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Tacview 1.9.0 beta 6 is available Now

Tacview 1.9.0 beta 6 is available Now

Download: HERE

Release Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2022
Operating System: Windows 32-bit / 64-bit
File Size: 737.3 MB

Release notes


ADDED support for Falcon 4 real-time telemetry
ADDED support for Falcon 4 FLT temporary files
ADDED support for DCS: South Atlantic map
ADDED support for DCS: Mirage F-1CE
ADDED support for DCS: MB-339
ADDED Real-time telemetry lag option to better support some recorders
ADDED numerous entries to the database
ADDED new shortcut AltGr+B to inject bookmarks in DCS World
ADDED OutOfSyncWarning registry option to disable desynchronized real-time telemetry warning
IMPROVED KML telemetry files support
IMPROVED crispness of terrain textures
IMPROVED mouse objects selection from the 3D view
IMPROVED Korea database and terrain for BMS 4.36


FIXED crash when displaying non power of two texture in 3D view
FIXED support of IGC files with lines of more than 99 characters
FIXED old hack preventing aircraft from flying highter than 60Kft in FSX2ACMI
FIXED media duration was not displayed after opening a file

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Tacview French Language Interview

Tacview French Language Interview
15 Nov 2022

Tacview gave an interview in French. Thanks Sklang!

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D.O.W. Wednesday Open Mission 30/11/22 @ GMT18:00

D.O.W. Wednesday Open Mission 30/11/22 @ GMT18:00

This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message.

Uppland Defence 1.0.0 by Maic

Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for the Swedish - Finnish Taskforce

Two days ago in a fierce fight we succesfully defeated enemy units in our AO. Now the enemy has had time to regroup and an attack is immediate.
a) Enemy:
Enemy mechanised battalion is grouping for an attack EAST of our AO.

Enemy recon units have been spotted crossing the small river of Truden half an hour ago and the battalion main force is expected to be following them.
Expected enemy force: 3 -4 x Mechanised companies with attached Tank platoons.
Enemy also has plenty of artillery available.

Enemy force consists of T-72B3s and BMP-2s.
Expected enemy avenues of approach is marked on map

b) Own:

Friendly mechanised taskforce is in defence between PL Road and PL Uppland.

2nd and 3rd Mechanised companies have just arrived in the area and are preparing their defence on our northern and southern sides


Plan out your defence and defeat the enemy battalion.

2 batteries with 6...

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