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Strategic Command WWII: War in the Pacific



We're thrilled to announce that Strategic Command WWII: War in the Pacific will be out on June 25th.

Soon you'll be able to battle through land and sea, commanding the forces of 7 Major powers: Japan, Australia, China, Communist China, USA, UK and USSR. The 1941 Day of Infamy campaign is coming with 36.000 hex map, get ready to re-fight the 20th century's greatest conflict in the Pacific.

Fury Software completes its trilogy of WWII games with Strategic Command - WWII: War in the Pacific, enabling you to re-fight the great land and naval campaigns of this amazing theater. Are you ready to avenge the Day of Infamy?

If you haven't yet, register for the beta, in the meantime you can find a feedback article here.

Remember to wishlist the game, victory awaits.


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