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Cry of War

Feel the excitement of driving the MarkIV with other WW1 tanks in the Cry of War.

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Feel the excitement of driving the WW1 tanks like MarkIV,FT-17,A7V and etc in the Cry of War.

Cry of War is a tank combat game created mainly by Wang,a university student.The game is powered by Unity3D.

Features include:

   Realistic Hit System
   Independent Suspension System

The game is trying to provide you with a enjoyable atmosphere of WW1 tank battles.

For example,

you can drive MarkIV to fight with A7V.Read More

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Turbulent Designs: TerraFlora Global vegetation texture upgrade


Global vegetation texture upgrade

Compatibility: FSX, FSX:SE, P3Dv3, P3Dv4
Airport Type: Global Trees
Location: Global
Coverage area: Global
Resolution: HD

Official page

Prepar3D V4 - Turbulent TerraFlora - 4K

Published on 5 Sep 2017


Get set for a whole new world!

TerraFlora is the next step in our mission to create the best quality vegetation that not only blends seamlessly into our scenery but also covers the entire planet.

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A replacement camera system that lets you define multiple view categories
and multiple views within those categories that are associated with specific aircraft.
X-Camera also supports airport cameras

Compatibility: X-Plane 9, 10, and 11
File size:  8.25 MB

Home page Here
Free "Lite" version available. Download: Here
Tutorials: Here
Videos: Here
Q&A: Here
Manual: [url=https://www.stick...

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