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Author Topic: SQUAD V2.14 Live Now  (Read 3150 times)

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SQUAD V2.14 Live Now
« on: March 04, 2022, 12:04:43 AM »
SQUAD V2.14 Live Now
Wed, 2 March 2022

With the v2.14 Update we wanted to focus on returning Squad to a more regular update cadence, with smaller updates.

Greetings Squaddies,

With the v2.14 Update we wanted to focus on returning Squad to a more regular update cadence, with smaller updates. While we still have larger content updates on the horizon, we want to keep a steady stream of improvements and refinements coming to Squad.

A notable change in v2.14 is adjustments to the construction point cost of some deployable fortifications. The main focus however is on bug fixes both to the game and to specific maps. The Squad team is continuing to look for ways to improve the game’s performance, but that was not a focus for v2.14 and no specific performance updates are included in the release.

System & Gameplay Updates
•   Added a BTR80 APC variant for the INS faction with Insurgent desert camo scheme. This vehicle for now has been added to one map layer: CAF Al Basrah Invasion v3.
•   Updated Razor Wire to now prevent vaulting over the posts without taking damage. Also added a lower roll of razor wire to the half built state. This allows for razor wire to be hidden in tall grass to help slow down/damage/funnel advancing enemy infantry. Note: Combat Engineer Kit Role inventory placed razor wire does not yet reflect this change.
•   Adjusted the construction point cost of several deployable fortifications:
•   Razor wire: 25 to 20
•   Sandbag Wall: 50 to 40
•   Sandbag Wall with Murderhole: 50 to 40
•   Sandbag Crescent Wall: 50 to 40
•   HASCO Wall: 400 to 300
•   HASCO Bunker: 300 to 250
•   HASCO HMG Bunker: 450 to 350

Bug Fixes
•   Fixed a Client Crash that occurred upon launching Squad, this was related to MaterialQuality, caused by uniform layout mismatch.
•   Fixed an issue with Low Textures graphic settings causing excessively blurred iron sight weapons (due to mips).
•   Fixed an issue with ADS blur not working on the outside of the optic on all scoped infantry weapons. Further adjustments to this blur are pending.
•   Fixed an issue with the new Restriction Zones used on 2 seed layers: Tallil Seed v2 and Al Basrah Seed v1. Vehicles had an unintended infinite invulnerability buff upon entering the Restriction Zone.
•   Fixed an issue with deployable Indirect Fire Shelters having no “per FOB” limit - they’re now limited to 3 IFS per FOB.
•   Fixed an issue with deployable Hesco Bunkers counting towards the limit of Indirect Fire Shelters per FOB.
•   Fixed an issue with the CAF C8A3 Iron Sights alignment being ever so slightly misaligned.
•   Fixed an issue with Invasion game mode, where no capture notification would appear.

Map Updates & Bug Fixes
•   CAF Al Basrah Invasion v3 – Adjusted vehicle/emplacement availability for both teams to lean more in favor of attackers.
•   CAF Adjustments
•   Removed CAF ability to place TOW emplacements.
•   Removed 1x CAF LAV6 IFV.
•   Increased delay for CAF Leo2 MBT.

•   INS Adjustments
•   Added x2 BTR80 APCs.
•   Reduced number of special Technicals.
•   Reduced number of BMP1.
•   Replaced two Technical Logi’s with Ural Logi’s.

•   Jensen’s Range – Fixed an issue with the killhouse completed event getting triggered at inappropriate times due to the trigger collision clipping into part of the killhouse course.
•   CAF Manic-5 RAAS v2 – Adjusted MIL to have extra tickets, set one flag as pre-capped at round start for MIL, added BTR80 & Ural ZU23 to MIL, added delay for CAF MBT.
•   Mutaha RAAS v1 – fixed an issue with multiple CPs preventing leaning due to incorrect collision preset.
•   Skorpo – Adjusted the colour of the reed foliage. Reeds appeared to glow due to materials with excessive subsurface brightness.

•   Fixed floating rocks at grids B9-6-7 and H10-6-2.
•   Fixed a floating road at grid K4-5-6.
•   Fixed an issue with FOB's and Rally Points that could be glitched inside a barn roof at grid J2-1-3.
•   Fixed an issue with a staircase with an inverted collision at grid G2-1-4.
•   Fixed a bridge that was elevated above the road at grid J2-3-1
•   Fixed floating grass at grids F7-7-8 and E7-2-6
•   Fixed rocks with no back face at grids B12-8-8 and B9-5-9

•   Tallil - Fixed an issue with the concrete walls surrounding the Soviet Airfield POI culling too early. They should now cull at 1km with more optimized LODs.
•   Tallil - Fixed an issue with a water puddle near the Al Khidir water tower having no water footstep SFX.
•   Tallil - Fixed an issue with Z flickering on multiple hangar door number decals at the Destroyed Hangar objective.

•   Fixed floating grass at grid N14-3-9.
•   Fixed an issue with a tunnel which allowed players to see under the map at grid I14-4-9.
•   Fixed floating rock at grid L15-6-9.
•   Fixed weird looking angular terrain at grid J12-7-3.
•   Fixed a section of barbed wire fence missing the end post at grid L17-5-7.
•   Fixed an issue with river grasses and cattails appearing to have a very low quality mesh.
•   Yehorivka RAAS v5 - Fixed CP’s being offset from their actual locations for some players .
•   Fixed CAF Yeho RAAS v4 RU helipads tilted.
•   CAF Yehorivka RAAS v2 - Fixed RUS main base protection zone not working correctly.
•   CAF GooseBay RAAS v1 - Fixed RUS tank spawners clipping with each other, causing issues with tank spawns.

Clear Cache to resolve residual issues
If you are experiencing issues, be sure to go to Settings ->
“CLEAR CACHE” after updating.

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