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Title: January 20, 2016 Update
Post by: choppinlt on January 20, 2016, 07:19:27 PM
Nothing real exciting to report other than progress continues on many fronts. First off, you will see that final voting on a game name has re-opened, so PLEASE give us your feedback by casting your vote. The graphic designer has a new project to churn out, but I have no ETA on when it will be ready to show you. I met with the dev team last week and almost everyone had significant progress to report. Perhaps most importantly, it looks like we are still on schedule for the demo at the end of February though this may change. Work continues on producing more videos. Currently I am working on finalizing some mock-ups to use in the "Battle Resolution". There are other things going on, but I will stop here for now. As always, I will keep you posted of significant events. In the mean time let me know your thoughts, and feel free to ask quesitons.