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Re: Atomic Society
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Version 1.0 Leaving Early Access
Mon, 9 August 2021

•   Gameplay Modifiers
•   85 Achievements Added
•   New Building - Miner’s Shack
•   New Building – Refinery
•   New Reputation System
•   Brand New In-Game Goals System
•   Extended Goals
•   Map Completion Progress
•   The Leader’s Mansion can now be upgraded with electricity, letting your spouse(s) and children survive for longer
•   Citizens no longer die when their morale is zero. They now pack up and leave town instead
•   A new type of ruin (a burnt church) has been added on certain maps
•   The “raiders are considering an attack” warning messages can now be disabled in the options
•   Added a new message when a child becomes an adult worker
•   Citizens now age up physically as they should, changing from children to elderly models
•   Various menu/UI tweaks
•   Various balance tweaks
•   The AI navigation system has been upgraded, removing various oddities and bugs like citizens walking around the map
•   Frame-rates have been improved greatly
•   Fixed: A rare bug that could cause saving to freeze
•   Fixed: Prison and Punishment Center was draining nearby morale far too quickly
•   Fixed: A bug where the pause button didn’t behave correctly after pressing Escape to open and close the menu
•   Fixed: The “would you like to save” message getting stuck on the screen if you were building at the time it popped up
•   Fixed: Certain the hidden skeletons having incorrect text
•   Fixed: A rare pathfinding issue that could cause citizens to stop moving for a while
•   Fixed: A typo with the extended goals. The text now correctly shows 60% for the needs goal
•   Fixed: Stats screen was not adding citizens who had come to the town because you encouraged a certain law
•   Fixed: Certain status effects on citizens were not lasting as long as they should
•   Fixed: An issue with the news feed where it played the "migrants with encouraged issues" more than it should if you encouraged multiple issues
•   Tweaked: Certain social issues are now make less impact on the birth rate. This will however increase the odds of people having abortions (more pregnant people = higher possible abortion rate)
•   Tweaked: The camera can be zoomed out further on the Summit map
•   Tweaked: Reduced the chance for migrants with encouraged issues to occur, as it was happening a lot at maximum migration speed
•   Tweaked: Increased the chance people will give birth in big, established towns

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