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World War II Europe 1939-1945 / Re: WWII Europe
« Last post by Ronster on Today at 04:33:10 PM »
Thanks for reading the post, Ron. Having more holding attacks would make defending a lot more enjoyable and also from what I have been reading more historical. Giving ground option would be cool if you did not want a unit destroyed.
Flight Simulation / Dambusters Raid A modern recreation P3dv4
« Last post by Asid on Today at 03:20:53 PM »
Dambusters Raid A modern recreation P3dv4

A modern recreation of the famous Dam-busters raid of 1943. Using historical route maps. David Herky flies the mission using modern attack weapons, in a simulation of the F/A 18 E Super-hornet. See part2 for the night mission.

Dambusters Raid Part 1 A modern recreation P3dv4

Published on 12 Jan 2018

This is a complete mission so here is an index of the flight;
0.00 Introduction and overview of the historic route
09.30 Route plan, modern aims and objectives, explanation of defences.
11.30 Fallen aircrew locations
12.00 Modern weapons and F/A 18 E Load out. GPS inputs.
14.00 The Mission. Take off from Scampton
18.55 First re fuel
19.45 Descent to Dutch coast with commentary
20.50 Activation of Tacpack scenario
22.00 Feet Dry
25.00 Way point C rail yard
26.30 Wilhelmina Canal way point D
26.45 1st radar SAM search detection. HARM pre planned target employment
28.00 Master Arm on
28.35 Decoy deploy
31.15 MAGNUM, 1st SAM engaged
32.30 SAM launch, target is us!
35.00 HARM pull up
36.15 MAGNUM 2 SAM 2 engaged
37.30 JSOW set up launch point
43.00 JSOW launch Mohne dam
45.00 JDAM launch on Sorpe dam
48.00 Eder dam attack JSOW
51.00 Mohne dam gets the last weapon
52.35 RTB
57.35 Hardenberg WP
60.00 Re fuel 2
61.00 Descent to Scampton in IMC

Dambusters Raid Part 2 A modern recreation at night P3dv4

Published on 18 Jan 2018

The Dambusters raid a modern recreation, part 2.
In this movie we fly the mission at night. Taking off at 22.15, in May, as did the Lancaster AJ-J in 1943, to recreate the mission using a modern attack aircraft. See part 1, of this movie series, for a full briefing of the mission and especially the route. This is the route flown specifically by AJ-J, the Lancaster of Dave Maltby and navigator Vivian Nicholson. The logs of Vivian Nicholson were used to re create the route.
Flight Simulation / Re: A319 FO windshield blowout. Real skilled pilot.
« Last post by Asid on Today at 02:27:28 PM »
Extremely low temperatures and decompression. Don't forget the large number of equipment that failed. Good job it was not at night or heavy clouds/poor visibility.

Everyone was saved.

Big thanks to the excellent pilot and the rest of the crew  :notworthy

I was located S and had to leave the control of these forces completely under AI control.

One of the joys of HITS.

Sounds like a great battle.

Thanks for the AAR's  :thumbsup
Thx for that scheme, Paulchen. I want to add the following points:

- 1 of my Inf Div (Cole) and 2 of my Cav Bdes were N of Klaus, NE of the Obj. I was located S and had to leave the control of these forces completely under AI control.
- 1 of my Inf Bdes (Kruse) was occupying the Obj all the time and didnt get involved in fighting, which actually was exciting enough for those greenhorns.
- So finally I defended the S with 1 Inf Div (Decken; mostly volunteers/militia) and 2 Cav Bdes. Another Cav Bde (Merlen) was mostly ineffective after the early engagements with french guard Cav.
- Colberts french regular corps (Reille) in the N should have had nearly the same strengh as Biondo´s corps in numbers.
- Biondo told me that he was confused, because the S was exposed (after I told Klaus to move N to unite with Paulchen) and then counter Colbert. But he probably was concerned it could be a trap. On the other hand he might wanted to avoid a huge spread of the formations, rather than trying to exploit the gap S. Nevertheless he seized the major hill SE of Obj where the allied corps-artillery was bombarding from for like 1.30 h.
World War II Europe 1939-1945 / Re: WWII Europe
« Last post by schwerpt on Today at 05:20:23 AM »
It's an interesting idea.  It would also apply to the German side during the 1944-1945 battles. I have also thought about the Give Ground mode so that getting in the way would slow an overwhelming force, unless you were hit with a 3 to 1 odds or better.

Making good progress on building battles for the June release.

Falcon B.M.S. / Re: how can i help you get into BMS?
« Last post by Tom N on Today at 04:19:38 AM »
I think keybindings is the most crucial topic to make the beginner comfortable, the default ones are crap. Reducing the stuff to the most necessary fast-to-press keys is essential! Comparing to Digital  Integration's "Tornado" everything is a lot more complicated, for example gear up and gear down now is a process which can be executed with engine normally or without engine required to be done manually like in the no-fuel-tutorial-emergency-landing (2 different keys for up and down = 4 keys). Same with many throttle options. Another thing is radio frequency: if you don't hit the right one there is much silence! (Digging into the files eventually will result in finding them).

Stalling is different and will not be prevented automatically by assisting systems. It's harder to put the nose down back into airstream, when falling like a rock. Gear down command helps with that (Just figure which one)

Comming back to no fuel situations or other emergencies: if weight reduction is required, this command needs to be keybound as well (jettison cargo).
Flight Simulation / Re: A319 FO windshield blowout. Real skilled pilot.
« Last post by Tom N on Today at 03:56:14 AM »
Just imagine:  both pilots either a) get sucked out or b) fastened their seatbelts and thus suffered sprained wrists! That's how passengers get into responsibility!

This scheme does not reflect fully the whole course of the battle. But it shows the main dispositions which have developed closer to the end of fight.

I made a mistake when he translated the order of Sandman. I've decided that I need to move North and protect the facility. As a result I was in a reserve of 70% of all fight. I was waiting for the moment when I needed my strength in the decisive direction. I helped Klaus in part in his fight by the river. But soon it became clear that on this direction enemies killed each other. Then I went back to defending the key point again. And then I saw the large forces burst into the facility from the South. I strongly gave the enemy all of their fresh forces. And then the game ended.

Tornado / Re: Modding Tornado
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 10:00:11 PM »
Actually, why won't real pilots fly with a keyboard? They could change back and forth between Twitter and Flight Controls!

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