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Author Topic: D.O.W. Steel Beasts Wednesday Mission 12/4/23 @ GMT18:00  (Read 303 times)

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D.O.W. Steel Beasts Wednesday Mission 12/4/23 @ GMT18:00
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D.O.W. Steel Beasts Wednesday Mission 12/4/23 @ GMT18:00

This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message.

Company Echelon Attack [4.377] 0.8.1 by Arch

1986 May 11 0800

   a) Enemy:
   ENY forces composed of light infantry with ATGM and mortar support. Possible PCs. Enemy is using treelines as concealment and has erected defensive positions in settlements at objectives EMIL and LUDWIG.

   b) Own:
   BLUFOR forces composed of motor-rifle company and tank company. Reserve motor-rifle company available but unnecessary usage will subject the battalion commander to disciplinary action.

   c) 2S1 battery is tasked to motor-rifle company with priority. Battalion artillery available for fires. Motor-rifle company has integrated infantry mortar teams.

The battalion is to conduct an attack from the march against enemy light infantry that have prepared a hasty defense in urban and forested areas. Seize settlements at objectives EMIL and LUDWIG. Due to the type of enemy forces, destruction is not a priority and swift penetration is more important, so battalion is advised not to get bogged down fighting unadvantageous engagements against infantry pockets in forests and is to focus on the Commander's intent of securing a foothold with superior firepower.


Intent: Suppress enemy lines and penetrate swiftly, securing areas of operation.

   a) Concept of Operation:
   Battalion is to march until PL Lichtenheiner then disperse into an attack frontage. During the march artillery is to be firing constantly, and there should not be a pause when transitioning from the march to the attack. Lead with tanks and apply generous usage of high-explosive shells and artillery to suppress enemy positions, then secure them with motor-rifles.
      i) Maneuver:
      Suggested to march until PL Lichtenheiner then assume an attack frontage in line formation with tanks in lead and mounted motor rifles following. Objectives may be approached in either order at the commander's discretion.
      ii) Fires:
      TGT001 through 006 designated for suggested sustained battalion artillery fires.

      iii) Additional assets:
      Battalion logistics embedded at LD.

Dogs Of War Vehicles : (in mission)

T-55A m. 1970: Click here

BTR-70: Click here

BRDM-2: Click here

** Notes **
SB Version: 4.379
Mission Name: Company Echelon Attack [4.377] 0.8.1
Created by: Arch
Available at:
Modified by: N/A
Multi-Crew: Yes
Single Crew: Yes
Largest command: Company
Smallest command:Crew Position
Mission Duration: 90 minutes
Minimum number players: 2
Date: Wednesday Mission 12/4/23
Time: 18:00 GMT
Time (local): Click here
Teamspeak IP:
Room: Steel Beasts Pro

Player Skill/Ability:
   Read the Wiki pages for T-55A, BTR-70, or BRDM-2.
   Working knowledge of Comms procedure.
   HAVOC designated members and Red Alert.
   Our goal is to have the DOW session more immersive and realistic.

Manning list:

1 PzKp/KpCh T-55A m. 1970:
1 Mot-Schtz/KpCh BTR-70:
AufklKp/KpCh BRDM-2:

T-55A m. 1970s
1 PzKp/1 Zg:
1 PzKp/2 Zg:
1 PzKp/3 Zg:

1 Mot-Schtz/1 Zg:
1 Mot-Schtz/2 Zg:
1 Mot-Schtz/4 Zg:

AufklKp/2 Zg 1 Tr:
AufklKp/3 Zg 1 Tr:

Support units:

Any position:

Mission discussion Click here
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