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Games Discussion / Re: Tigers Unleashed
« Last post by Asid on Today at 03:41:39 AM »
Tigers Unleashed Beta v1.2.01 (Beta B4S) 17/10/17

Released by Dogs Of War Vu: here
Games Discussion / Tigers Unleashed Beta v1.2.01 (Beta B4S) 17/10/17
« Last post by Asid on Today at 03:40:59 AM »

Tigers Unleashed Beta v1.2.01 (Beta B4S) 17/10/17   

Pleas Note: These patches are made publicly available by Dogs Of War Vu. They are not publicly available anywhere else. We do it to help the community.

This is a D.O.W. exclusive. There is another new Beta for Tigers unleashed.

This is a beta patch. All the usual caveats apply. You might get errors, lock-ups or crashes. Please report if you do. Do not download and install this patch if you do not accept that issues can arise.

Please give feedback if you have any suggestions or issues.

Download v1.2.01 (Beta B4S) (3.85MB): Click here
Install: (make backups first)
You will need the Tigers Unleashed Beta v1.2.01 (Beta 2) 17/07/17 applied first here
Extract the file, Beta v1.2.01 (Beta B4S).
Copy it into the install directory
Overwrite existing files.

17 Oct 17:   TU v1.2.01 (Beta B4S)

* = Corrections
+ = Additions/Improvements

* EEFACE errors fixed
* Switched the mouse scroll time/tracking up-down arrows on the Preferences Form.  They were reversed

15 Oct 17:   TU v1.2.01 (Beta B4R)

* = Corrections
+ = Additions/Improvements

* Fixed occasional “Invalid Pointer Error” on closing (Tigers Unleashed).
* Corrected issue where some composite sub-units would have their speed set to zero after being issued orders by the AI .
* Fixed situation  where Player 1's map would be shown when Player 2 was logging in or viewing combat.
* Map and Operational Graphics Layer visibility settings now saved with the OPS file.  Operational layers all turned ON by default.
* Corrected an EEFACE error in arty routines from a line of testing code inadvertently left in.
* Implemented a workaround to a  'Grid Index Out Of Range' error caused by an internal compiler issue when clicking on the map to place a unit after clicking a button on the Place Units On Map Form.
* Added a start of check of Composite Units to see if any sub-units have different entry/reinforcement turns.  Users can choose to split them up, or it is done automatically after turn 1.  The check is done after placement and also at the start of each turn.
* Corrected issue with AI not assigning targets because it deemed friendly/civ units too close,to the tgt or in the LOF.  Hew restrictions:
   - Must be within +/- 20 degrees of azimuth.
   - If on friendly side of target, must be more than 10 meters forward of firer.
   - If on far side of target, must be closer then ? the firing range.
+ Added more info on Engineering Systems in the Detailed Weapon Info Form.
+ Edit Unit Data now cycles for Composite Units when called from Staff Officer and saves the Last Viewed Tab unit to unit.
+ Added ability to edit Default Map Display Vals in Preferences.  These values will be applied by default to all newly created games, or games in the Setup Phase or Turn 1 when loaded in.
+ Appropriate Display Layers turned on automatically when in an Object-type Mode (IP's, mines, obstacles, etc.).

Previous Release:
* Adjusted turn sequence so a “clean blank” map is always shown when a player is logging-in.
* Removed the extraneous black arrow that sometimes appeared after  giving post-unload orders to passengers.
* Fixed issue where symbols sometimes disappeared after the game was saved as a scenario.
* Fixed intermittent EEFACE error when setting IF Targets in a loc with partly known enemy units when using the Main Menu | Command | Target with Indirect Fire option.
* "NO AI Orders" SOP setting was being ignored for recon/radiation-detection type units.
* 'Emplaced' flag wasn't being correctly updated when units became passengers.
* Blocked mouse-clicks during AI/CAI processing and setup phases.
* Corrected occasional AI placement of flank obstacles in the main field instead.
* Corrected random access/EEFACE error when objects (IP's, obstacles, bridges, etc.) subjected to DE attacks.
* Fixed error deleting existing hexside type obstacles (concertina, tank ditch, etc.)
* Fixed loading error "sysGeoMap.xxx not found" when loading in a saved game.
* No units, bridges, etc. shown after initial file loading for 2 player games (was sometimes showing enemy forces).
* Corrected FOW Location translation error when showing firing lines (either appeared incorrectly or not at all). 
* Fixed occasional combat phase lock-up due to new streamlined chain of command routines.
* "Exit auto-run on combat" checkbox now set correctly when the option is turned on.
* Fixed EEFACE error from clicking on blank portion of force selection window.
* Unit Size icons now changed correctly in force selection window when unit levels changed by hand.
* Adjusted AI flank assignment routines to move evenly allocate formations between flanks.
* Fixed issue with units not displaying correctly after being moved during placement.
* Flank units now show up correctly after being initially added to the force.
* Corrected the Place Units on Map Form unit grid - sometimes the selected row continued to move with the mouse pointer after clicking (which could also give an 'Out of Range' error).
* Fixed an issue with AI move path formulation through prohibited locs due to terrain FOW (an option which is currently disabled).
+ "Stay Behind HQ" Move SOP setting ignored if the HQ is loaded on the moving unit.
+ Added ability to set  the active player when loading a two-person scenario.
+ Added nation flag graphics for each side's Victory Location Objectives (both actual and potential).
+ Added notifications in the mouse-over text for Victory Location Objectives (both actual and false/potential) 
+ Added a timed pop-up notice when a unit is selected on the Force Tree but is a passenger;  in which case the display is changed to its carrier instead .  Can be set to "not show" in Preferences.
+ Added an information notice when giving movement orders and some units in the location are passengers (and not selectable).  Can be set to "not show" in Preferences.
+ Adjusted the Auto-Adjust Map sequence so that existing non-scenario games do not need to be saved in order to keep the terrain/elev changes.
+ Added Utility to copy existing/current TEC entries between Ground Conditions.
+ Added Leader picture to Data Editing Form.
+ The Zoom-In button stays depressed when clicked to indicate "zoom-in mode". Can be "un-clicked" to cancel the zoom.
+ Added "Report Form To Top" button on Main Form for when Combat Report Form "Stay On Top" option is not checked, and it disappears behind other forms.
+ Streamlined the Obstacles Form (used to Add/EditDelete).
+ "TF HQ Replaced" message now only shown on turns that it changes between any two units - not every turn where the original TFHQ is out of command.
+ Added ability to propagate value changes to other units from Detailed Unit Info Form (checkbox at bottom).
+ Added "n/a" and pop-up msg to IP Data Table Editor for 'Interior Hgt' field if  the IP has no overhead cover (can't be set).
+ Added "stacking/Loc space" check for IP placement (both human and AI).
+ Added discrete "Set Qty" step when manually adding new IP's to the map, along with more reasonable default value (instead of always 1).
+ Adjusted 'After-Unload Orders' form to allow for better control of composite unit considerations, and also show previously unloaded passengers.
+ Log-in form no longer closes automatically in 2-player games when password not set.
+ Impact sounds now played whether impact loc is shown or not (previously Reporting Level had to be Level 4+).
Games Discussion / Re: Tigers Unleashed Beta v1.2.01 (Beta B4R) 15/10/17
« Last post by Asid on Today at 03:31:31 AM »
This had issues.

This was replaced with version B4S 17/10/17
Games Discussion / Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:02:07 AM »
Dev Blog #78: Updates on the way!

Happy Friday! We've got a quick status update for you all before the weekend.

We've wrapped up a big sprint on multiplayer development, meaning a solid chunk of the implementation is complete. At this point, we've been putting some plans together for the rest of the year, and want to circle back onto the single-player experience. There's some pretty cool content coming up: Nirvana, a new NPC, lots of polish, improvements, and more!

Since we've still got a ways before multiplayer is fully complete and ready for you guys to dive into, we'll be refocusing on this content/polish for the next while.This means you'll be seeing more regular updates from us, as well as the weekly devblogs that we used to keep up.

So, what are we working on first? There's a new NPC and buildable coming, which we're pretty excited for you guys to experience. We're doing a ton of polish work across many facets of the game; the character controller, GUI, and combat are all getting a bit of extra love to smooth out the bumps. We've still got a new environment district, Nirvana, in the works. It's nearly complete architecturally at this point, and will just need set dressing before integration.


Beyond those things, we've got some new weapons in the pipeline, a few new NPCs, items, and perhaps most excitingly, an expansion of the game's narrative to provide a sort of overarching goal to work towards (if you choose!). That bullet point is a big one that is a ways off, but we wanted you all to know that it's early in the works!

Lastly we want to thank you all for the patience while we were heads down on multiplayer foundations for the last little while; we made some great progress that can be resumed once the rest of the game gets a little more love. We're all looking forward to be pushing more regular updates again!

That does it for this week! Keep your eyes peeled for a patch incoming next week, along with another update on what we've been working on.
Games Discussion / Re: Legends of Ellaria
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 09:43:25 PM »
Version - Bug fixes, Key binding and character movement
Legends of Ellaria - Larkon Studio

Version is now Live with some of the bug fixes and features you have been asking us!

We want to say thank you to all of you that have been leaving reviews and giving us feedback through our different channels; we're working hard on improving the bug reports you have sent as well the suggestions you've mentioned.

This new version includes a basic Key Binding and a smoother movement control for your character. We've also fixed some important issues with Legends of Ellaria by your request.

New Features:
•   Your character has a smoother control. There is no delay between pressing the movement control and the character moves towards the direction you have set without a slow rotation.
•   Character has a "Default Walk or Run" (Set by Caps Lock), both for combat and casual mode
•   Key binding (still missing several commands, including the WASD. We will add them soon)
•   Game configuration and saves now exist in : C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\LocalLow\Larkon Studio\Legends of Ellaria

Fixed Issues:
•   Fixed an issue where LoE is stuck in "Game is Loading."
•   Fixed more issues with permission to "My Documents."
•   May have fixed the spinning camera issue with for people who own a Joystick. See "Known Issues"

Known issues:
•   Can't change the movement (WASD) keys binding
•   When helping to construct a building, the building is not constructed and the game has issues with saving and loading
•   Not all Joysticks and Gamepads were tested for the spinning camera bug. Some Joystick owners may experience an issue where the camera is constantly rotating around them. If you have this issue, please send us a report or email with your Joystick / Gamepad model information.

See you In Ellaria,

Larkon Studio

Tacview / Re: Tacview 1.6.4 is now available!
« Last post by Vyrtuoz on Yesterday at 09:37:50 PM »
I found the problem!

There was a slight distortion for all Falcon 4.0 terrains, but the terrains closer to the poles are very distorted. For instance, Nordic has a 3:1 ratio between the latitude and longitudes coordinates! When you are looking the terrain from inside the sim, you cannot see the problem, and it does not really matter. But when you try to display the same data in the real-world, it is starting to be very clear… Ostsee was noticeably affected as well.

I have fixed the display "bug" for all terrains in Tacview 1.7 beta 2. I integrated the latest Nordic 2.1 too.

Thanks again for the prefect sample data, without it, it would have taken me much more time to understand and fix the issue :thumbsup
FSX/P3D/X-Plane / Re: X-Plane 11 PA-28R Arrow III: Just Flight
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 08:54:18 PM »
A more in-depth look at The PA-28R Arrow III from Just Flight for X-Plane 11

Published on 19 Oct 2017
Games Discussion / Re: Bargains / Sale
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 08:22:30 PM »
Games Discussion / Re: Hellion - Space survival game (Super Hardcore Game)
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 07:35:23 PM »
"Don't Panic!" update is now LIVE!

Hello survivors!

Time to put on your helmets and double check your suit seals, Hellion’s Don’t Panic! update just went live! Get ready for a completely new experience as you fight fires, breaches, malfunctions and more! Just remember, whatever happens, keep calm and Don’t Panic!

If you haven’t got Hellion yet, you can grab it now at 25% off! Steam discount will last until 10 AM (Pacific time), October 23.

This is the first multi-language version of Hellion. We have localized the game into eight languages: Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Turkish. And it’s just a start.

What to expect in the Don’t Panic! update:

Degradation damage - all ships, stations and individual modules now take degradation damage over time and must be maintained in order to avoid destruction. All ships and modules have a number of “repair points” that will become active once objects take enough damage. The more damage a module accumulates the more pronounced damage effects become and more repair points activate.

Collisions - all modules can be destroyed by collisions, the amount of damage depends on the mass of colliding objects and their relative velocity.

Destruction - once a module is destroyed it will explode and damage nearby objects and players. Explosion damage is based on mass of the module and increases in radius and intensity if the object had an active engine, reactor or warp drive.

Onboard hazards - as damage accumulates it can cause various problems like: system malfunctions, fires and breaches. . System malfunction will cause the affected system to shut down until repaired. Fires will damage nearby players and drain air quality from the room until extinguished or if air quality and pressure drop too low. Breaches will rapidly vent air into the vacuum of space until sealed.

Repair - two new items are introduced: a welding tool and a fire extinguisher. Welder is the main repair tool and uses Hydrogen as fuel (temporarily). It can be used to fix any damaged repair point. In case of fire, players can use the extinguisher to put it out before safely repairing the damage.

Grenade changes - radius of all grenades has been increased to make them easier to use. AP grenades will now cause damage to module’s interior and will detonate other nearby grenades, potentially causing spectacular results!

New visual effects - all modules will now dynamically change in appearance based on their health. Completely decayed modules will look considerably worse compared to their fully repaired counterparts.

Module spawn changes - all modules now spawn at low hull integrity, no pressure and will continue to decay over time. As a result most modules that players can find will require extensive repairs before they can be used, as well as additional Oxygen and Nitrogen to pressurize.

Starting scene - major changes to the starting scene, including resources items and hull integrity of all objects. Ship in particular will require a number of repairs before it is fully operational. Overall players can expect a more dynamic starting experience.

Balancing - cargo and system tanks of all modules, as well as contained resources were adjusted to be in line with the new mechanics. Mining speed was also considerably increased. As a result mining is now a viable alternative to looting.

Finally, we want to thank everyone from the Hellion community for their support and feedback, as this update would not have been possible without them. We sincerely hope that you will have as much fun playing it, as the team had making it.

And again, remember… Whatever you do, just Don’t Panic!

Zero Gravity team
Tacview / Re: Tacview 1.6.4 is now available!
« Last post by Foxy on Yesterday at 06:00:45 PM »
Just to let you know ... Nordic theater have been updated today with from 2.0 to 2.1
I didn't installed the update yet so I don't know if it changes anything to that bug for the moment

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