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Tornado / Tornado Tribute Website - it lives!
« Last post by Frankie on Today at 07:46:08 AM »

1993 flight simulation piece of history preserved!
Games Discussion / Re: Foundation
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 11:56:51 PM »
Preview build: Alpha 1.8 is live!
Fri, 22 October 2021

A preview build of the upcoming 1.8 Fall update is now available via the Steam betas option tab (access instructions below).

Whilst we continue to work toward the core updates, the 1.8 Fall update comes as a bonus that also enables us to add in some smaller features in preparation for the bigger updates.

We look forward to hearing any feedback and please let us know if you find any issues. Feedback and bugs can be posted on the Steam
forums or alternatively you can join us on our official Discord

Preview build highlights

Two new production buildings

The Candle Workshop and Common Wares Workshop

Construction steps and bundles

More logical construction steps for buildings, including the addition of resource bundles for each step.

QoL and UI

New tooltips, improved layouts and a number of QoL improvements such as improved stockpiling feedback.


An enhanced mod browser, including direct links to
to allow for easier communication with modders.

Modders also get some new stuff, including a debugging tool. More info can be found on the modding wiki

Preview Build Access Instructions

Note: Preview build saves will be compatible
with the full release of the 1.8 Fall update. Most mods will requiring migration
for the full 1.8 release. We recommend starting a fresh save or playing a vanilla for the preview build.

If you would like to take a look or help test out the preview build, you can gain access via the Steam betas tab in Foundation properties.

    Right-click Foundation in your Steam library
    Click on properties
    Navigate to BETAS
    Choose the ‘preview - Next Build Preview’ option

The game will automatically update but if it does not you may need to restart your Steam client.

- The Polymorph Games Team

Games Discussion / Re: Stellar Tactics
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 11:52:32 PM »
Progress update
Fri, 22 October 2021

The Coven, Sovereignty, localization and more...

It’s been a very busy summer with me and my family moving across the country and a lot of time has been dedicated to preparing our old home, selling it, packing, and moving in to our new home. None the less, progress has been made. Now that I am settled in, I am working on Stellar Tactics at my usual pace.

The next update will be a big one and I’ll cover some of the details below. The biggest addition will be the introduction of Chapter 1 of the story. With Chapter 1, new characters will be introduced, primarily the introduction of the Coven and the Sovereignty. The story will continue with a communication from Dr. Jensen who needs your assistance as the doctors continue to look into ways to eliminate the Phage and further their knowledge related to the Jhemm.

The Coven is a specific mutation that presented itself on one of the four ships that made the transit with the remnants of the human race. The mutation applied itself to females while in cryonic suspension and resulted in uncontrolled Psionic powers. The Coven were immediately isolated and studied by scientists on arrival and eventually released to colonize, provided certain rules were followed. Specifically, anyone with the Coven mutation was subjected to surgical implants that subdued their powers. Psionic powers were outlawed and have been since the Arrival.

This did not go over well with The Coven and eventually they went into hiding and removed their implants, refining their powers. For hundreds of years, The Coven have not been seen and are nearly forgotten, though some still do business with them – smuggling goods for trade with the elusive and secretive faction.

In Chapter 1, you will be introduced to the Sovereignty – the ruling power. Taxes are paid, and for that, security and law are enforced by the Sovereignty . The six main Houses (Halamis, Aralion, Cilivon, Conrair, Shikaru and Varadyne) have control over their holdings and pay tribute to the Sovereignty who in turn provides special dispensation to the Houses. The Houses exert their power on the various sub-factions in the Stellar Tactics Universe.

Ayela will be your primary contact with the Sovereignty and will have missions that involve investigating the Phage, The Coven, Raiders, Scavvers as these are all ongoing threats to peace under the rule of the Sovereignty. Ayela has been looking for a crack squad of mercenaries for a few critical missions.

Chapter 1 will also introduce more of the story related to the Jhemm and the menace they warn about in the Prologue. With this, Rhamus is still obsessed with the Jhemm and you will explore several of these locations in Chapter 1 which will introduce the “Azimuth” system. In addition to specific locations related to the story where you acquire Azimuth, a new random mission set has been developed for the Aznari ruins and you will find these occasionally when you scan planet surfaces. 18 new "creature" enemy types have been added for cave and ruins locations to increase the variety of enemy types you will encounter in the universe.

All of the original characters have had a facelift so they will match the new content in Chapter 1.

Speaking of mission sets, 3 new random sets will be added to the game in addition to static locations for Chapter 1 of the story.

The first pass of localization is complete for French, Spanish, Russian and German. Note that as a first pass at localization, the French, Spanish, and Russian localizations are likely very rough. The German translation is in very good shape thanks to community members who joined the translation effort. The localizations will be included in the upcoming content patch. When the content patch launches, I will open up localization again for these languages for anyone who is interested in joining.

Oh, and did I mention that Stellar Tactics is getting it's final UI? Daniel did an amazing job with the UI and the implementation work is almost complete. There are still some rough edges here and there - overall, it's coming along nicely.

That’s it for now. No ETA on the release of this content patch. I do hope to get everything finished before the end of this year and I will keep you updated as I make progress.


SOW Waterloo Multiplayer Saturday 23/10/2021 at 20:00 GMT

Immersive, friendly session.

Played with full fog of war.

**                    Notes                      **
SOW Version: Waterloo 1.03
Largest command: Corps
Smallest command: Brigade
Mission Duration: 180 minutes
Minimum number players: 2
Time (local): Click here
Teamspeak  IP:  Please wait in lobby for access to other areas.
Room: Scourge Of War

Extra Notes:
•   TIME LIMIT: 01.30 a.m. GMT at the following day, if no different agreement has been made by the participiants.
•   The room will be open at 19:30 GMT for preparation & mission setup
•   House rules: Click here
•   HITS system
•   Courier orders
•   Bare map. Full F.O.W.
•   No voice during game (comms by courier only). It's possible to talk to nearby commander using TS whisper list or moving in a dedicated room

Mods required:
•   DOW Community Toolbar V8: This will be provided.
•   If an updated mod is required you will be sent a link via pm

Player Skill/Ability:
•   Must be proficient Using HITS
•   Have a good understanding of UI

Commanders and leaders:

Mius Front / Graviteam Tactics: Pivot Point DLC
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 12:09:02 AM »
Graviteam Tactics: Pivot Point DLC

Requires Mius Front


Price: £9.89

Discount at launch

About This Content

In early December 1942, an operation began to destroy the Ishcherskaya-Mozdok group of the enemy. Troops of the northern group of the Transcaucasian Front (44A together with elements of 58A) launched an offensive on the northern bank of r.Terek, striking in the general direction of Mozdok. At the same time, the Black Sea Group of Forces continued to conduct the Tuapse defensive operation, defending the occupied lines in the Tuapse direction. Elements of the 18A, fought with the enemy in the Kamenistaya and Semashkho mountains area.
320RD 44A, relieved the elements of the battered 402RD, and in the morning of December 6 went on the offensive in the Krechetov area. But the 481RR operating in the open area, came under attack of the enemy 3TD combat group and was defeated. Despite this, after three days of stubborn fighting, on December 9, the Krechetov defense sector of the enemy was captured and the division reached the Avalov-Shefatov line, with a front to the south and south-west. The actions of 320RD forced the enemy to abandon Ishcherskaya and retreat to the 2nd line of defense: st.Stoderevskaya - Shefatov - Tomazov.

•   Two operations of 15 turns for each of the sides (Shefatov - Bezorukin, December 15-17, 1942) covering the Soviet offensive to Mozdok.
•   Precisely recreated area of over 120 sq. km: desert plain and Canal.
•   Historical organizational structure of units at the time of the offensive.

Games Discussion / Re: Command: Modern Operations
« Last post by Asid on October 21, 2021, 11:56:11 PM »
Command: Red Tide Out Now
Thu, 21 October 2021

Red Tide a new DLC from Command Modern Operations, recreates a "what if" conflict between NATO and Communist powers; a theoretical sequel of the "Northern Inferno 1975". Tensions explode in the Norwegian Sea when a standoff takes place between a NATO Destroyer and a Soviet Submarine, which drew both Powers into a rapidly escalating war that draws in Neighbours and super powers alike.
Command vast air and naval forces as war rages across all areas of the World including the Pacific, North Atlantic, South China Sea to name a few. Take control of your forces either NATO or Soviet Union as the conflict demands that every resource you have is pressed into service.

Plan your naval strategy carefully, you will require the mutual support of the entire fleet if you are to ensure that your enemies are crushed decisively.
Dominating the battlespace will allow you to blind your enemy’s ability to communicate and coordinate.

Ensure the victory of your forces through thoughtful strategy and planning. Creative deployment will be needed to overcome deficiencies in your mix of modern and outdated forces.

Buy Now - Command: Red Tide

Video Trailer

And for the occasion we have created this discounted bundle:

Command Cold War Collection 20% OFF

Two Complete DLCs on the cold war era.

The new DLC Command: Red Tide + Command: Northern Inferno -20%,
or if you have already purchased the Northern inferno DLC, you will have a 20% discount on the purchase of the Red Tide DLC.

Twenty-seven scenarios set in 1975 and 1985,
recreates a “what if” conflict between NATO and Communism powers.

Games Discussion / Re: Wizards and Warlords
« Last post by Asid on October 21, 2021, 11:49:24 PM »
Thu, October 21, 2021

Road Construction can now terminate at Resource Sites (farms, mines, etc). For example: You can now build from a City to a Mine. You still cannot build from a Mine to a Farm (but you can link them with an Outpost as road nexus).
Balance tweaks to Death Knights, Lesser Celestial Phoenixes, Maladonisai.
Grid-based battles now have better logic for determining when a unit counts as charging. It requires the unit to have moved during the turn, and to have moved from a non-engaged position to the final position. This sounds more complicated than it is - if a unit moved into combat from non-combat (including combat -> non-combat -> combat) it counts, but 'sliding' along an already engaged battle line does not count.
Set Defense now gives a Fend bonus against units which charge it. (de facto reduces to-hit).
Set Defense now requires immobility to be active during melee resolution.
Lances are now "Charge Only", but do much more damage.
Workers will now be unassigned from a newly constructed site if they are no longer valid for assignment (requirements for assignment to construction and 'active' site work can differ).
Added two new game settings for Recruitment Pools: Relaxed and Harsh. Relaxed will count the number of units for each culture/pool as two less for all purposes. Non-Harsh now has the upkeep penalty capped at +25%.
Added a 'Summary' button to the Battle Report window. It allows you to see the final outcome of the battle without having to progress through every single round, or stopping when you've seen enough. You can shift-click it to close the window at the same time (tooltip also specifies this shortcut).
Enrage Wildlife now has a 2-turn cooldown and a slightly higher mana cost. It also applies a province-wide effect for 8 turns. During this period re-casts may fail fully or partially (creating an understrength unit). A success will extend the duration, a partial success will extend it partially.
New Spell: Greater Enrage Wildlife (Beasts 5). Summons a larger army and has a lower risk of failure when re-cast with a lingering effect than the basic version.
New Spell: Survival of The Fittest (Beasts 3). Summons a small army of beasts to fight one of your own armies, which will gain additional experience from the battle.
New Unit Type: Catoblepas. Poison-breathing and dark-gazing boar-bull monsters. Unlocked at Darkness Mastery 5 and can spawn in some unaligned armies.
Fixed the missing spell descriptions in the multi-cast 'select spell' dialog.
Fixed a bug where some battles did not register their location correctly and did not get the intended battle name.
Fixed a bug where "Nearby Culture Override" was not saved/loaded as part of game setting presets.
Fixed a bug where the message prompts in the military window did not close via the X button.
Fixed a bug causing tooltips in spell result prompts to not work correctly.
Fixed a bug where conversion-based recruitment pools did not interact correctly with the recruitment window - showing incorrect pool usage and not always giving the correct selection of available units.
Fixed a bug causing character items with a battle effect not working as intended during grid-based battles.
Fixed armor not importing/exporting as part of unit type mods.
Fixed a bug where the context panel showed an incorrect selection.
Fixed a text bug with the 'Compose Epic' event.
Fixed a bug allowing some city stats being able to go negative against the intent (had very strange effects on some mechanics).
Fixed characters not being unassigned from Army tasks if part of a garrison which becomes empty (and non-inspectable).
Fixed "Charge Only" attacks being usable in every round - charge or not.
Fixed "Set Defense" from weapons not always giving the unit this ability during battles.
Fixed Units gaining special abilities from Experience - which they already have from their equipment. This will no longer happen.
Fixed a bug where charges/ammunition for ranged attacks was being depleted much too quickly during battles.
Fixed a bug where some tooltip links did not work as intended.
Fixed a memory leak when loading/starting new games during an existing game session.

Games Discussion / Re: Reentry - An Orbital Simulator
« Last post by Asid on October 21, 2021, 11:47:58 PM »
Reentry has been updated to 0.83: CSM ECS, Gyro Drift, bugfixes!
Thu, 21 October 2021

The latest update primarily contains a lot of bug fixes for Gemini and Apollo, in addition to the CSM ECS and IMU Gyro Drift. The following post will cover the details of this build.

Gemini RCS Physics

One of the bigger fixes this upgrade has is the rewrite of the RCS logic and jet physics for the Gemini spacecraft. Previously, the RCS and LV gimbal systems has made it impossible for some to reach orbit, or use the RCS due to it being overpowered. This was because of an issue with the attitude control physics implementation. Most players on either powerful PCs or PCs below the minimum requirements especially saw this issue, but it has been present for all.

Public Issue Tracker

I have been working with the Test Pilots on setting up a public issue tracker that you can use to see what bugs has been reported, and what has been fixed or is waiting for release to EA.

This is a board that is started from scratch, so it does not yet contain all the issues. The Steam and Discord moderators will be adding tasks to this board as things are reported.

You can find the board here:

Apollo CSM Environmental Control System

The biggest new feature of this update is the complete rewrite of the CSM ECS. It is the first of many iterations of it, and the intention of this first release of it is to get the procedures in place, the major features, and see how it all works together. As you can imagine, a lot of things functions together here and needs to become solid both during normal operation, and while time scaling. Once stable, I will iterate and go deeper in more specific areas of it.

It's a beautifully complex system that interacts with a huge loop of equipment to function correctly. The Oxygen Supply System is responsible for providing oxygen to the pressurized suit circuit (PSC), pressurizing the cabin, the water and water-glycol tanks in the water and coolant subsystems, while the heat exchanger in the PSC provides temperature control and to work with the water accumulators to pick up humidity from the oxygen the crew has been breathing. This water is then supplied to the evaporators for thermal control in the glycol loops, and so on.

In short, the ECS does the following primary tasks:
- Spacecraft atmosphere control
- Water management
- Thermal control

Read on....
Mission Discussion/AAR's / Re: D.O.W. Steel Beasts Wednesday Mission 20/10/21 @ GMT18:00
« Last post by Rinix on October 21, 2021, 12:54:35 AM »
Here's my screenshots:

The plan

Helicopter support allows us to see how many enemies we are facing

Recon infantry moves in, and we move in

Most of the enemies in Luhden are destroyed, so we move ahead

The last resistance in Luhden is cleared out

I am caught in a pincer by enemy infantry at the bridge, but wild spraying of HE shells saves me

I return the favor, as I surprise enemy infantry

We begin recon to Limit of Advance

With the Limit of Advance reached in the south, and a good idea of how many enemies are remaining, I use trigger 1 to end the mission
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