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VRS F/A-18E SUPERBUG & TACPACK v1.6 with support for P3D v5.


VRS F/A-18E SUPERBUG & TACPACK v1.6 with support for P3D v5.

High Fidelity Strike Fighter Add-on for FSX/P3D


News on the next update to make VRS F/A-18E SUPERBUG & VRS TACPACK COMBAT SYSTEM  compatible with P3D v5

by VRS Varmint
Mon Dec 13, 2021

Announcing TacPack & Superbug v1.6 with support for P3D v5 (x64)!

TacPack and Superbug support has finally arrived for P3D v5 with version support covering v5.0.31.35253 through v5.3.12.28072. The move from P3D v4 (DX11) to v5 (DX12) was a tough one. As many of you already know, the TacPack uses a number of hooks in order to provide its magic. These hooks are very sensitive, need to be done in assembly, and break if the executable changes in any way (e.g. 5.2 to 5.3). In addition, and constituting the bulk of the work, DX12 support for TacPack features like FLIR, A/G Radar, and full screen NVG needed to be completely re-written. In other words, this was no ordinary patch, and for that reason, we cannot offer TacPack P3D v5 support for free. There will be a charge for TacPack license upgrades from v4 to v5 of $29.90 (reg $59.95) (see "for existing P3D v4 Customers", below). There is no charge for Superbug 1.6 for P3D v4 OR v5; Superbug 1.6 supports BOTH P3D v4 and v5. In other words, a new license is not required to run the Superbug on v5. Likewise there is no charge for the TacPack v1.6 if you are STAYING on v4.

The TacPack basic functions currently remain pretty much the same as they were in v1.5 with the exception of new support for dynamic lighting and a slew of much improved effects. However coming soon will be Aggressor AI that can perform a number of functions including BVR engagements, dog fighting, and wingman tasks. the AI will be scriptable via .tps files so that they can be programmed to appear and perform actions in a repeatable way. The 1.6 Superbug has added dynamic lighting effects for both the VC and external models. Both products now feature remote installation management which allows end-users to deactivate installations (freeing up activation keys) without any intervention required from VRS. Yay! For a complete list of changes, please see the Superbug version History and TacPack Version History.

For new customers:
   P3D v5 Academic Superbug/TacPack Bundles are now available which provide a $10 savings over purchasing the products individually.
   Purchase links at the bottom of the TacPack and Superbug product pages are now active, and the storefront is now stocked.

For existing P3D v4 customers:
TacPack and Superbug v1.6 are available for anyone currently running P3D v4. v1.6 supports both P3D v4 and P3D v5 (x64), however P3D v5 support requires a new TacPack license, which may be upgraded from v4 to v5 for 50% off. Note that all v1.6 upgrades or updates require active maintenance. If your maintenance for the license you wish to upgrade/update is expired, it may be renewed from your customer portal for an additional year for as low as $7.95/year.

   TacPack 1.6 for P3D v4 :TacPack for P3D v4 owners who wish to stay on v4 may update to v1.6 at no charge. With active maintenance, simply download v1.6 from your Customer Portal Downloads link.
   TacPack 1.6 for P3D v5: For customers who wish to upgrade their P3D v4 license to P3D v5 Academic, upgrade pricing with active maintenance is $29.90 (reg $59.95). From your Customer Portal, press the Renewals & Upgrades link.
   Superbug 1.6 for P3D v4 OR v5: Superbug upgrades to 1.6 for P3D v4 OR v5 are offered at no charge. With active maintenance, simply download v1.6 from your Customer Portal Downloads link and install AFTER installing TacPack v1.6

(1) Important compatibility note: If you're considering moving TacPack and/or Superbug to P3D v5, it's important to remember that upgrading P3D beyond the supported version ranges will BREAK the Superbug and TacPack immediately. We MUST patch our products after every new P3D/FSX release. Current P3D v5 support covers v5.0 through v5.3. If Lockheed comes out with, for example, a v5.4 and you update before a compatible TacPack is ready, it will break.
(2) Active Maintenance is required for the product(s) you wish to upgrade. If your maintenance period has expired for one or more products, it may be renewed from your Customer Portal prior to purchasing the upgrade(s).
(3) P3D Pro is not supported for domestic use. Commercial or institutional entities interested in obtaining commercial-use licenses for P3D Pro, are encouraged to contact commercial sales for a quote.

New TacPack/Superbug Installers
Fri Apr 15, 2022

New TacPack/Superbug Installers have been released for P3D v5 (x64) with support through P3D 5.3 Hotfix 2 ( Please remember that if you ever upgrade P3D beyond the last version the TacPack supports, you will NOT be able to run the TacPack or Superbug until support is available. The gap between the last version of the TacPack ( with support for P3D and this version with support for P3D took almost 3 months. Please keep that in mind before upgrading P3D!

This update may be downloaded from your customer portal. Please remember that all 1.6 updates for TacPack/Superbug require that product maintenance is current. (4/15/22 - public release for P3D v4 and v5)
   [NEW] Support for P3D through v5.3 Hotfix 2 ( (1/8/22 - public release for P3D v4 and v5)
   [NEW] Support for P3D through v5.3 Hotfix 1.1 (


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