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Tacview 1.9.3 beta 12 is available Now



Tacview 1.9.3 beta 12 is available Now

Download: HERE

•   Release Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2024
•   Operating System: Windowsฎ 32-bit / 64-bit
•   File Size: 775.0 MB

Release notes


•   ADDED DCS: Sinai Map
•   ADDED traditional Chinese localization from 張炯 "Billeinstein"
•   ADDED compact Aspect-Angle label option
•   ADDED numerous entries to the database
•   ADDED x0.1 and x0.05 playback speeds
•   ADDED /SetTime command line option
•   ADDED support for 21-bit UTF-8 characters
•   ADDED custom label ranges settings to the registry
•   ADDED recording of NR and RotorRPM for DCS World Helicopters
•   ADDED callstack to Lua error messages
•   IMPROVED label between selected objects is more intuitively positioned in the 3D view
•   IMPROVED terrain loading time on computers with a small amount of RAM
•   IMPROVED plane is now removed from the world after the end of its csv file
•   IMPROVED support of GPX files meta-data
•   IMPROVED addons DLL loading errors handling
•   IMPROVED DCS2ACMI debug log


•   FIXED calculated CAS not displayed in labels in Tacview Starter
•   FIXED inaccurate warning when playing back a file with an anti-cheat delay
•   FIXED crash when attempting to debug a .NET addon or throwing an exception in C#
•   FIXED crash reporter not catching some rare exceptions
•   FIXED rare installer freeze on some systems
•   FIXED freezes when creating many contextual menus via an add-on
•   FIXED misidentification of Fw 190 variants


To run a beta version, you need a product key. Feel free to have a look at the features comparison to know which edition is the best for you if you are interested in buying Tacview.

Please note that even if we are doing our best to produce a high quality product, beta versions usually contains known and unknown bugs, may crash, or have some features disabled because of work in progress. This is why, it is suggested to download and install beta versions alongside the latest official release (not over it). That way, in case of problem, you can simple launch the latest stable version to continue your work...


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