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ADS-B trouble-shooting



I live right near Laguardia Airport NYC and have been a long-time Tacview Advanced user for DCS. I bought the latest Nooelec RTL-SDR kit last week and have it installed with driver recognized and it works with CubicSDR. When I select ADS-B Radio Telemetry as the input for Tacview, no error is reported, which I believe indicates that it found the RTL-SDR device, but neither does it display any data.

Can you share how I can troubleshoot this in Tacview. Also, I can't seem to get Dump1090 to work on my Windows 11 machine maybe because I have other USB devices but it shows some generic permissions rule file error which doesn't seem applicable. If I could get Dump1090 working I might have another trouble-shooting path to go down, but so far I can't.

I'm excited to see the ADS-B support in Tacview paired with ATC monitoring software to observe all the airtraffic around NYC.




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