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Here's my screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/R6QRU

Oleg moving into position


Rear view mirror in the gunner's position on the BMP-2

Target practice

March forth!

Dead meat

Sign of trouble

Are they dead?

Reinforcements arrive

Games Discussion / Re: What's your gaming pleasure this weekend? 23/02/18
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 09:57:42 PM »

Thank you, sir.  You are awesome.  I'm all set and having a blast in the tutorials!

Frankie tried to send it to you. I helped him. So the thanks go to Frankie  :thumbsup

Let us know if you need any assistance.
Hi SystemInShock

Please check your pm

Thank you, sir.  You are awesome.  I'm all set and having a blast in the tutorials!
Mods/Tools/Tweaks/Patches / Gettysburg: Antietam Graphics Full Mod
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 05:10:31 PM »
Gettysburg: Antietam Graphics Full Mod

This is the full pack - Antietam morning and afternoon maps and also the South Mountain maps to immerse yourself into!

You will need to deselect the ChancellorsvilleGraphics_v2 Mod and the Chickamauga mod for this mod to work correctly, otherwise, I'm not sure why, but there are graphical conflicts with these mods.

There is also some trees occuring in the roads issue - These can be reduced, but I'd rather keep all the trees!

Creator: Jolly
Size: 42.84MB
Version/Release date: 1.0  February 22nd, 2018
Download: Here
Original post: Here

General Discussion / Re: Papers Please video
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 05:03:10 PM »
That was very well done  :court

Thanks for posting Beef  :thumbsup
General Discussion / Papers Please video
« Last post by Beef on Yesterday at 04:46:14 PM »

Glory to Arstotzka!

Comrades, you are being informed of a most excellent (and award winning) game and a new video trending on the decadent Western website YouTube. All citizens are required to read the following wiki page description and to watch the attached video! Do not fail the great state of Arstotzka comrades, or else!

"Papers, Please has the player take the role of a border crossing immigration officer in the fictional dystopian Eastern Bloc-like country of Arstotzka, which has been and continues to be at political hostilities with its neighboring countries. As the officer, the player must review each immigrant and returning citizen's passports and other supporting paperwork against a list of ever-increasing rules using a number of tools and guides, allowing in only those with the proper paperwork, rejecting those without all proper forms, and at times detaining those with falsified information. The player is rewarded in their daily salary for how many people they have processed correctly in that day, while being fined for making mistakes; the salary is used to help provide shelter, food, and heat for the player's in-game family. In some cases, the player will be presented with moral decisions, such as approving entry of a pleading spouse of a citizen despite the lack of proper paperwork, knowing this will affect their salary. In addition to a story mode which follows several scripted events that occur within Arstotzka, the game includes an endless mode that challenges the player to process as many immigrants as possible."

"Two Russian filmmakers, Liliya Tkach and Nikita Ordynskiy of Kinodom Productions, developed a 10-minute live-action film based on Papers, Please, entitled Papers, Please: The Short Film, starring Igor Savochkin as the passport inspector. The film premiered at the Trekhgorka House of Culture in Moscow, Russia, on January 27, 2018. The film has debuted worldwide via YouTube and the Steam storefront on February 24, 2018."

The game is available on Steam
Games Discussion / Re: Iron Harvest
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 01:29:13 PM »
Games Discussion / Re: Iron Harvest
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 01:28:26 PM »
Iron Harvest - First Music Snippet

Published on 2 Feb 2018

First music from the world of Iron Harvest!

The team of Music Imaginary, who previously worked on The Witcher, Dead Island and PainkillerGame, composed the first theme for Iron Harvest and were super excited.
Life Is Feudal / LIF:MMO (Dev News #92) Epleland AMA and Development Focus
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 11:29:15 AM »
(Dev News #92) Epleland AMA and Development Focus

Hey, Feudalists!

We want to take the opportunity to do a quick recap of what weve been up to this week, and keep you guys in the loop.

The combat update we discussed in our [previous Devblog] https://lifeisfeudal.com/News/?art=548 has dropped and is ready for you guys to try out and share your thoughts on!

We also want to thank everyone who joined in on our recent AMA, where we chatted with the concerned citizens of Epleland (RP Server). It was a very productive, constructive session and weve garnered a bunch of feedback and suggestions from you guys, which well certainly keep in mind with future game design tweaks. Rest assured, most of these tweaks will not just be exclusive to Epleland, so do not fear if you are not a resident of this world!

You can check out a recording of the AMA here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/231345471

We love connecting with our amazing players, so you can definitely expect more interactions with the community in the future!

In other news, make sure to check out our super-awesome (if we do say so ourselves ;) ) Nordic sword skins, which are finally ready and in-game!

Last - but certainly not least - we want to inform you that our eternal development sprint is still ongoing and we are continuing to aim for at least one patch per week, packed with fixes, tweaks and even new mechanics.

Were currently focusing on nailing all server border crossing bugs once and for all! Along with this, alignment-related bug fixes, smoothing over game design imperfections, developing the Siege system and additional stabilization of Instanced Battles in general are high on our priority list.

On the subject of Instanced Battles, we plan to increase the consequences of losing an IB soon. This is to minimize that oh-so-familiar frustration we can all relate to, where the opposition may attempt to dodge a fight.

Thank you for tuning in to todays dev news, keep an eye out for more news and updates!

The team
Flight Simulation / Re: Flight Sim Labs Caught Deliberately Distributing Malware
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 11:21:23 AM »
FSLabs were also accused of stealing assets from Aerosoft: https://www.reddit.com/r/flightsim/comments/5j0cw2/fslabs_accused_of_stealing_aerosofts_cockpit/

Also the main dev at FSLabs was apparently responsible for a DRM which would delete the "Shaders" folder in an FSX install which used a pirated copy of the PMDG MD11. Problem is that genuine customers were affected as well.

They DID deliberately put malware on peoples systems. They retrieved data which they did not encrypt and was accessible quite easily to most people. They only pulled it when people got the pitchforks out!

What bothers me is the websites which are deleting genuine discussion about this.

 :Wag finger
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