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Feature request: permanent sync of media files


The syncing of media files is a priceless feature. I'm just missing something.
Every time I open the Tacview file, I need to re-sync the media file.

Is there a way to save this kind of linking of media files?
If not. That wouldn't be too hard to implement, right?


You can ensure the media file is synced automatically by adding the timestamp to the name of the media file in the format YYYYMMDDTHHMMSSZ.

See this wiki page for more information:

nice! thanks

It doesn't really seem to work yet.
It does load the media files automatically but doesn't save the 'offset'. So when video X starts at 00:00 and Y starts at 00:10, when loading afterwards, both load at 00:00.
I did use the described naming convention


If both load at 00:00:00 perhaps the files are sync'd to some time before the start of the ACMI file. Remember everything is in UTC.

Can you share the media files and ACMI file?


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