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Author Topic: Falcon BMS 4.37 to have VR!  (Read 3112 times)

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Falcon BMS 4.37 to have VR!
« on: December 26, 2022, 12:28:34 AM »
Happy holidays and Merry Xmas 2022
22 Dec 2022

Mery xmas from BMS team

Dear community,

While the team has been working hard and “crunshing” those last week to bring 4.37 development to a gold state, it is time to celebrate this end of year with joy, family and loved ones!

2022… What a year to remember!

While the world just recovered (almost) from COVID, we are struck again by events that impact us all… But… We stood united!

While we had a lot of changes internally (people, tooling, infrastructure, …), we did not forget our aim to deliver better and faster. We look towards the future more than ever (you’ll see that soon enough don’t worry!)…

Falcon entering a new era

While we keep some surprises under the hood, 4.37 will be our first VR ready release!

We also consider this version a sort of transition to prepare the ground and fondations for 4.38 which will bring our new terrain engine…

The team has focused a lot on fixing bugs, optimizing and parallelizing a lot of our code to bring even faster experience. This was mandatory for VR but also for the future…

4.37 will thus keep the strong base of 4.36 while giving you a good glimpse of our future!

Prepare to be amazed and shocked as we made a lot of choices that we think are long awaited by the community…

We hope that we will be able to release our 4.37.0 soon(tm) and let you enjoy our work!

Happy holidays and Merry Xmas from BMS Team
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