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SOW Waterloo Multiplayer Friday 23/02/18

SOW Waterloo Multiplayer Friday 23/02/18 @ 20:30GMT

Immersive, friendly session.

Played with full fog of war.

All information to follow


Excerpts of the Commanders orders (D.O.W.)


a) Enemy:

b) Own:

c) Attachments and detachments:



To follow.

4) Service and Support:

c) Additional assets:

Extra Notes:
   TIME LIMIT: 150 minutes
   The room will be open @ 20:00GMT  for planning etc
   House rules: [url...

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Dunkirk Spitfire from Just Flight

Dunkirk Spitfire from Just Flight

Published on Feb 16, 2018

Just Flight brings you this Aeroplane Heaven Spitfire add-on for FSX and P3D, it provides models of the very early Mk1 with the two-bladed Watts propeller, a Mk1 version at the time of Dunkirk in 1940 and the Mk1A in the Battle of Britain era.

Extremely high on detail, the models feature unique animations, goggles and oxygen mask appearing automatically on the pilot at a set altitude, TR9 radio and 'hidden' NAV/COM radios, airframe shake and gauge needle tremble during engine start and idle, authentic start-up and accurately simulated hand-pumped or hydraulic landing gear operation.

Product page:

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Flight Sim World: The Last Frontier Mission Pack

Flight Sim World: The Last Frontier Mission Pack

Steam page


Load up your Piper PA-18 Super Cub and prepare to tackle The Last Frontier!

In these missions, you take the role of a skilled and dedicated pilot whose job it is to ferry cargo and passengers across the diverse terrain of Alaska. No job is too small or too difficult to ensure this sparsely populated region stays connected and supplied.

To get the job done, you'll be using the PA-18 Super Cub decked out with amphibious floats for those tricky lake landings and tundra tires, which allow for landing on rugged terrain.

You'll need to handle a variety of situations including flying out of a busy non-controlled airport, dropping off fishing supplies at a remote lake, dealing with an emergency situation, and landing in a convoy. Be sure to watch your instruments, stay aler...

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