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Author Topic: CodeMeter Runtime 7.50 released  (Read 944 times)

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CodeMeter Runtime 7.50 released
« on: August 04, 2022, 03:36:58 PM »
CodeMeter 7.50
Release Date: 2022-Aug-03
Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Download Windows (93.25MB): Click Here

Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE)
CodeMeter Runtime and cpsrt library (CodeMeter Protection Suite Runtime) are shipped with processor options for Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSE3) on Windows and cpsrt on Linux with SSE4. Details on system requirements can be found in the CodeMeter Runtime data sheet (FB 85658).

FB25085: CodeMeter License Server: LogRotation has been introduced for the CodeMeter event log file. The file change of the log file is controlled by a maximum file size and a maximum time window.
The changes are logged in the event log file and occur automatically by default after 24 hours or when the file size of 10 MB is exceeded. The resulting log files are distinguished by date and time in the file name.
These settings can be changed in the CodeMeter configuration, the corresponding information on configuration parameters can be taken from the user documentation. The parameter change becomes effective after a restart.

FB81937: CodeMeter License Server: For Named User entries a new flag allows specifying the 'User' or 'Domain\User' via 'Userdefined Text' and thus, for example, to assign the license of a specific user on test systems.

FB82926: CodeMeter License Server: When using namelist files, the distinction of names regarding upper/lower case can be switched off. For this purpose, the parameter 'IgnoreCase' can be set to the value 'true' in the namelist file.

FB85364: CodeMeter License Server: When calling CmGetRemoteContext2 in the Core API, a performance improvement could be achieved with high numbers of Product Items (from approx. 60).

FB49062: CodeMeter License Server: Extended license access permissions (Access Control List, ACL) are also available for CodeMeter License Servers under Linux and macOS. This provides access control options for users at the level of container serial number, Firm Code, Product Code and user name or subnet. A connection to directory servers (Active Directory, LDAP) is not included.

FB79716: CodeMeter License Server: The settings for compilers on Linux have been changed to harden the software against exploitation of vulnerabilities.

FB82429. CodeMeter License Server: CmCloud: The procedure for checking the connection to CmCloudContainers has been revised. Ping calls to CmCloud are now sent only, if previous calls to CmCloud failed. This change makes accesses to CmCloudContainers faster.

FB82412: CodeMeter Installer: Linux: When installing CodeMeter under Docker, a dependency on libcurl for CmAcLicenses was missing in the install package for Linux.

FB81757: CodeMeter License Server: The access to a license with Named User and force flag set returned a wrong error, if the user was invalid. Error 132 (Named User Credentials wrong) is now set.

FB83989: CodeMeter License Server: The 'CmAccess2' function call returned a handle to the caller, if the system time was reset and the license had therefore expired. The security of a protected application was not affected by this, since subsequent operations requiring the handle perform a full license check.

FB79121: CodeMeter License Server: With access control via license permissions (ACL), high response times occurred in scenarios with many Active Directory users or many AD groups. This was accelerated by a caching mechanism.

FB73402: CodeMeter License Server: License access within the license access permissons (ACL) was significantly slowed down when a large number of rules were configured on CodeMeter License Server.

FB74201: CodeMeter License Server: When searching for license servers in the network via TCP broadcast, local IP addresses were also reported.

FB77526: CodeMeter License Server: Under Linux the interface for 'CmConvertTime' was not available.

FB82969: CodeMeter License Server: When starting CodeMeter License Server, in rare cases a high CPU load was shown and in some cases the server did not start.

FB83286: CodeMeter License Server: The 'Feature Code' was not displayed in the event log after successful access via network on the client.

FB61834: CodeMeter License Server: During downgrade installations, individual registry entries of CodeMeter were deleted.

FB83769: CodeMeter License Server: When importing Named User lists, inconsistent file hashes occurred in the license tracking log.

FB80671: CodeMeter License Server: CmActLicense: Under Docker, the environment detection was affected and thus the binding features for SmartBind. This could lead to an error when importing a LiF file on Linux Debian 11.

FB83327, FB83930, FB83956, FB85614: CodeMeter License Server: CmActLicense: Under rare conditions since CodeMeter 7.30 CmActLicenses broke when updating CodeMeter Runtime or no new CmActLicenses could be activated. The cause was failed checking of binding properties, which led to the abortion of all checks.

FB83218: CodeMeter License Server: WibuCmNet.dll: Under .NET not all documented error codes were listed in the enumerated error codes.

FB83342: CodeMeter WebAdmin: A scan performed with Arachni Security Scanner could cause CodeMeter WebAdmin to crash.

FB81416: CodeMeter WebAdmin: On checking the validity of a license, the time of the CmContainer is now also used. This means that licenses in a CmContainer are marked as expired, if the time of the CmContainer is newer than the programmed Expiration Time.

FB81022: cmu: The help for the tool 'cmu' contained options that were not functionally supported.
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