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D.O.W. Steel Beasts Wednesday Mission 18/1/23 @ GMT18:00
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D.O.W. Steel Beasts Wednesday Mission 18/1/23 @ GMT18:00

This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message.

Operation Black Anvil - The Frontier Lancers 1.0.0 by Mirzayev

Excerpt of Brigade Warning Order 3 for:


   12th Frontier Lancers:

         1/A - 4x Tigr-M SpN w/ AT-14 Spriggan; 4x Recon Teams w/JIM-LR, Spike-SR, and UAV(M) Swingblade AT
         2/A - 4x Centauro B1
         3/A - 4x BTR-82A; 10x Infantry Teams w/ Spike-SR
         66/A - CO; 1x BMP-2 w/ UAV(R) Munin
         65/A - XO; 1x BTR-82A w/ UAV(R) Munin
         9/A - FO; 1x ACRV/MTLB-U w/ FO Team
         MTR/A - 2x 2S23 Nona-SVK
         HQ/A - 1x Ural-4320/Supply; 1x MT-LBU/Medic

         1/B - 4x T-72B3 (from B CO, 7th Dragoon Guards)
         1/C - 2x Mi-17 w/ AT-2C; 2x Spike-LR Teams (direct support; flight time of 10 minutes to reach AO)

      a. Area of Interest. Our area of interest is the entirety of the region of Mtangazajiland, and extends up to 20 KM into the Nyumban border located approximately 20 KM to our north. We are located approximately 300 KM to the north-west of our country's capital of Kisumu, and are approximately 100 KM to the north-east of Lake Kyoga.
      b. Area of Operations. The 12th Frontier Lancer's AO extends from PL ADDAX in the south to PL BADGER, the Division's coordinated fire line, in the north. Our eastern boundary is PL MANDRIL. Our western boundary is PL ORYX. Other graphic control measures include TAA LANCER, OBJ HAMMER, and OBJ ANVIL.
      (1) Terrain. Our AO consists of restricted terrain (forests, and hills) that will reduce our ability to maneuver as a company. Various road networks enable rapid movement between OBJ HAMMER and ANVIL. OBJ HAMMER and ANVIL serve as natural choke-points within our AO. The enemy can use avenues of approach ECOA 1 and ECOA 2 to move a battalion-sized element in a column formation at approximately 50 KPH prior to deployment at PL BADGER. Observation and fields of fire are intermittent, ranging from approximately 1 KM on average, to up to 5 KM when positioned on hills located in OBJ HAMMER.

      (2) Weather. Sunrise will occur at 0535, enabling a visual range of 6 KM. Wind speed is 3 KM/H and is blowing towards the north-west. Weather effects are not anticipated to adversely affect either friendly or enemy assets. 

      (3) Civil. Civilian presence is limited due to the previous movement of refugees to the south over the past 4x days. Anticipate possible non-combatant movement along improved roads during the hours of daylight.
      c. Enemy Forces.
         (1) General Situation. 4x days ago, the Nyumban 1st DTG attacked and successfully seized 80% of Mtangazajiland, to include the Naam Okoro rail depot. Our 1st Border Guards regiment was able to force the 1st DTG to culminate short of their objective of seizing all of Mtangazajiland, but does not have the necessary combat power to continue an effective defense. We have conducted a relief in place with the 1st Border Guards, but we will need an additional 6x hours before we are able to launch a counter-attack to seize the Naam Okoro rail depot. We anticipate that it is highly likely that elements of the Nyumban 11th BTG will launch a spoiling attack to allow the 1st DTG time to build combat power to resume offensive operations. 
         (2) Composition. We expect to face the following enemy forces from the 11th BTG:

       Disruption Force: 1x recon company consisting of 3x Tigr-Ms equipped with AT-14s, and 6x BTR-82As carrying ATGM and scout teams.

      Exploitation Force: 1x combined arms battalion (-) consisting of 10x T-72B1s and 10x BTR-82As. There is a medium probability that they are reinforced with a section of Tigr-Ms equipped with AT-14s.
         (3) Disposition.

      The 11th BTG will deploy its disruption force along PL BADGER, and will maneuver to disrupt friendly forces on OBJ HAMMER and ANVIL with both indirect fire, and with the use of ATGMs. Expect probing attacks to be conducting using dismounted elements to determine the composition and disposition of our forces. Upon identification of our main body, the 11th BTG will commit its exploitation element to one of two enemy courses of action (ECOA).

      ECOA 1 is a frontal attack against OBJ ANVIL. In this ECOA, the enemy will transition from movement to maneuver on PL BADGER and will conduct an attack from north to south, clearing OBJ ANVIL. We expect the enemy to conduct preparatory fires to isolate friendly forces on OBJ ANVIL, before conducting a combined mounted and dismounted attack. Upon clearing and reconsolidating in the southern part of ANVIL, the enemy will mass against TF 12 AT by conducting a spoiling attack oriented south-west across PL ORYX.

      ECOA 2 is an envelopment against OBJ HAMMER. In this ECOA, the enemy will transition from movement to maneuver south of PL BADGER before attacking OBJ HAMMER from the north, west, and east. The enemy will conduct preparatory fires to isolated friendly forces on OBJ HAMMER, before deploying dismounts to clear the hills in the north, west, and east of OBJ HAMMER. Upon clearing and reconsolidating in the southern part of HAMMER, the enemy will mass to clear through TAA LANCER before conducting a spoiling attack against the 7th Dragoon Guards oriented south across PL ADDAX.

      The enemy's spoiling attack will be successful if they are able to mass 2x platoons (6x AFVs) of combat power beyond PL ORYX or PL ADDAX. This will force friendly forces into a hasty defense, and will prevent our planned counterattack in 9x hours.

      Intelligence estimates suggest that the enemy is unwilling to risk more than 2x companies to accomplish their spoiling attack. It is assessed as likely that the enemy will begin withdrawing to preserve combat power upon the destruction of 70% (21x AFVs) of their total combat power.
      d. Friendly Forces.
         (1) ANDF Mission. Amari National Defense Forces (ANDF) conducts offensive operations in the Western Military District NLT H+9 to defeat Nyumban forces and restore the international border.
         (2) ANDF Concept. The Western Military Division conducts an attack to seize the Naam Okoro rail depot NLT H+9 to enable the restoration of the international border. The Northern and Eastern Military Divisions fix Nyumban forces at the border to prevent reinforcement of the 1st DTG. On order, the Southern Military District reinforces the Northern or Eastern Military Divisions to prevent Nyumban forces from crossing the border. The Capital Defense District serves as the ANDF strategic reserve.
         (3) Western Military Division Mission. Western Military Division forces conduct an attack to seize the Naam Okoro rail depot NLT H+9 to enable the restoration of the international border.
         (4) Western Military Division Concept. NLT 0515 12th and 5th Frontier Lancers conduct a guard along PL BADGER to defeat the 1st DTG's spoiling attacks. NLT 1115 5 ARM BDE fixes the 12th BTG to enable 12 MECH BDE to seize the Naam Okoro rail depot. NLT 1215 TF 12 AT fixes the 11th BTG to enable 12 MECH BDE to seize the Naam Okoro rail depot. NLT 1415 12 MECH BDE conducts an attack to seize the Naam Okoro rail depot to allow the restoration of the international border.
         (3) Adjacent Units.
            i. The 5th Frontier Lancers are located to our east, beyond PL MANDRIL.
            ii. TF 12 AT is located to our west, beyond PL ORYX.
            iii. 7th Dragoon Guards is located to our south, beyond PL ADDAX.

2. MISSION. 12 MECH BDE conducts an attack to seize the Naam Okoro rail depot NLT H+9 to allow the restoration of the international border.


   a. Commander's Intent.
      (1). Broad Purpose. The purpose of this operation is to restore the internationally recognized Amari/Nyumba border.

      (2) Key Tasks.

         i. Key transportation nodes are seized.
         ii. Enemy forces are fixed and are unable to reposition combat power.   
         iii. Avoid employment of cratering munitions on improved roads.

      (3) End State.

         i. Terrain. Amari national territory up to the Nyumban border is secured.
         ii. Enemy. Unable to retain control of Mtangazajiland.
         iii. Civil. Civil road infrastructure remains intact and continues to allow use by wheeled logistics vehicles.

   b. Concept of Operations.

      Phase 1, Guard: 12th Frontier Lancers (your Company) will defeat enemy spoiling attacks between PL BADGER and PL ADDAX until H+6 to protect the BDE's main body. On order, conduct a forward passage of lines (FPOL) with the 7th Dragoon Guards.

      Phase 2, Attack: 7th Dragoon Guards destroys enemy forces from PL BADGER to PL COBRA NLT H+8 to allow 3 MECH BN to seize. On order, conduct a forward passage of lines with 3 MECH BN.

      Phase 3, Seize: 3 MECH BN attacks to seize the Naam Okoro rail depot NLT H+9 to enable the restoration of the international boundary. Be prepared to transition to a hasty defense upon the successful seizure of the Naam Okoro rail depot.

   c. Scheme of Fires. 12 MECH BDE has 3x batteries with 2x unit basic load of HE, SMK, and ICM available for each phase of this operation. Priority of fire is 12th Frontier Lancers (Phase 1), 7th Dragoon Guards (Phase 2), and 3 MECH BN (Phase 3).

   d. Tasks to Subordinate Units.

      i. 12th Frontier Lancers (your company).

         - Deploy your forces within TAA LANCER, OBJ HAMMER, and OBJ ANVIL.
         - Receive flight of 2x Mi-17 within 10 minutes of mission start.
         - Identify and disrupt the enemy's main body north of PL BADGER.
         - Conduct a guard in vicinity of OBJs HAMMER and ANVIL to defeat the 11th BTG's spoiling attack.
         - Prevent more than 5x enemy AFVs from breaking through your guard at PL ADDAX and PL ORYX.
         - Preserve 50% of your combat power to allow for conducting a FPOL with the 7th Dragoon Guards.
         - Refine priority targets AF005 and AF010. 

   d. Coordinating Instructions.

      i. Operation Start: H+0 (0515)
      ii. 11th BTG Spoiling Attack Defeated: NLT H+3 (0815)
      iii. 7th Dragoon Guards conducts FPOL with 12th Frontier Lancers: NLT H+6 (1115)
      iv. Enemy defeated from PL BADGER to PL COBRA: NLT H+7 (1215)
      v. 3 MECH BN conducts FPOL with 7th Dragoon Guards: NLT H+7.5 (1245)
      vi. 3 MECH BN begins attack: NLT H+7.75 (1300)
      vii. Naam Okoro rail depot seized: NLT H+8 (1415)
      viii. Be prepared to conduct a hasty defense: NLT H+9 (1515)

4. SUSTAINMENT. All subordinate units will top off on Class I, III, and V before initiating movement. Subordinate units will retain control of their organic supply and medical assets. Damaged vehicles requiring greater than operator level maintenance will be repaired at the Brigade maintenance collection point at the conclusion of this operation.


   a. Command.

      (1). Location of Key Leaders. The BDE CO and BDE XO will be located in the BDE MAIN at TAA PREDATOR during Phase 1. The BDE CO will be located in the BDE TAC during Phases 2 and 3. The BDE XO will remain in the BDE MAIN for Phases 2 and 3.

      (2). Succession of Command. BDE XO, 3 MECH BN CO, 7th Dragoon Guards CO

   b. Control. The BDE CO will control the close fight from the BDE TAC. The BDE XO will coordinate the deep fight from the BDE MAIN. Submit all reports to the BDE MAIN for processing by the Staff. 

   c. Signal.

      (1.) Call Signs.

         i. Predator 6 - 12 MECH BDE Commander
         ii. Lancer 6 - 12th Frontier Lancers Commander



55 points for defeating the 11th BTG's spoiling attack.
10 points for less than 3x vehicles breaking through by mission end.
35 points for 100% friendly forces at the end of mission.


0.7 points for each 1% of friendly forces lost (up to 35 points at 50%).


80+ points: Major Victory
65-79 points: Victory
31-64 points: Defeat
30- points: Major Defeat


Dogs Of War Vehicles: (in mission)

T-72B3 m.2012: Click here

Centauro: Click here

BTR-82A: Click here

Tigr-M SpN: Click here

** Notes **
SB Version: 4.363
Mission Name: Operation Black Anvil - The Frontier Lancers 1.0.0
Created by: Mirzayev
Available at:
Modified by: N/A
Multi-Crew: Yes
Single Crew: Yes
Largest command: Platoon
Smallest command: Crew Position
Mission Duration: Unknown
Minimum number of players: 2
Date: Wednesday Mission 18/1/23
Time: 18:00 GMT
Time (local): Click here
Teamspeak IP:
Room: Steel Beasts Pro

Player Skill/Ability:
   Complete at least 1 tutorial of Centauro or T-72B3, or read the Wiki pages for BTR-82A, or Tigr-M SpN + AT-14.
   Working knowledge of Comms procedure.
   HAVOC designated members and Red Alert.
   Our goal is to have the DOW session more immersive and realistic.

Manning list:

66/A BMP-2:
65/A BTR-82A:

Tigr-M SpN with AT-14s

Centauro B1s

T-72B3 m.2012s


Support units:

Any position:

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