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Graviteam Tactics: Counter Blow DLC

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The troops of the Stalingrad Front are fighting with the German troops that have broken through on the front line. On the morning of 07/23/42, the enemy, having pressed the 62A elements, went on the offensive with the forces of 2 TDs and one MID, broke through the 62A flank, began to spread to the east with tanks and motorized infantry in the area of Kletskaya - svfm Kopanya. German aircrafts continuously attacked 62A units, bombed railway junctions and destroyed wire communications. On 12:00 July 24, some German units reached the Ostrov, Volinsky area.

The German troops strive to reach the right bank of the Don River, capture the crossings, cut off parts of the Soviet 62A and destroy them with a subsequent blow. On July 25, for the advance detachment of the German 3MID, the task was set - to capture the crossings at Kalach. 53mcbn was supposed to suppress a small bridgehead on the right bank of the Don River and then occupy the bridges...

From the Soviet side, the newly formed 1TA (former 38A) is entered into the battle, consisting of:

   13TC (163, 166, 169TBdes) is subordinate to 62A and is fighting in the area of the svfm Pervomaisky.
   28TC (39, 55, 56TBdes and 32MRBde) with the task, at the end of July 25, concentrate on the Lipo-Logovskyy - svfm Pobeda Octyabrya area.

The Tank Corps of 1TA have the task to counterattacking the enemy that has broken through...

   Operation in July 1942 (15 turns).
   Precisely recreated area of over 200 sq. km: plains with harsh terrain, river and small settlements.
   Historical organizational structure of units at the time of the operation.


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