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Oleg dropped. I was unable to find the join session in progress wizard, because I forgot to pause the session. Sorry. :( Here are my screenshots:


Going down

Games Discussion / Re: Holdfast: Nations At War
« Last post by Asid on Today at 07:48:54 PM »
Dev Insight. About The BETA

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another Developer Insight blog. As the engine upgrade is finally nearing completion after weeks of hard work, we’ll be talking about our plans for the upcoming BETA! You should definitely continue reading onwards if you’re interested in participating in testing.

Providing the community with access to our in-house development tools has certainly been a good step forward! Development on the Prussians, building destruction, interactable doors, more maps and the new spawn menu user interface is also ongoing.

Here are more details on what the team has been up to.

Andreas ‘Dreas’ Grech - Lead Programmer
One of the most time-consuming updates Dreas has embarked on to date will be done relatively soon! Holdfast: Nations At War’s game engine will be receiving a year’s worth of game engine updates when it’s upgraded from Unity 5.6 to Unity 2017.

All of this is being done with the primary objective to improve upon melee combat. We’ll also be able to utilise newer and better technologies to increase performance and improve stability thanks to the engine upgrade.

So, what’s the next? As you might have already guessed, these unprecedented amounts of changes to the game’s increasingly growing codebase will require plenty of testing to squash any potential bugs. We’ve already started our preliminary testing here in the office but the game supports a whole lot more players per server than our small development team could ever fill up.

As such, we will be looking for the assistance of our great community to help us stress test the servers and ensure a stable full release. If you’re interested in participating, be sure to hop in on our Discord. The first BETA of Game Version 0.14 will be out next week! Multiple updates to the BETA branch will follow thereafter with fixes and additional features.

An announcement will be put up on Discord with further details on how to download the BETA version of the game and participate in the tests. These tests will also be a great opportunity for you to provide us with early feedback and we highly encourage that you do so!

Dylan ‘Monroy’ Vassallo - Programmer
One of the very first things that a player sees when they first opt into the game is the spawn menu user interface. During the past few weeks, Monroy has been working on implementing a new interface which is now in its polishing phase.

After the first implementation of the interface was done, we started looking for feedback from our community and one particular issue came up. This was that it was inconvenient for players to switch from one spawn to another since it was split into two different screens.

So, we then went back to the drawing board and came up with a concept which combines both selecting a spawn point as well as your desired class into one screen. Here’s a look at the User Interface. You’ll also be able to check this interface out in the upcoming BETA.

Some of you might have already noticed from the screenshot that we’re now assigning a randomised set of names to every naval vessel. This will certainly make things easier for everyone to join a ship along with their crewmates.

Monroy has also been busy with other matters. In the upcoming BETA, doors will be interactable. In order to add some strategic element to this, we will also be restricting the functionality to open a door based on if your faction is controlling a capture point in the vicinity of the door object for the Army Conquest, Army Siege and Coastal Siege game modes.

Doors will also be made destructible by melee weapons before Game Version 0.14 is out of BETA.

Julian ‘Rycon’ Farrugia - Lead 3D Artist
He’s been coordinating with Monroy to integrate the new interactable door functionality in each and every map. You can image how many of these objects we have in the game so it was quite the substantial job. Once that was over and done, he switched back to the Prussians. Here’s a look at the Prussian Riflemen in the game!

If you’d like to hear more about the Prussians, we have also finalised the voice acting work required to integrate this new faction. Cheers, shouts, insults, acknowledgements and a whole lot more good stuff.

Building destruction. This is yet another task that Rycon has been working on. You’ll be able to tear down walls, houses and other buildings by pouring round shot into them. Buildings will gradually be made destructible as the game develops. Anyway, less talking, more destruction!

Walentin ‘Walki’ Lamonos - Level Designer
Walki has been designing a game level centred around the fortification we’ve shown in our previous blog post. The fort itself will be situated on a hilltop in a mountainous location. There’s been plenty of progress done on the map but he would like to add more detail to its surrounding areas before showing it off.

By The Community - Spotlight & Creations
There’s always a great need for a good line battle map. Pierre from the 59th Regiment of Foot is one of the good fellows who decided to have a go at making maps for the game and we’re already seeing the fruits of his labour. Here’s a work in progress shot of what he’s been doing.

At the enemy, Sir! Before we end this blog post, we’d like to share with you one of our favourite moments from last week’s Twitch streams.

Soviet Womble & Digby - View The Twitch:

We are extremely grateful for the support that the community has shown for the game! It has been a blast for everyone here in the team during the past few months since our Early Access release.

We'll keep you updated on our progress. Once again, we thank you and as always, may good health be yours.

- Anvil Game Studios
Games Discussion / Re: Next Day: Survival
« Last post by Asid on Today at 07:40:36 PM »
UPDATE [20/05/2018]
Next Day: Survival - SOFF Games

Hello! An update has been downloaded to the server, restart the Steam client to download the update.

UPDATE [20/05/2018]

1) Fixed a bug when after killing the character from the distance, he froze in a static pose.
2) Fixed a bug when the connection error "Lost connection with the game's server" periodically occurred.
3) Added adaptive health system for BOSS, now it is possible to cope with the boss alone: the more players fight with the boss, the more loot it will drop out and the more difficult the boss will be.
4) Fixed a bug when some of the shot effects were not displayed.
5) Fixed a bug when it was possible to climb into the store of the storekeeper in the location "Dead swamp".
6) Fixed a bug in which the safe zone disappeared in the main building of the scientific base in the the "Dead swamp" location.
7) Fixed a bug when parked cars knocked off players.
8) Fixed a bug when cars were respawned on the roof.
9) Fixed a bug when the NPC Defender in the bunker was on the roof or in the air.
10) Fixed a bug when some boots of NPCs were white and without any texture.
11) We've returned some pistols to the game's store: APS and Rook, M1911 was removed from the store, now you can only find it in the game yourself.
12) Fixed displaying the icon of the weapon slot in the Machete.
13) Now the NPCs in the settlement of the scientific base will attack the players for the killings on the territory of the settlement.
14) In the "Dead swamp" location camps of peace and looters were added; points of spawn and storage were also added.
15) Fixed a bug when the sound of a shot at the NPC could be played twice.
16) Improved optimization for some types of dynamic objects, fixed a bug with FPS drop when throwing objects.
It appears that I cannot play today. I still have a bit of work to do for tomorrow. See you next week.
It appears that I cannot play today. I still have a bit of work to do for tomorrow. See you next week.
Translated using Google Translate:
Quote from: Ssnake
All in all, I am actually quite satisfied with the current situation. However, we want to bring the frame rates to the level of version 3.x, and we still have to do a "correct" beta test. The first one will be tackled in the coming months. When we find the time to do a beta test is still unclear. Beta testing binds a significant portion of programmers and is thus in direct competition with orders for which we make contractual commitments. Naturally, such works have priority. In this respect, beta testing depends on the order situation, which is very difficult to predict.
TFDI B717 / Re: TDFI B717 Updates/Patches
« Last post by Asid on Today at 06:12:07 PM »
Performance Update (

Also adds support for Remote CDU.
FSX/P3D/X-Plane / Multi Crew Experience
« Last post by Asid on Today at 05:08:14 PM »

Multi Crew Experience

This is a product that will give you the opportunity for a Multi Crew Experience.
You will never fly those heavies alone again.

Compatibility: FS2004, FSX, FSX SE, P3D2-4 & X-Plane
File size: 700MB

Home page Here
Demo available: Here
Downloads: Here
Support: Here
Videos: Here
Manual: Here

David Herky demonstrates MCE

Published on 9 Nov 2017


Multi Crew Experience is a new add-on to the award winning, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and FS2004® software. It adds the missing elements, like crew coordination, interactive checklist reading, realistic ATC operation, call-outs and warnings against deviation from standards, as well as extras, like user interface voice control.

How does it work?

Multi Crew Experience builds on Microsoft SAPI 5® outstanding technology, that brings speech recognition, as well as speech synthesis to the windows® platform. We have choosen a modular design, that allows you to use, some, or all the features, according to your needs. This makes it easier to integrate. It will also play nicely, when used alongside other third party add-ons. It is fully multithreaded, and was designed with performance in mind.

"Why our implementation is the best." The FS++ team.

•   Works across a wide range of systems, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP, 32 or 64 Bit, English or foreign editions, for both Microsoft flight simulator, Lockheed Martin sim and Laminar research X-Plane.
•   It does what it claims.
•   It's feature rich, and provides the ultimate Multi Crew Experience.
•   You can talk not just to your co-pilot, but to native ATC, Radar Contact controllers, as well as Pro Flight Emulator ATC controllers.
•   Supports all default FSX, Prepar3D, FS9 and X-Plane aircraft, as well as many third party aircraft add-ons. And the list is growing.
•   It runs outside the simulator. There is no chance of spoiling a very long flight due to a bad voice command.
•   No matter what edition of FSX, Prepar3D or FS9 you own, that is English or localized foreign version, you will be able to interact with the built-in FS ATC in English.
•   We write as much code as we can, so that we don't have to blame third party plug-ins when things don't go as planned.
•   You don't need a quad core machine to run it. It is very lean and mean with system resources.
•   It's based on real talk, and you'll hardly need to read the manual to get started. Very high flexibility with regards the way you speak the various commands.
•   It comes with a professionally designed installer that will get you up and running in minutes.
•   One to one support via e-mail.
•   MCE is fully multi-threaded. Sounds simple. But it's a hell of a job to create a reliable multi-threaded application. In practice, it allows you to change a command you have given on the fly, not to mention provide better responsiveness.
•   Has a fully working demo available for download.

We believe, this product greatly improves the realism of home flight simulation.
Thank you.
The FS++ team.

Does it require an English version of Windows?
No, this application has been tested, and expected to work on almost any language localized version of Windows XP Home or professional.

For Windows 10, Windows 8, Vista or Windows 7, English version, it will run on any edition.

For Windows 10, MCE will work on any Windows edition or language. Just need to install the free English US language pack.

For Vista or Windows 7 localized versions, like Spanish or French, you will need Vista, Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise, to be able to download and install the free Microsoft English language pack. The alternative is to use a free third party tool called Vistalizator, that would help you run MCE under any operating system and Language.

Do I need to be a native English speaker to use the software?
Although it helps, the answer is no. You will be surprised to learn about the poor grasp of the English language among real world pilots around the world. Though you need to know what heading, speed, altitude, flaps...mean. We are talking 200 to 300 words overall.

Do i have to be online to use this product?
No, this is a desktop application. Therefore you don't need an internet connection to use it.

How do the various editions compare?

Multi  Crew Experience User Interface screenshots

Bear in mind, that the user interface is only a tiny part of the application, and you will only interact with it a couple of times, mainly to setup your preferences. The core of the program lies in the invisible part working in the background.

The General Page, where Application Features can be enabled or disabled, and various options can be set.

If running a non-English edition of Windows or the flight simulator, you will see a couple of flags that allow you to switch the user interface language between English and any of the following languages, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.


The Command page, where you can select one of the installed voices to use for crew members. Choose from 7 recorded high quality voice packs, including English US, UK, Australian, German, and French accents.

You can also fine tune the speech recognition engine.


The Checklist page, where you can see the different headers available. You can also select your own custom made checklist.


The ATC page, for selecting the options you think are better for you. Note the possibility of using a joystick button, as a push to talk button, for message transmission. So, it is time to get away fom those bad habits, of reaching out for the keyboard to interact with ATC!


The monitor page, where you can specify the proficiency level you are seeking, and set some operational parameters.


The Simulator page, where you can select the different elements of the user interface to be controlled by voice.


Finally, the About page, that just gives an overview of your hardware setup.

MCE can be minimized to a very narrow window, taking little screen space.

It's also completely hidden when the simulator is in full screen mode.

MCE ships with a variety of tools that help you accomplish things


Voxkey is a tool that allows you to create your own voice commands that will be converted to keyboard strokes.

It's a bit like getting a free VoiceBuddy dedicated to FSX & FS9

Speech training tool:

MCE ships with a speech training tool that allows you to train your voice on custom words and sentences

Officially supported aircraft
A few more aircraft are supported and aren't listed. The Demo will help you find out more.

Microsoft Flight Simulator and LM Prepar3D

•   PMDG 737 NGX, B747, MD-11, J41, 777, B-747 V3 QOTS II
•   FsLabs A320 (Note: fully supported under FSX, and partially under P3D V3.2 or higher)
•   Captain Sim 777, 767, 757, 707, CS 727, 737, L1011 Tristar
•   Feelthere ERJ 145, ERJ 135, EMB 175, EMB 195, Legacy
•   Quality Wings Bae 146, B757, soon B787
•   Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321 and A318/A319, DH6 Twin-Otter, CRJ 700-900
•   CoolSky DC9, MD-80
•   Level-D B767
•   iFly B737, B747-400
•   Majestic Dash Q400
•   Simcheck A300 B4 (with simulated flight engineer)
•   Milviz B737-200
•   Wilco Evolution Vol 1
•   Leonardo MD-82 (Maddog)
•   JustFlight PSS 777, Bae146
•   Flysimware Lear A35
•   XtremePrototypes Learjet 20 series
•   Razbam Metroliner III
•   Lockheed All Lockheed Martin Prepar3D default aircraft
•   Microsoft All default FSX & FS9 aircraft

X-Plane 11 & 10

•   Flight Factor B757 Pro, 777 Worldliner, B767 ER Pro. A350
•   JAR Designs A320 Neo, A330
•   FlyJSim B737-200, Q400, B727
•   Peter Hager A320-Neo
•   SSG Embraer 170, Embraer 190, B747-i8
•   JRollon CRJ 200
•   RWD A330
•   EADT x737 NG
•   IXEG 737-300 Classic
•   Laminar Research All default X-Plane 10 aircraft including ZIBO mod

Download high quality extra pre-recorded voices (will work with Demo)

•   Co-pilot Clive    
•   Co-pilot William    
•   Co-pilot Dieter    
•   Co-pilot Jean-Claude    
•   Co-pilot Lorna    
•   Co-pilot Bill    
•   Co-pilot Stuart    
•   Co-pilot Robert
•   Co-pilot Andy    
•   Mechanic Richard
•   Mechanic Andrew
•   Mechanic David
•   Mechanic Lorna
•   Mechanic Sten
•   Mechanic Clive

At the request of Klaus made a small change to the schema.
- his division was completely destroyed .
- on his right flank was part of the forces of Sandman (who then retreated to the rest of the forces)

He also added Sandman's cavalry to the flank of Colbert.
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