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Author Topic: D.O.W. Steel Beasts Wednesday Mission 19/4/23 @ GMT18:00  (Read 291 times)

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D.O.W. Steel Beasts Wednesday Mission 19/4/23 @ GMT18:00
« on: April 19, 2023, 05:10:38 PM »
D.O.W. Steel Beasts Wednesday Mission 19/4/23 @ GMT18:00

This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message.

Desert Strike 3.0.0 by Apocalypse 31

Desert Strike
by Apocalypse

I. Situation

   Yesterday, our human intelligence indicated that there was an attack being planned on El Jibah - these claims were confirmed 12 hours ago as JSTARs confirmed the build up of heavy armor to the north, in vicinity of Al Doreen. The enemy has rallied a mixed company of T62 tanks and BMP1's for their attack on El Jibah. We have also detected a command node operating in Al Doreen that is coordinating the attack as well as a supply node somewhere near the Doreen Ridge that is caching critical supplies to sustain insurgents in the area.

   We currently have an infantry section from B CO defending the north bridge into El Jibah, an have a platoon of M2s staged to the south at COP Cardinals. Additionally, the JTF commander has allocated to us a firing battery of 155mm guns, a section of MLR rockets, and a flight of AH64's to assist in our mission.

II. Mission

   Defeat enemy operating in the AO

III. Execution

      1. Defend El Jibah from insurgent attacks from the north
      2. Clear Al Doreen / Destroy the enemy HQ
      3. Clear the Doreen Ridge / Destroy the supply node

      6x 155mm Guns
      2x Rocket Strikes

IV. Sustainment

   All forces have been fully resupplied - additional supplies and medical assets are located on FOB Cardinals

V. Signals

   -Friendly ID: On
   -Map Contacts: Enabled
   -Overhead View: On

   Scenario Ending (Automatic)
   -Enemy Armor Destroyed
   -HQ in Al Doreen is destroyed
   -Doreen Ridge is cleared

Dogs Of War Vehicles : (in mission)

M2A2(ODS): Click here

** Notes **
SB Version: 4.379
Mission Name: Desert Strike 3.0.0
Created by: Apocalypse 31
Available at:
Modified by: N/A
Multi-Crew: Yes
Single Crew: Yes
Largest command: Company
Smallest command:Crew Position
Mission Duration: Unknown
Minimum number players: 2
Date: Wednesday Mission 19/4/23
Time: 18:00 GMT
Time (local): Click here
Teamspeak IP:
Room: Steel Beasts Pro

Player Skill/Ability:
   Complete at least 1 tutorial for M2A2.
   Working knowledge of Comms procedure.
   HAVOC designated members and Red Alert.
   Our goal is to have the DOW session more immersive and realistic.

Manning list:


Infantry units:

Support units:

Any position:

Mission discussion Click here
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