DLC’s can now be purchased at a discounted price for a limited time. Gather Holdfast on sale at 60% off
and all of its cosmetic DLCs up to 55% off.

These past 6 years have truly been a blast! The community has grown and evolved in ways that we could never truly have imagined. Your ongoing support and dedication are very much appreciated and we look forward to expanding the great Holdfast community even more.

We wholeheartedly thank you and until next time, may good health be yours.

- Anvil Game Studios

Refleax, Rycon, Dreas, Walki, Jackson, Rejenorst, Harper, Storey, UberJuice, Stan, Gest, Matt, Grandayy & Winston (The Cat).

Squad / SQUAD V6.0 Incoming September 27th
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:11:30 AM »
SQUAD V6.0 Incoming September 27th
Thu, 21 September 2023

Our newest update Squad 6.0 touches down September 27th

Squad 6.0 will be released on the 27th of September, 2023!

The update brings the Infantry Combat Overhaul into Squad with multiple changes to Squads combat systems, including alterations to suppression, optics, weapon handling, and more. In addition, 6.0 will also include bug fixes and layer adjustments.

We will publish the full Release Notes for you to check out the day before the launch.

At ease,
Games Discussion / Re: Project Zomboid
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:11:22 AM »
Sky High
Thu, 21 September 2023

So… hmm, where were we?

Okay so, recent weeks have seen two mega-merges into our trunk internal testing build.

The first was latest from our MP team, to top up the central development branch with their latest from their ongoing server work to flag up any unexpected issues and to get a few gameplay systems back online in MP.

The second was the guts of the long-awaited crafting revamp from Turbo, which means that the functionality for all our primary crafting stations is now in – and it’s a matter of banging heads together and integrating everything we’ve had stacked up for it.

To this end we’re pleased to announce that we’ve hired yet another stalwart individual from the modding community to aid us in this quest.

We were thinking about the different modders who could give our crafting team a little extra grunt, we have so many amazing ones after all, but the offerings of Soul Filcher stood out as being produce of exactly the sort of brain we needed.

We’re really happy to have Soul officially on the team, and while his initial introductory task has been some tidy-up work and minor improvements on our many and varied different traits he should be diving into the new crafting stations with the others in the weeks ahead.

The engine upgrade is now in a phase of finding all the edge case issues where something doesn’t render correctly due to the new caching rendering method.

Alongside this, very excitingly, the map team are working on larger buildings and basements to be slotted into the game map.

EP tested out the first building to use the increased floor limits, a literal 32 floor skyscraper which looks super impressive to see in-game. This, as yet unnamed, skyscraper also allowed us to get a fun new animation into the mix as well…

PLEASE NOTE: Impact with pavement is WIP. There’ll be far more crunchy SFX, far less blending issues with the character standing back up, and also more blood obviously. Screaming too.

Read on:

Thanks for the AAR Rinix  :thumbsup
Here's my screenshots:

The plan

The enemy attacks

We come under artillery fire

We begin shooting


The battle continues

The enemy retreats, and we are victorious

Squad / Squad Revisiting the Infantry Combat Overhaul
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 01:03:53 AM »
Revisiting the Infantry Combat Overhaul
Wed, 20 September 2023

Iteration and the Infantry Combat Overhaul

“Asset request received. Dev blog incoming!”

With it now being three months since we announced our commitment to reworking the infantry combat systems with Squad “Infantry Combat Overhaul” (ICO), it has been an active effort to bring our title closer in line with its roots and inspiration. With a shift towards more coordinated teamwork, longer and more tactical firefights, and a desire to provide a more diverse player experience.


Throughout the development of the Infantry Combat Overhaul, we have had an immense interest from the community to share what Offworlds processes are when implementing a feature change this large looks like, and we agree that it's a great idea! As the overall playtesting experience has greatly influenced our development regarding the future of combat in Squad since our initial announcement.

So, with this dev blog, we wanted to provide more insight to the community on the development of the overhaul and our experience of working closely with the Squad community through public playtesting. As well as share the ideas that have emerged from our passionate community's feedback, highlighting what has been successful and what has not, and providing a bigger picture on how Offworld perceives the current state and the future of infantry combat.


With this “Infantry Combat Overhaul,” we are reworking how the Infantry role plays within Squad. We want to create the most fun and immersive infantry combat and gunplay systems you can get in a gaming experience. With this, we have revisited and adjusted several core features in Squad. While also introducing some exciting additions that will work together to provide the gameplay we wish for you to experience. We’d like to take the time to revisit some of the core changes.


We have implemented Picture-in-Picture optics to replace our current optics system. We sourced physical optics to help dial in this feature as part of the development process. Our observations of the optics in person allowed us to accurately represent the optics magnification, field of view, eyebox, and lens quality in-game. The Picture-in-Picture optics system is done by rendering the scene from a separate camera and projecting the rendered scene onto the optic. We hope the change enhances the feel of the firearm and introduces new gameplay variables by offering trade-offs you must weigh when you choose your weapon and respective optic.

read on:

Games Discussion / Re: On The Western Front
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 12:57:07 AM »
Update - Sept. 20
Wed, 20 September 2023

Hi all,

This update consists mostly of responding to user feedback and adding quality of life changes. The biggest one is changing the Find Wounded/Stretcher Bearing/Treat Wounded process to match that of supplying an area. Rather than Medical units running to units with wounded men, then bringing them back to treat them, Medical units now simply treat wounded over an area of your choosing. This streamlines the process and reduces it into a matter of keeping track of area coverage rather than having to individually keep tabs on each Medical unit. It was somewhat more realistic, but ultimately not very intuitive.

I've also changed the way Supply units perform Add Supplies tasks. Previously, they would revert to resting once they filled up a supply depot. However, this led to confusion and inefficient supply management. Now they continuously top up the supplies until ordered elsewhere. Again, making supply a matter of keeping track of coverage rather than individual units. Hopefully these changes make logistics easier to manage.


    Creating a new pilot via the debug screen now works properly.
    Enemy AI division can no longer unlock achievements.
    Tweaked line of sight against units in houses or forests, now affected by the terrain level rather than being a flat visibility modifier.
    Fixed casemate unit effect and tooltip.
    Units adding supplies to field kitchens no longer automatically stop when the kitchen is full, instead continuously topping them up.
    Units no longer automatically revert to supplying area after completing an Add Supplies order on a dugout.
    Find Wounded orders now function similarly to Supplying Area orders. You now drag over an area and Medical units passively treat wounded units in it.
    The Medical status button in the top right of the screen now also shows areas covered by Find Wounded orders.
    Updated Support Units tutorial with new medical unit process.
    Fixed alternate font on tank step in Support Units tutorial.
    Added tooltips for 'Select Visible', 'Select All', and 'De-select All' in the unit details popup.
    Destroyed units can no longer be selected via the checkbox next to their name.
    Rest and supply area orders now still work properly if the player has been driven back beyond his or her last trench line. Previously, "running out" of trench lines would cause basically every tile in front of the very bottom of the screen to count as being too far forward.

New Localization keys:


Updated Localization keys:


Thanks for playing!

Mission Discussion/AAR's / Re: D.O.W. Steel Beasts Wednesday Mission 20/9/23 @ GMT18:00
« Last post by Rinix on September 20, 2023, 05:30:20 PM »
Two tanks and Marder platoon for me.
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