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Author Topic: Insurgency: Sandstorm Release 1.10 Operation: Exodus CTE Now Live!  (Read 4041 times)

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Release 1.10 Operation: Exodus CTE Now Live!
Thu, 22 April 2021

Today we are launching a playable preview version of our upcoming update - Operation: Exodus. This includes the new map ‘Citadel’, two new weapons (MR 73 and Desert Eagle), new weapon upgrades, and more! See below for more info.

This content is now available on the Community Test Environment. Go to your Steam Library and download “Insurgency: Sandstorm Community Test Environment” to play. Please remember this is a preview build, so some issues are expected (see 'Known Issues') and all content is considered work in progress. If you encounter any problems or have feedback for the development team please don’t hesitate to let us know in the CTE sub-section of the Steam forums. Also be sure to fill out our 1.10 CTE Feedback Survey. Our team will be monitoring feedback during the CTE and aim to push this update to players on the live version of Insurgency: Sandstorm on May 18th. The CTE will be available until Monday evening.

The full changelist for the release version of Update 1.10 will be available at the time of release of Operation: Exodus on May 18th.
Please note: If you launch the CTE and your mods start downloading, please close the CTE and use
as a launch parameter on Steam.

New Map: Citadel
Are you ready for an assault on the Citadel? Battle through a museum-turned-warzone, traversing muddy trenches, navigating sprawling tunnels, and battling across an ancient amphitheatre. Citadel is an expansive map and was built with our new game mode Survival in mind, requiring players to adapt to different combat styles as they travel across it. Close-quarters can swiftly shift into open terrain before descending into narrow tunnels. Citadel supports the following game modes:

•   Push Security
•   Push Insurgents
•   Firefight
•   Domination


•   Checkpoint Security
•   Checkpoint Insurgents
•   Hardcore Checkpoint Security
•   Hardcore Checkpoint Insurgents
•   Outpost
•   Survival 👀

New Weapons: MR 73 and Desert Eagle
There are two new secondary weapons available: The MR 73 for Security (in Versus) at 4 supply points, and the Desert Eagle for Insurgents (in Versus) at 5 supply points. Both are available for each faction in Co-op. Each weapon supports optic, barrel, and other upgrades, including a speed-loader for the MR 73. These new firearms will have you ditching your primary for some hand-held stopping power.
New Feature: Pistol Optics

Pistol optics are here, adding both precision and accuracy to your secondary weapons. The 1x Mini Green Dot for the Insurgents and the 1x Mini Red Dot for Security.

New Game Mode: Survival
We’ve added a new co-op mode called Survival. Hunt for a safe extraction zone as you’re being overrun by wave after wave of relentless enemy forces. Cut off from your allies and supply lines, starting with only a sidearm, you’ll have to scavenge for weapons and ammo, using our new weapon crates to acquire randomized primary weapons and upgrades.

Survival mode is available on the maps below in both day and night scenarios. We hope to expand the mode to more maps in future updates:
•   Citadel
•   Outskirts
•   Hillside
•   Hideout
•   Summit
•   Farmhouse
•   Precinct
•   Powerplant

Outpost Mode
We’ve added Outpost Mode to more maps, and improved some of the existing layouts with better objective placement and enemy AI spawn areas.
New Outpost Maps
•   Citadel
•   Summit
•   Precinct
•   Refinery

Frontline Mode
We’ve made some adjustments to improve player experience in Frontline matches.
•   Decreased starting wave count from 20 to 15
•   Decreased round timer from 20 seconds to 15 seconds

Frontline Improvements

Previously, when the final weapon cache objective was exposed to the enemy team, your team would lose all remaining waves. We found that this was too punishing and could potentially end a round very quickly. To combat this, a new wave drain mechanic was added to allow the losing team a chance to fight back. Once the weapon cache is vulnerable, the waves will begin to drain at a rate of 1 wave per 20 seconds.
New Mutators
Six new mutators are now available. The details on each new mutator can be found below:
•   Budget Antiquing: this mutator allows only old, cheap weapons, along with normal equipment and explosives.
•   No Drops: Weapons, explosives, and equipment are not dropped by dead players and enemy AI
•   Makarovs Only: Makarov pistols only
•   Poor: Players start with 2 supply points
•   Fully Loaded: All weapons, equipment, and explosives in the game available in the Loadout Menu
•   Gunslingers: players are equipped with the MR 73, normal equipment, and explosives

Firing Range
New weapons have been added to the Firing Range:
•   Honey Badger
•   AS Val
•   Sterling
•   Grease Gun
•   Welrod
•   M110 SASS
•   M1 Garand
•   QBZ-97
•   QTS-11
•   MR 73
•   Desert Eagle

Gameplay Improvements
•   The color of character materials have been adjusted to subtly increase the overall brightness of characters
•   NVGs no longer automatically equip onto the player’s face after interacting with a supply crate

User Experience
•   The ammo carrier icons have been updated in the loadout screen to clearly indicate how many additional magazines and explosives are added
•   The teammate indicator has been made more visible by increasing thickness and opacity
•   Scroll boxes have been improved in the Loadout Menu and Inventory Menu
•   Moved the placement of the Client Version element to the right hand side to avoid overlapping other elements

Enemy AI
With the introduction of the new Survival mode, our team had to adapt the spatial awareness of the Enemy AI. The built-out spatial awareness infrastructure is currently used only on Survival but will enable future adjustments to all game modes in the future.
•   The checkbox to toggle “Allow Derived Game Modes" has been removed. Instead the setting is set to enabled in all scenarios

Level Design
We’ve made many changes and adjustments to our existing maps, look out for more details in the official 1.10 patch notes.
Resolved Issues
•   Fixed an issue where players were able to vault into and through objects
•   Fixed an issue where planting a C4 or IED and moving your camera would cause the player’s arms to disappear and cause the player to stop planting
•   Fixed an issue where players were unable to interact or pick up dropped objects while holding an explosive or knife
•   Fixed an issue where the M1 Garand 2.5x M1C scope was set to a higher magnification
•   Fixed an issue where the weapon that is equipped with the 2x-1x Holographic would disappear while ADSing
•   Fixed an issue where the tanker trucks had larger collision volumes than what was visible to the player
•   Fixed an issue where the Menu button was not opening the Menu on the controller
•   Fixed an issue where the controller layout in the Settings Menu where the “Speed Reload (Double Tap)” button was showing as “Quick Reload (Double Tap)”
•   Fixed an issue where UI elements in the Loadout Menu would not always appear
•   Fixed an issue in the Settings Menu where the sensitivity values were not capped to the same decimal place
•   Fixed an issue where the character was not centred in the Loadout Menu
•   Fixed an issue where the SlowMovement mutator was not being carried over through map changes
•   Fixed an issue where the password widget appeared to be out of focus when attempting to connect to a password protected server
•   Fixed an issue where the binds in the leaning hint #108 were showing as UNBOUND
•   Fixed an issue where the Wet Feet achievement was not obtainable after completing Basic Training under Tutorials

Please note: There are a number of fixes coming with 1.9.2, and this is not the full list of bug fixes coming in 1.10

Known Issues
•   The new Citadel map has yet to be completely optimized therefore players may experience drops in frame rate
•   The title for Citadel Domination is incorrect in the Map Vote screen while playing Versus
•   Desert Eagle cannot be picked up from the display table in the Firing Range
•   The magazine that is dropped by Speed Reload is too large when using the Desert Eagle
•   The red and green dot sights on the Pistol Optics are slightly off-center
•   Players are able to be killed by airstrike through a wall on Citadel Objective D
•   There are instances where the weapon and optic will jitter during ADS
•   There is an issue when the SVD with the Aiming Grip and 7x Sniper Scope is equipped causing the player’s thumb to obstruct the sight picture
•   There is an issue where the silhouettes of players would show if they were surrounded by smoke effects from two different sources
•   There is an issue when using switching to a weapon with an Underbarrel attachment combined with a 2x-1x toggleable optic will cause the scope to appear to be toggled to 2x instead of 1x
•   There is an issue where the overtime element remains on the screen even after the round has ended
•   There is an issue when viewing a replay with a controller the playback control buttons are too small to read
•   Players are unable to open the Menu during a match
•   Players are unable to interact with the Overview Screen during a match
•   The refresh button does not work in the Community Servers Menu
•   The left arm is bending unnaturally when aiming down the sights on the AS VAL with the Aiming Grip upgrade and NVG Point Shooting mode
•   The Mosin-Nagant Stripper Clip weapon upgrade does not push in properly when reloading in third person
•   AI vehicles can get stuck in the Range level under Tutorials
•   Switching to or from the Smoke Launcher upgrade with no ammo plays the incorrect animation when using the M1 Garand
•   There is an issue with weapon and knife hitboxes which may block players that jump into the weapon being held by other players

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