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Scourge Of War / Re: Armies
« Last post by Praetoria on Today at 11:11:26 AM »
I think we can simply try initially with 50k to check player's pcs and connections
Scourge Of War / Re: Armies
« Last post by Biondo on Today at 10:51:42 AM »
If I remember correctly, the maximum we hit in a battle was close to 50k in total.

As Miko said, could be too much for player's pc and connection, we risk heavy lag. About connections, I don't know if 10k and 100k is the same because you have more data to transfer to each player(?)

Anyway we can try and see how it works!
General Games Discussion / Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Last post by budd on Today at 04:42:10 AM »
Loading time way down, around 45 seconds for me. They brightened up the darkness a bit and the flashlight works better. The saves seemed to work as expected also, i exited and entered 3 times with no loss..yet.One thing on the down side the audio logs dont play for me now,made it to 7 no dice, also if you hold down the "use" key and try to activate the logs that way it locks the radial menu on screen and your mouse doesnt work and i have to quit and restart.
General Games Discussion / Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Last post by Asid on Today at 02:28:43 AM »
Update: PAMELA v0.1.2.3 is Live - Dramatic Load time Reductions!
Community Announcements

<Please note! This update will cause existing world save files to be deleted!>

Happy Saturday, Sleepers!

We’ve got a BIG update for you today, with some major fixes and improvements.

First, through some re-organizing of our scene loading process behind the scenes, we’ve *dramatically* reduced load times. The exact improvement ratio will depend on your individual machines, but in our testing across several testing rigs we have observed between a 2-4x loading speed increase. We’ve still got a few more tweaks to make, but with this update we’re hoping that the vast majority of you are able to spend *much* less time waiting, and more time playing!

In other exciting news today, we’ve implemented a huge amount of fixes/improvements to the saving and loading system. Aside from making saving and loading much more stable, this should also fix many of the crashes some of you have experienced this week (and extreme slowdowns in Garrison, where hundreds of items would occasionally spawn).

One other significant tweak we’ve made is of world brightness; we’ve increased the base brightness of the image slightly across the board, as well as boosted flashlight brightness. Pitch black areas will still be very dark, but areas with some light present should now be more easily navigable.

Let us know your experience in the comments! We’d especially like to hear about loading time improvements – please let us know your before and after numbers!


•   Added Ambient SFX Volume Slider in Options Menu

•   Adjusted image effects in a way that should slightly brighten overall lighting
•   Adjusted hackable table to more frequently use easy and medium locks, and vastly increased rarity of inferno locks
•   You can no longer loot corpses from an infinite distance

•   Altered the way scenes are loaded resulting in a dramatic decrease in loading times, especially on some computers (Our low end test machine went from 8 minutes to 2 minutes)
•   Fixed an issue with reloading that would sometimes spawn all items in the world in one big heap of loot, that would crash some computers, especially in the Garrison Barracks
•   Fixed a large amount of Saving and Loading bugs caused by the new system that will make it much more reliable
•   Fixed an issue that broke the inventory menu if game was saved while inventory was open
•   Fixed an issue where reloading would sometimes relocate items
•   Fixed issue where numerical keybindings would say "Alpha3" instead of just "3"
•   Fixed an issue that would cause audio to cut out temporarily during the end of the cryo spawn sequence
•   The top Slotted Pamela ability will now activate if you tap "Q"
•   Fixed an issue where volume options in the main menu would not function correctly
•   Fixed an issue causing all Dyes to spawn as Default color
•   Player armor will no longer clip with underlying clothing
•   Fixed an issue where players would need to click to open certain doors twice after respawning
•   Fixed error causing some Junk items and the Cyano Repair Kit to make parts of the inventory unusable
•   Fixed issue with controller functionality in the Pamela Upgrade menu
•   You can now properly remove armor with a controller
•   Removed garbage collection happening when the player transitions between districts
•   Fixed issue where one of the Arcadia lobby doors would not open
•   Fixed an issue causing certain Icons to overlay upon each other in containers
•   Added a shadow blocking geometry piece in Oasis Cathedral that should remove strange lighting here
•   Added simple colliders to static emergency lights in the scene
•   Fixed a Battery Backup in Arcadia that was clipping through a shelf
•   Fixed missing cryo bays in the map of ARK Medical
•   Fixed z-fighting highlight mesh on the dark Garbage Cans
•   Cleaned up transition between the Genome Point Menu and Respawn Menu
•   Fixed issue where sound was not working in the Genome Point and Respawn Menu
•   Fixed issue where link pylon graphic would sometimes not disappear
•   Controller vibration will now stop correctly after player has been killed by enemy
•   X Button on controller now reloads weapon correctly
•   Fixed issue with shader on the main menu water
•   Fixed colliders on Echo Emitters that sometimes made it so players could not get around them in tight spaces
•   Fixed issue where boxes were clipping with the elevator on Arcadia Level 6
•   Fixed missing colliders on doors in the residential section of Arcadia
•   Fixed issue where on respawn the flytext would notify the player of all their hunger/thirst etc stats resetting
•   Fixed issue with Reuptake Assist having inventory portions enabled while in the world
•   Flashlight now resets back to default flashlight correctly after death
•   Augment Removers are no longer free in Genesis Bays
•   Fixed an issue with the link icon not showing up when pointing at linkable objects with the build IVG
•   Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented players from picking up items they picked up and then dropped
•   Fixed missing collider on the top wall of Origin Station
•   Fixed door keypad embedded in a wall in Garrison Lobby
•   Optimized footstep sound systems; should slightly reduce memory usage buildup
•   Fixed an issue that caused data tablets to not always appearing on AARM menu
•   Fixed issue where AARM menu would not turn off when the player map was open
Steel Beasts Pro / Re: Steel Beasts Dynamic Terrain Will Come After New Terrain Engine
« Last post by Asid on March 25, 2017, 11:42:30 PM »
Quote from: Ssnake
3D performance will be better than what you currently have, actually. But loading times and RAM usage will increase a bit, there's no way around that.

This is common nowadays. Games want more and more HD space and RAM  :smashing-computer
Thanks for the updates Rinix.

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General Games Discussion / Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Last post by Asid on March 25, 2017, 11:31:38 PM »
Patch Pains

Well, it's been a long day for the NVYVE Studios team. We've been putting the finishing touches on the update, when at the last minute we found that one of our main optimizations to do with dramatic load time reduction has caused our environment lighting to be... "invalidated". Basically, a huge amount of props in the environment, as well as NPCs, become pitch black in certain areas, ruining immersion and in generally being very ugly to look at.

For those of you familiar with the Unity Engine, we need to "rebuild" our Lightmap. This process, for a world of our size, takes a pretty long time for Unity to calculate; we're hoping that if we kick it off now and test things out over the weekend, we should have it ready for you either late Saturday Eastern Time, or Sunday, barring natural disasters.

Very sorry for the delay, we know that many of you were itching to play tonight. We've tried a bunch of workarounds that didn't involve recalculation, but unfortunately we're stuck having to hit the "Build" button and waiting for it to finish.

On the plus side, we've got some amazing loading time improvements and saving stabilizations coming, among a whole lot of other fixes. So when you do finally get your hands on the update soon, it should be a *much* more pleasant experience than the current live version.
Scourge Of War / Re: Armies
« Last post by Praetoria on March 25, 2017, 10:49:12 PM »
Both possibilities, i mean, we have really big maps, but playing even in little spaces, with "little" groups, sometimes it would be funny a large scale battle.
We can try first with 30k, to check the player's pcs, about the connections 10k or 100k it's the same
ArmA / Re: Mission Saturday March 25th 19:30 UTC - =RTY= DEVGRU HRT
« Last post by Asid on March 25, 2017, 08:49:59 PM »
Found the CIA agent..Wheres your clothes brah?....

Good game guys  :cheers
Scourge Of War / Re: Armies
« Last post by Miko on March 25, 2017, 08:10:16 PM »
might be too much for engine + connections + players' PCs....

did you mean 50k in total? - if so then might be doable.. if 50k a side - I would try something smaller first in attempt to push the boundaries...

try 30k a side first and see how it works...
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