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Armored Brigade II

Armored Brigade II - Announcement
Tue, September 12, 2023

It has been some time since Armored Brigade wrote the book on combined arms warfare. Now, it has returned to open a new chapter...with Armored Brigade II.

Set against the tense backdrop of the Cold War, Armored Brigade II offers a plethora of enhancements and innovative features in comparison to its predecessor. The game shifts from a 2D to a more immersive 3D environment. Furthermore, it introduces a refined waypoint editor system, major improvements to the spotting sharing system, enhanced infantry mechanics, expanded fire and air support options, and many more novelties.


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Squad Update V6.0 Release Notes

Squad Update V6.0 Release Notes
Tue, 26 September 2023

Infantry Combat Overhaul

The infantry combat overhaul intends to create the most fun, immersive, authentic, and teamwork-oriented infantry combat experience possible. The goals are to:

- Increase the amount of teamwork needed to win a fight.
- Create more meaningful tradeoffs between different factions, weapon types, and optic types.
- Keep the game fun while making it more approachable for new and existing players.
- Mitigate the amount of punishment newer players experience in combat while learning the game.

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New expansion Graviteam Tactics: Stalemate on Donets

New expansion Graviteam Tactics: Don Bend
Sun, 24 September 2023

Izyum-Barvenkovo offensive operation of the Red Army was carried out from 17 to 27 July, 1943 by forces of South-Western Front in order to encircle and destroy the German group defending Donbass, as well to prevent the transfer of enemy troops to the Kursk region. The operation was carried out simultaneously with the Mius operation of the Southern Front. The main blow in the direction of Barvenkovo from the Izyum region, should have been delivered by 1 and 8gds A. The 3gds A operated in an auxiliary direction. The mobile group of the South-Western Front (23TC and units of the 6 and 4gds RC) were tasked to enter into the breakthrough, strike in the direction of Stalino and, in cooperation with the troops of the Southern Front that were conducting the Mius operation, encircle the Donbass enemy group.

Three operations of 9-10 turns for each of the parties in July, 1943.
Precisely recreated area of over 140 sq. km: forest, river and plains with harsh terrain, farmlands and small settlements.
Historical organizational structure of units at the time of the offensive.
Combat use of Mk4 Churchill tanks.

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