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Squad 4.0 - Red Star Rising

Squad 4.0 - Red Star Rising
Wed, 23 November 2022

Today we are proud to announce Update 4.0 - Red Star Rising, the arrival of the People's Liberation Army in Squad

Attention Squaddies,

Today we are proud to announce Update 4.0 - Red Star Rising, a major milestone for Squad that will see the addition of our 10th playable faction, the Peoples Liberation Army
(PLA). We know that you have been expecting them to join the fray for a while now and we are excited to see you soon get to play them!

The PLA will be added to Squad with update 4.0 on December 7th, 2022

The Peoples Liberation Army, originally called the Red Army, encompasses mainland Chinas land, sea, and air forces and is the largest military force in the world today. In Squad, this new combined arms faction features seven new vehicles, fifteen unique weapons & deployables, and a devastating bombing run Commander ability. We are also expanding our localization efforts with the addition of Simplified Chinese.

Here are some of the new weapons, vehicles and abilities that the PLA brings onto the field:

New Commander Feature Call in a tactical bombing run using the PLAs signature JH-7A Flying Leopard aircraft
New Vehicles ZBL-08 Wheeled...

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X-Plane 12

X-Plane 12 is here!

New in X-Plane 12

Photometric Lighting Engine
Light brightness, intensity, spread, and more all computed in real time with the laws of physics.

3D Water
Gorgeous global water rendering, complete with wave height controls and floatplane interaction based on feedback from expert pilots.

Seasonal Effects
Tree color and leaf coverage vary to show season snow accumulates, too!

Tropical Water Colors
Gorgeous, geographically-aware water colors.

3D Forests and Vegetation
Large variety of 3D trees with variation of species, size, and seasonal effects. They even sway in the wind.

Ambient Sounds
The entire world now comes to life with FMOD sound birds in the forest, cars in the cities and of course, ground service vehicles.

Volumetric 3D Clouds
Physics-Based Photometric Lighting Model
18 Aircraft from the Piper Cub to Airbus A330
Worldwide 3D Water
Rewritten Air Traffic Control System
Global 3D Forests
Seasonal Textures and Weather Effects
Revamped Real Weather Data and Rendering

FREE Demo available

You can Try Early Access

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D.O.W. Steel Beasts Wednesday Mission 16/11/22 @ GMT18:00

D.O.W. Steel Beasts Wednesday Mission 16/11/22 @ GMT18:00

This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message.

Apoc_IceBurn by Apocalypse

Ice Burn
by Apocalypse

I. Situation

a. Enemy. Enemy forces are defending the area with a mechanized infantry company (BMP3) supported by a platoon of T90 tanks and a motorized recon platoon. The enemy has positioned two mechanized platoons foward, defending crossing sites at Novahorsk and Gliwek and two platoons remain near the town of Bojnik. We expect to see motor recon units conducing roving patrols on the flanks and near the Anizu hills, to provide coverage between the disruption forces and the main body in Bojnik. We expect to see tanks supporting the main defense at Bojnik, however, they may reinforce a crossing site if necessary.

b. Friendly. Friendly forces consist of a Stryker Recon Troop supported by a platoon of tanks. Weather is keeping our aircraft grounded, so don't expect any support. The poor weather conditions are also slowing our follow-on forces, so we must seize that critical crossroads junction in Bojnik.

II. Mission: Attack to clear enemy forces from the town of Bojnik; this will allow follow-on forces...

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