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Richard Burns Rally Directors Cut Release Trailer
Apr 14, 2024

Here we are! After a long time and many problems to solve, I am very happy to announce that RBR Directors Cut will soon be available for everyone as a fully integrated plugin in Richard Burns Rally, Yay!

Directors Cut is a camera modification tool that allows you to manipulate the vanilla cameras to create literally any scene you can imagine. Despite it's advanced capabilities, which are more made for content creators, it also offers some features for the normal driver, which are

- Completely redesigned Freecam tool with many new features
- Auto-generated stage cams for BTB replays
- Ready to use cameras like the Real Chase Cam, Helmet or Onboard Cam

The tool is designed to be as easy to use as possible. There is no need to study before placing the cam in the perfect spot to capture that perfect slide or code brown moment. And maybe some of you will discover a passion to become a filmmaker for RBR.

Huge thanks to all the testers and supporters, especially mika-n and WorkerBee.
Mika, without all your help and support I would never have made the plugin. You are a madman!

Soon there will be more explanation about the features in Directors Cut, but for now I hope you all feel enternained with the action from the release trailer, enjoy!

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