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Tacview 1.9.1 beta 2 is available Now



Tacview 1.9.1 beta 2 is available Now

Download: HERE

•   Release Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2023
•   Operating System: Windowsฎ 32-bit / 64-bit
•   File Size: 724.0 MB

Release notes


•   ADDED IL-2 fakefield objects are now displayed.
•   ADDED command line option /MSAA:false to turn on/off x4 anti-aliasing
•   IMPROVED Anticipatory trail is now off by default
•   IMPROVED IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Normandy texture map coordinates
•   IMPROVED Korea database and terrain for BMS 4.37.1
•   IMPROVED CSV files support
•   IMPROVED Path α has been renamed to γ to match NASA documentation


•   FIXED Invalid reference mission time (regression)


To run a beta version, you need a product key. Feel free to have a look at the features comparison to know which edition is the best for you if you are interested in buying Tacview.

Please note that even if we are doing our best to produce a high quality product, beta versions usually contains known and unknown bugs, may crash, or have some features disabled because of work in progress. This is why, it is suggested to download and install beta versions alongside the latest official release (not over it). That way, in case of problem, you can simple launch the latest stable version to continue your work...


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