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Combat Mission Black Sea Gets a Battle Pack: By JC

Thursday, April 27, 2017
By: JC
Combat Mission Black Sea Gets a Battle Pack

The Battle Pack 1 for Combat Mission Black Sea was released last week. With two campaigns (one for the USA, the other one for Russia) six standalone scenarios and 27 new quick battle maps, this is the first official content that takes advantage of the newest engine (engine 4).

The video clip above is from a quick battle scenario I'm playing against the Russian computer opponent. It shows some scenes at a river crossing and the cramped toe-hold from where to continue the advance.

The map I picked for this one is "Village (912x1024)", one of the newly released quick battle maps from Battle Pack 1.


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D.O.W. Scourge of War group mentioned by JC

Sunday, April 23, 2017
By: JC
Dogs of War Hosting Scourge of War Waterloo Multiplayer Session This Monday 24Apr2017

The Dogs of War virtual unit is hosting one of their great multiplayer sessions tomorrow. So Scourge of War fans, make sure to check it out and sign up.

A tough day for the French, as they attempt to secure a crossing across the Dyle River. Telescope gadget provided by the Dogs of War toolbar.

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Combat Mission Fortress Italy Got the "Engine 4" Treatment: By JC

Friday, April 21, 2017
By: JC
Combat Mission Fortress Italy Got the "Engine 4" Treatment

And what an enjoyable game continues to be. I am in the process of revisiting my favorites scenarios and I noticed that many of them play differently than in previous iterations. Most noticeable for me is the behavior of infantry.

One more bazooka team out of action. Screenshot from "Catch a Tiger", a favorite of mine that teaches  you the value of delaying contact with the enemy.

From the same scenario, a bazooka team fires one round against the front...

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