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Games Discussion / Re: MAXCONTROL
« Last post by Asid on Today at 04:48:02 PM »
MaxControl devblog 2

This week we had a big meeting with the whole team and met a few new people.
After this brainstorming week we decided to take the time to switch into CRYENGINE V.
This means we have to create a plan for time management because it will takes a longer time to implement all core features of MaxControl into CRYENGINE V.

The switch will offer us a lot of new possibilities for example new opportunities in programming, more detailed ways for debugging, a new particle system, new templates/plugins for multiplayer, Steam integration and machtmaking to name a few.

Get MaxControl into CRYENGINE V is a cost intensive plan because we have to expand the team specially in the part of programming. Every coin counts and your support will help us to realize this goal.
You can easily get instant access to the tech alpha or just donate MaxControl via PayPal here: Support MaxControl via Paypal   [maxcontrolgame.com]

By the way, currently you can help us and vote for our future devblog cover picture here: Vote now [www.strawpoll.me]

Thanks for reading and until next week!

Your MaxControl team
Games Discussion / Re: Making History: The Second World War
« Last post by Asid on Today at 04:45:55 PM »

The Second World War is still in development however it is mostly feature complete and playable.

Issues we are working on and what to expect from the current version:

- No Manual or Tutorial yet.
- Not all the events have been added to the game. Most Events after 1942 are incomplete.
- The North Africa and the Asian/Pacific theater needs attention.
- Some UI elements may still be stand- in art.
- Game balancing will be an ongoing process through this period.
- Saved games might be broken after updates, although we will try to avoid that.
- AI adjustments will be and on-going process through this period.
- Features additions or alterations are possible through this period.
- Encyclopedia & Nation Descriptions are incomplete.
- Option to show less unit model sets not completed.
- Achievements not implemented.
- More Music Tracks will be added.
Games Discussion / Making History: The Second World War
« Last post by Asid on Today at 04:44:20 PM »

Choose a nation and prepare for the greatest conflict in human history, World War II. Build your military and industrial power, form alliances and race to achieve the advanced technologies that will bring total victory in this global-wide turn-based Grand Strategy struggle.

Official Site: Here
Official forum: Here
Steam: Here


Cinematic trailer

About This Game
Making History: The Second World War is the 4th title of a series of turn-based Grand Strategy games. It's unique open-ended design allows players to experience alternative outcomes in the World War II era. This was an industrial conflict between the Great Powers of the Machine Age. The battles will begin in the factories, mines and the research labs, and resolve in the fields, skies and seas across the globe. Players and the AI are faced with historical decisions that change the course of history making every play through a new immersive Grand Strategy experience.

Features (incomplete list)

- Extensive Event content covering pivotal decisions and themes in WWII.
- Hundreds of additional alternative historical events (Release Version)
- Play any nation
- 280 Separate Nationalities
- Colonies, Protectorates and Puppet Governments
- Easy to use scenario Editor for Modding
- Game played across horizontal wrapping World Map
- AI focus on tactical Carrier Gameplay
- Nuclear Attack AI and Tactics
- Dedicated Strategic Bombing AI
- Aggressive AI Air Patrol Tactics
- Strafing Attack Orders
- Air Transport, Railroad, Shipping and Mobilized Unit movement
- Hundreds of Unit Models featuring the most iconic aircraft, tanks and ships
- Missile Launcher Units
- Nuclear Delivery Units
- Jet Era Units
- Paratrooper and Glider Attacks
- Kamikaze Units
- Full Range of Armored and Artillery Units
- Naval Surface and Submarine forces
- Nation Unique Infantry Unit Models
- Naval Supply Vessels to extend Fleet ranges
- Region City Infrastructure Projects
- Detailed Research Tree covering technologies from Pre-Industrial to Atomic Eras
- Sophisticated Economic System
- Build Factories and other city infrastructure
- Expand Resource Output and trade to Supply your Factories and Troops
- Auto-Trade System Option

Shotcal please.

I will try to be there, and if I cant, I will let you know.
EA Halts all In-Game Purchases For Star Wars Battlefront II

Scourge Of War / Scourge of War Waterloo Live stream today
« Last post by Asid on Today at 03:57:09 PM »
Scourge of War Waterloo Live stream today

Agrippa maxentius from Matrix/Slitherine will be streaming SOW Waterloo live today at: 12 AM EDT/ 5pm GMT / 6PM CET

Games Discussion / Re: Battlestar Galactica Deadlock
« Last post by Asid on Today at 03:52:54 PM »
Battlestar Galactica Deadlock - Dev Diary #3!

“Sir, another two DRADIS contacts. We can’t keep this many back.”
“We will hold!” yelled the captain. The knuckles of both hands were strained white as he gripped the table edge. “For the people of Gemenon, we will hold!”
Kelly Roeburne looked at the man she had loyally served through twenty-three conflicts, and eight years of service. Another clustered detonation rocked the CIC around them. “Gemenon is already lost. We will only add to their casualties if we stay.”
Her insubordination was met with a hard stare. “Unless you plan to mutiny, XO, I recommend you return to your station and prepare to engage the enemy.”
The thing that would haunt Kelly in the years to come was how easily she lifted her sidearm and pulled the trigger. “The captain has fallen in battle, and I have taken command of Battlestar Atreus. Prepare for FTL on my mark.”

Attention, nuggets! We’ve got a lot to get through with this diary entry, and I don’t want you to miss a single beat of it.

Let’s cut right to the chase. There’s a huge update on the way, with some significant improvements and features added, based on community feedback. There’s some features included that have been popular requests since day one, and some new ideas we’ve had to improve the overall experience.

There’s a LOT of stuff coming in the update, some of which we have already talked about. Today, we’d like to highlight three more big additions.

Intelligence Report

Renovations have been ongoing on the Daidalos, and under Helena’s supervision, the CIC has been fitted with a brand new signals and intelligence division.

This is a complete overhaul of the campaign’s economy screen. The Intelligence screen gives commanders a one-stop location for strategic and economic analysis. In addition to tylium income, the screen also gives information about each colony’s Quorum status, any bonuses the Daidalos is receiving, and all current Colonial Fleet objectives.

The most powerful tool on this screen, however, is the SIGINT Advisory. Using all available resources to collect and disseminate signals and communications intelligence, Helena and her team can provide you with up-to-date information on mission objectives, colonies that require help, and sometimes even Cylon movement that would otherwise be hidden behind the fog of war.

With all of these new tools at your fingertips, you will be able to make better, more informed strategic decisions as you defend the Twelve Colonies.

Squadron Groups

This will come as good news to the commanders that love their carriers.

Fighter and utility squadrons will be assignable to Squadron Groups, allowing for single commands to disseminate to multiple squadrons. Use this to customise your fighter tactics on a larger scale, and manage your Raider swarms with the efficiency of a…well, a sentient robot.

Squadrons can be assigned to one of four Squadron Groups - Red Squadron, Blue Squadron, Green Squadron and Yellow Squadron - or unassigned, to maintain its independence.

Keeping these updates to squadron controls in mind, it might also worth keeping an eye out on the subsystem stats of certain carriers…

FTL Retreat

A long requested feature has been the ability to retreat units from the middle of a combat. And while we’ve agreed that the feature would be fantastic, there’s been a lot of design work required to make sure it is implemented correctly without disrupting the campaign’s stability.

As of the Firepower Update, you will be able to give the Retreat command to individual units in resource missions and roaming battles. (The feature is NOT available for Story Missions.) It will take a couple of rounds for the unit’s FTL drives to spool, and in the process use a decent amount of tylium to get the drives up and running so quickly. If the unit survives the wind-up time, then it will FTL out to safety.

Once the battle is completed, the fleet will then regroup all of its units together at a randomised location, minimising the amount of fleet management required to get your forces back into shape.

Also note that officers that flee from battle will not be awarded any Experience Points for events they are not present for! When a fight gets tough, it’ll be up to you to decide whether the officer should stay and risk their life, or jump away to safety.

The Wrap-up

We’re excited to roll this huge update out to our community. It’s been a very busy couple of months for the Black Lab Games team, as we will soon be welcoming our console communities to Deadlock, as well as some future announcements on content updates.

In the meantime, keep your ships in the air, and the toasters out of your systems. So say we all!
D.C.S. / DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Cinematic Video – Over the Strait of Hormuz
« Last post by Asid on Today at 03:48:17 PM »
DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Cinematic Video – Over the Strait of Hormuz

This week we bring you our second cinematic video for DCS: F/A-18C Hornet. Today we see our Hornet over our next, new map for DCS World: the Strait of Hormuz Map. This map is being specifically created to support our Hornet. However, like all DCS World maps, this map will support all DCS World aircraft modules and Combined Arms.

D.C.S. / Re: DCS: World War II Assets Pack Update
« Last post by Asid on Today at 03:46:47 PM »
DCS: World War II Assets Pack Update
17 11 17

In our continuing effort to add more content to the World War II Assets Pack, several new AI-only aircraft are in development. These include the Ju-88, A-20, and C-47.

The Junkers Ju-88 was a German, twin-engined medium bomber. Over 16,000 were produced and ranged in roles including bomber, dive bomber, night fighter, torpedo bomber, and others.

The Douglas A-20 Havoc/Boston was a United States light bomber that was flown by several allied nations during WWII. The A-20 was a very versatile aircraft with good speed and maneuverability for a light bomber.


The Douglas C-47 Skytrain was a work horse for the allies in World War II and served as a troop and cargo transport. Also known by the nickname "Gooney Bird", the C-47 was also instrumental in paratrooper operations.

Games Discussion / Re: Army General
« Last post by Asid on Today at 03:39:59 PM »
Agreed. That is why I try and keep this thread updated  :thumbsup
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