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Tacview 1.9.4 beta 7 is available Now

Tacview 1.9.4 beta 7 is available Now

Download: HERE

Release Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2024
Operating System: Windows 32-bit / 64-bit
File Size: 868.0 MB

Release notes


ADDED Option to display the event that triggered the playback pause in the 3D view
ADDED Support of PilotEyeGaze* properties for professional simulators
ADDED ILS telemetry to the charts and from XPlane
ADDED DCS: F-4E Phantom II advanced telemetry
ADDED option to map routes in the Track Injector Add-on
ADDED Various Artillery 3D models to the database
ADDED Glideslope to charts
IMPROVED CSV files support
IMPROVED Mach speed handling over 80km of altitude
IMPROVED Sea vehicles now remain displayed after destruction
IMPROVED GPX tracks without altitude can now be imported (at 0 ASL)
IMPROVED charts zoom on Y axis
IMPROVED Eastern Mediterranean Front theater v3.2.1 for Falcon BMS 4.37.3
IMPROVED DCS World Channel, South Atlantic, Normandy and Syria terrain and runways


FIXED Charts with distances on horizontal axis were not working anymore (regression)
FIXED RecordingTime property was improperly set during the import of some files

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Scourge Of War - Remastered

Scourge Of War - Remastered
Norb Software Development LLC

Welcome to Scourge of War, a real-time 3D computer game/simulation developed by NorbSoftDev, the company headed by renowned game designer Norb Timpko, designer of Mad Minute Games' acclaimed Take Command series. Scourge of War is the epitome of historical command simulations.

Steam: Click Here

Theatre: Napoleonic/American Cival War/and.....
Unit Scale: Division, Regiment, Corps
Single player: Yes
Multiplayer: Yes
AI: Yes


Welcome to Scourge of War. We hope you are ready for a fight. This game places you in command of the units of armies and allows you to refight the many historical bloody clashes during the age of regimental base warfare. This is a type of wargame that we call real time command simulation. Real time command simulation combat begins with Sidas in Sid Meier, who released the now legendary wargame Sid Meiers Gettysburg (SMG) in 1997. This game established a new genre, freeing players from the confines of the earlier wargame conventions of the hex grid and dice roll. It placed the units on a 3D battlefield and lets the player/commander move units around. There were no turnscombat happened in real time...

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