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Games Discussion / Re: Military Operations
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:18:47 AM »
Military Operations: Benchmark, release trailer

To accompany the release, we created a new trailer.

It gives an overview of what the "roam" feature in the Benchmark has to offer.

Published on Jun 20, 2018

Multiplayer games & AAR's / How to restart / restore a multiplayer game.
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 11:17:47 PM »
How to restart / restore a multiplayer game.

This function is implemented in patch V1.03. A procedure for restarting a multiplayer match using a saved game file is implemented.

The usual case you need this is when your match drops or a single player drops in the middle of match, but you can also use this if you want to play a match many hours long and you want to split it into many phases.

How it works:

Player 1 hosts a match, using the scenario "Alpha", for player 2, 3, 4 and 5.

After 1 hour of game, players 2 and 5 drops from the game.

Player 1 wants restart the match, so as first action he saves the game at this point; he gives to the save the name Player1 (in the file system it will be Player1.sav).

- second step: Player 1 sends the save file to all the players (2,3,4,5) of match

- Player 2,3,4,5 place the save file received in the save directory of game (in \Users\User\Documents\SowWL\Saved Games ) keeping the same file name (Player1.sav)

- Player 1 opens the scenario "Alpha" directory (usually under \Users\User\Documents\SowWL\Scenarios ) and create here a file with the name "restartmp.ini" (ini is the extension, make attention if you have the explorer option of hide know extension)

- Player 1 has to open "restartmp.ini" and write inside this

now he saves the file "restartmp.ini"

- Now all the players re-enter the lobby like the first time and Player 1 selects again the scenario "Alpha". All the players select their officers and Player 1 starts the match. If all has been done correctly the players will restart the game at the same moment of saving action, with the same values.

- use only save files taken from multiplayer matches, not from matches of campaign or single player.
- Is not necessary that the host is the same player of first session, but the host has to do the same actions done by Player 1 above.
- the players can select different officers respect those of first session or more players (or less) can partecipate to the match.
- If an officer previously used by a player is leaved without human in the restart, it will start the match with TC on
Games Discussion / Re: Hellion - Space survival game (Super Hardcore Game)
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 10:41:49 PM »
Singleplayer Update Patch Notes
20 June - ZG_Rick

Greetings Colonists,

Did I leave my station in a stable orbit, did I hide it well enough? Where the hell was that fabricator module again? Did I fix my ship before I logged, is it still going to be there when I’m back? What about the base, what if it was too close and someone managed to raid it? Whatever the case might be, the new single player mode has it covered!

Through the magic of save/load you now have all the time in the world to make those split second decisions or plan your next few actions. Regardless if you are a seasoned veteran or a fresh arrival to the Hellion system you can now experiment in peace or learn the ropes at your own pace.

Single player mode will feature two basic game modes: normal and sandbox. Normal puts you in a default starting position but without other players to worry about. It is an excellent choice for new players as it lets them learn all of the game basics and get a hang of Newtonian physics, most notably inertia and zero-g movement. It’s also perfect for those who can’t afford to play the game each and every day. Sandbox mode is meant for players who love experimenting and testing things as it comes with all dev commands unlocked. Activate God mode, spawn all modules, smash them into pieces by launching a torpedo container, build the largest base ever or freely teleport between locations, whatever comes to your mind. Use the game as a playground and feel free to express your creativity.

Singleplayer Update will be deployed on Thursday June 21. Servers will be down from 4PM UTC/9AM PDT until 5PM UTC/10AM PDT. There will be no server wipe this time.

Features and improvements

New single player options added:

•   Normal
•   Sandbox + free spawn selection

Added a new menu for using dev commands (Default F2)
Implemented partial texture optimization
Added in-game Data Privacy button for Unity Analytics


Incorrect pistol clip shelf orientation
Disappearing pressure suit after clicking “remove suit” icon
Clustered objects in navigation panel text rapidly changes
Docking panel - all ports listed below a single object
Cannot grapple Fabricator module bug
Debris Junk 002 missing collision
Steropes - force open Airlock opens locked doors
Asteroids missing collision after server restart
Warping into asteroids
Update warp maneuver when entering a new ship
Multiple client errors
Server error (An item with the same key has already been added)

Until tomorrow,
Zero Gravity team

Games Discussion / Re: BLACK DAY
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 10:36:49 PM »
Alpha 0.83 release: New map, AI improvements and more...
19 June - [FR] Helios Production   

Dear gamers,

Alpha 0.83 release, a update that brings a new map and alot of improvements.

A new map is available “Proving ground”. This small map is especially well suited for close combat fighting. Get ready for some cold sweats while you try to complete your objectives.

AI soldiers and teammates receive alot of improvements and fixes.

Helios Production

- Add: New map - Proving ground
- Add: Arrow icon visible if actor hitted for AI order is available
- Tweak: AI behavior
- Tweak: AI found cover location
- Tweak: Faction war mode
- Tweak: Increase enemies soldiers health
- Tweak: AI command actor detection
- Tweak: Rebels faction rendering
- Tweak: Camera characters customization
- Tweak: Switch 1st/3rd camera even if wounded
- Fix: Drivable vehicles disappear after get out
- Fix: Undesirable Halo triggered after get out chopper
- Fix: Can't take enemy weapon
- Fix: Player can do others actions if treat
- Fix: AI soldiers rotation
- Fix: AI pathfinding
- Fix: AI teammate doesn't desactivate turret correctly
- Fix: AI teammate could be shoot with suppression fire even if wounded
- Fix: AI teammate follow behavior
- Fix: AI enemies spawn to conquest task
- Fix: AI laser detection loop
- Fix: AI spawn
- Fix: White tree LOD (Area 47)
- Fix: Doors collision (Eastern village)
- Fix: Meshs cull (Country Town)
- Fix: Rock location (Conira Castle)
- Fix: Damages to enemies
- Fix: Grenade frag scale
- Fix: Undesirable duplicate AI navigation volume (Redwood forest)
- Fix: Undesirable parachute on rebel skin
- Fix: Some french translations
ArmA / SITREP #00219
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 10:34:39 PM »
SITREP #00219
19 June - Iceman   
FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Roadmap 2018, Dev-Branch Frequency

Last week we shared our plans for the second part of this year and took a brief look at what lies beyond. We're now finishing up on some of the final details of this summer's "Encore" Update, and we hope to introduce them to Dev-Branch[] quite soon™.

Games Discussion / Re: Military Operations
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 10:32:16 PM »
Military Operations: Benchmark

Benchmark Facts & Figures

The full earth-covering base map
contains basic land mass geometry and height information for the entire Earth in 1 million tiles, containing 400 million height samples, with each sample describing the height for a 2 km x 2 km area.

For Europe we include a low-detail land-use database
West to East stretching from the UK to the Ural mountains and North to South from the North Cape to the Sahara desert. This database contains features sized 150m across or larger.

The highest detail map covers the following parts of
Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg. It includes elevation with a resolution of 30 m x 30 m per sample, building geometry and geographic features as small as 3 meters across.
It also includes a full navigable road network as well as railways and waterway geometries such as canals and streams.

The simulated armed forces in the Benchmark
consist of over 50000 men, 3000 tanks and other armored vehicles, 7000 motorcycles, 12000 soft-skinned motor vehicles, over a 1000 guns and 4000 horses in over 6000 units.
Games Discussion / Re: For The King
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 10:29:37 PM »
For The King - Jay-Nic

Greetings Adventurers!

We’re proud to announce another meaty update! We’ve teased you with our last two roadmap announcements that showed off some of the key major features in this update. Now we’re happy to come at you with the full list.

"Great timing! Just in time for -"

Nothing, Joe Player - just in time for nothing... There is no significance in the timing of this update whatsoever, because nothing has been officially announced.

"Oh… uhh, right."

Anywho… If you haven’t followed our last couple roadmap announcements, I’ll give a quick run down of the major features.

New Endless Dungeon Adventure
Titled Hildebrant’s Cellar engage in a never ending dungeon that will drive you to the depths of the world until your inevitable doom. In here you unlock new items costumes and achievements. You’ll even encounter new traps, and new enemies.

House Rules
A new feature when starting a game that allows you to customize some of the key difficulty aspects of the game. Namely: Chaos Frequency, Starting life pool, and Economy inflation. We explained this in the previous roadmap announcement, but I’ll explain it again here.

House rules

•   Chaos frequency will increase or decrease the number of rounds between when Chaos is set to increment. Assuming, of course, that the game mode has Chaos in it.
•   Life Pool will let you increase, or decrease the starting lives. To be clear: this does not change the amount of lives you’ll find in your adventures. And as always: there is no cap to how many you can gather.
•   Economy Inflation Oh, don’t lie: you skipped right to this one, didn’t you!? This will permit you to adjust the percentage increase of inflating items over time. This does not change base prices of items, and does not change starting gold, gold drops, or item drops in any way. It’s only the inflation of the small set of items that naturally inflate in price over time.

Character Stat Overview

The Toggle Stat Bar button now shows a total breakdown of all relevant character statistics, effects, and abilities.

More, More, More
Oh yeah. We’re not done yet. There are a few key features we want to make sure get mentioned.
•   We’ve added Polish language support! Zwycięstwo!
•   Pipe upgrades are now done through the market. They show as an item in the list, and are purchased and equipped for the active player. The pipes themselves don’t change, but we wanted to make sure people weren’t missing out on this essential upgrade in games. This has enabled us to add a shop to the Pipesmith encounter just like other wandering merchants. She sells some herbs now too!

Pipe in a shop!

•   Proc-ing in dungeons has changed for the better! Now, every character after every dungeon encounter has their chance to proc their special abilities. Where previously, a character could only proc his abilities if he was the active player (his name was in the top left). This cuts both ways, however. Poison damage will also have its effect each room. But, so will things like health regeneration. Because of the frequency of this chance to proc: we’ve slightly reduced the likelihood of ability procs in dungeons only. This affects all adventures, not just Hildebrant’s Cellar.
•   The Reset Lore button is back by popular demand… after being removed… by popular demand… To be explicitly clear: this is not a respec! Resetting your lore returns the Lore store to its original ‘factory’ state, and clears your banked Lore. You do not get refunded your Lore purchases.

•   New adventure: Hildebrant’s Cellar - endless dungeon mode
•   New in Hildebrant’s Cellar: encounters from the overworld: Sanctums, Stone Heros, and Dead Adventurers
•   New House Rules so players can customize certain game rules (more to come in the future!)
•   New water temple dungeon
•   New chaos skull enemy
•   New acid blob enemies
•   New armored ogre enemy
•   New hellhound enemy
•   New poison barrel, acid bucket, spikes, tentacles, statue and magnet traps added to various dungeons
•   New trinket and amulet to protect against acid
•   Cornelius encounter made easier
•   Added gold drop multiplier to be used with certain game modes
•   Dead players can now trade with other players to avoid situations where you might lose access to gold or items

•   Included missing player skills from encyclopedia
•   Online lobby polish, now shows game rules and more details per game
•   Fixed issue where certain helmets didn’t fit Forest Mystic’s head properly
•   Fixed bug where Fire Skelly Mage was doing high level burn damage instead of low level burn damage
•   Fixed bug where some backpacks would not fall off upon death
•   Reduced extra screen shaking upon some character deaths
•   Fixed rendering bugs with hexes on min spec
•   Fixed occasional game hang on Lich Crypt chest
•   Fixed bug with fleeing in online games
•   Market list update fix for online games

Other changes and features
•   Polish Language support
•   Haunts lock level when revealed
•   All pipe upgrades are done through the market
•   Boats are slightly cheaper
•   Changes to end game sequence and imagery
•   New ghoul animation set
•   New detailed character stats page
•   Added 14 new items to lore, including new high end custom clothing for only the most discerning of customers
•   Added mead helmet for totally non discerning customers
•   Added ability to customize armor when creating a character
•   New post combat animations to reflect player’s actions
•   Texture optimization pass
•   Lore unlocks and purchases are stored outside of Steam/GOG. This is good for GOG users who don’t want to use Galaxy
•   Re-enabled the Reset Lore Button. Don’t push this button unless you want to lose all your lore. You’ve been warned.

We’ll see you in the cellar.

-IronOak Games

Games Discussion / Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 10:24:26 PM »
Update 56 - Major Step Forward
Medieval Kingdom Wars - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

With todays and our next update we are taking a break from major features and instead working on polishing, fixing and balancing every area of the game. However, you will find plenty of new content as well - from new town levels to the first of the UI tooltips.

Every area of the game, especially the economy and auto-resolve aspect has been completely re-balanced. You will also notice the new approach to the game camera, as well as beautiful new town of Norwich. All in all this massive update comes with nearly 50 changes big and small.

Meanwhile work on DirectX 11 update continue, though already couple of weeks behind schedule we are confident we will release this update later this July.

And please keep in mind that we are not quite done with today`s update, and expecting a second part with additional tooltips, world map changes and auto-resolve balancing later this week.

And so, presenting Update # 56 Part I:

Fixes and Additions
-Tooltips support for World map GUI
-Added tooltips to most of the world map GUI buttons and options
-New Skirmish level: Castle of Norwich
-Several smaller world map towns now use Norwich as base level
-2nd defending army in large city battles now spawns on walls
-Supporting army in army vs army and hamlet battles is a lot more aggressive now
-Fixed bug with supporting AI army building your army camp walls
-Fixed issue with player units taking no damage when auto-resolving AI Army vs 2 player Armies
-When winning Auto-Resolve vs AI Town do not give starting garrison - just Level 0 (2 chickens and 2 peasants) (Same as player would get for wining in battle)
-Corrections to the tech tree to mark tech that are implemented globally, and these that just unlock stuff
-Fixed town Viterbo not showing on the world map
-Fixed major issue with weird triangles appearing on screen when destroying buildings - stone mine was the problem
-Fixed issue with certain bridges or tight passes not letting the army pass on the world map
-Reworked the world map camera controls - higher zoom out, but limited zoom in
-Reworked the battle camera controls - higher zoom out, but limited zoom in
-Disabled camera tilting, camera now auto-tilts on zoom

New Technologies
-Pax Europa reduces cost of diplomatic gifts/insults by 30%
-Unigenitus Dei Filius slows discontentment changes of citizens
-Bendictus Deus hastens contentment changes of citizens
-Trade Fairs increases trade item production slightly
-Trade Partnerships increases trade item production slightly
-Exaction increases silver reward from battle by 30%
-Field Scouts gives player max population cap if in AvA or attacker in AvT without having to build tents
-Watch Towers increases view range of armies and towns on world map
-Caisson Storehouse increases storage capacity from Storehouses
-Merchant Warehouse further increases storage capacity from Storehouses

Balancing Changes
-Building level up cost increases much less with each level
-Building level up cost completely re-balanced, moderately reduced for most buildings
-Economic building level up cost greatly reduced for economic buildings
-Second army controlling AI will no longer create really advanced units
-Armies will always loose at least 1 unit when two armies are used at once
-Winning army units sustain a lot more damage, but battalions always survive
-Diplomacy - bribe to boost relations 30% cheaper, to damage relations 60% cheaper
-Happiness - on Default +50 points happier.
-Happiness - city garrison increases happiness 100% more
-Hamlet and City Tax income increased by 50%
-Silver income from buildings increased by 200%
-Silver income from units increased 100%
-Palisade no longer requires Iron cost upfront, only wood
-Mounted Hobelar, 30% cheaper, and 25% boost to stats
-Archery Range building stone cost greatly reduced, wood cost increased
-First two starting techs in each category are significantly cheaper and available early game
Games Discussion / Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 10:22:47 PM »
Update: PAMELA v0.4.0.3 is Live: Item Spawning Fixes GDPR Compliance
P.A.M.E.L.A.® - Mirus

Hey everyone! We've got another update ready for you today that fixes a few remainings issues that were introduced with our recent Level Streaming update. We've also added a new option so you can manage your Data Privacy in accordance to the new GDPR, this can be found in the main menu settings.

When we added level streaming, the way items were spawning in was causing some items to fall through furniture or get stuck inside colliders and were inaccessible. Every item spawn point was combed through and adjusted so this shouldn't be a problem anymore!

There was a few other bugs that have been fixed as well, such as Nirvana not being able to be put into Full Power, and some issues with XP and Genome Points not being given correctly or at all.

As always, read the full changelog below!

•   Added new settings option to comply with GDPR. (Main Menu Only)

•   Removed some bad NPC spawn points.
•   Moved the positions of item spawn points that were affected by new item loading and collider updates.

•   Items will no longer fall through furniture and props, a regression from when level streaming was introduced.
•   Nirvana now is able to go to full power.
•   Fixed a bug where players weren't being given XP upon death.
•   Fixed an issue where players weren't being given the XP bonus in permadeath game mode.

FSX/P3D/X-Plane / Re: Milviz Turbo Otter
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 12:38:19 PM »
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