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Graviteam Tactics: Pivot Point DLC

Graviteam Tactics: Pivot Point DLC

Requires Mius Front


Price: 9.89

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In early December 1942, an operation began to destroy the Ishcherskaya-Mozdok group of the enemy. Troops of the northern group of the Transcaucasian Front (44A together with elements of 58A) launched an offensive on the northern bank of r.Terek, striking in the general direction of Mozdok. At the same time, the Black Sea Group of Forces continued to conduct the Tuapse defensive operation, defending the occupied lines in the Tuapse direction. Elements of the 18A, fought with the enemy in the Kamenistaya and Semashkho mountains area.
320RD 44A, relieved the elements of the battered 402RD, and in the morning of December 6 went on the offensive in the Krechetov area. But the 481RR operating in the open area, came under attack of the enemy 3TD combat group and was defeated. Despite this, after three days of stubborn fighting, on December 9, the Krechetov defense sector of the enemy was captured and the division reached the Avalov-Shefatov line, with a front to the south and south-west. The actions of 320RD forced the enemy to abandon Ishcherskaya and retreat to the 2nd line of defens ...

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D.O.W. Steel Beasts Wednesday Mission 20/10/21 @ GMT18:00

D.O.W. Steel Beasts Wednesday Mission 20/10/21 @ GMT18:00

This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message.

BR_mission5_krause by Zipuli (modified by krause)

Mission 5

NOTE: The starting positions and condition of your units is according to playthrough by Gibsonm in February 2011...

Kleinenbremen, June 15th 1988, 0814hrs. 1st Squadron CO meets with Crazyhorse CO:


During the last few hours, as you could hear from the radio, we had a major engagement with a Soviet BMP Regiment and T-tanks at Stadthagen. From what we've seen after that, it looks like we managed to give them a hell of a bloody nose, and they have stopped trying to attack us on the move. Instead, our intelligence guys say they have been massing artillery units east of Stadthagen, and moving fresh units from the BTR Regiments and Tank Regiment to the area around Stadthagen. We estimate the enemy attack will commence in a few hours time.

In your sector the enemy seems to have passified after you took out the battalion size force just east of here. Expect the enemy to hold the river crossings and the area of Bad Eilsen-Buchholz stubbornly. We suspect this is a flank guard force for t ...

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SB Pro PE 4.267 Released

eSim Games is happy to announce the release of Steel Beasts Professional, Personal Edition version 4.267.

This is a full installer. It will require uninstalling 4.265 before installing can begin.

Get the installer HERE:

Release notes:

Steel Beasts Pro PE 4.267 Full Installer (ca. 3660 MB, 14/10/2021)

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