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November 28, 2021 Update


Hello all, it is time for another update. As we are heading into the last month of the year, and the holiday season, I have been reflective of what this last year has brought. It has been exciting because we have actually started real full-time development, and we have expanded our team and relative experience level along the way.  :D However there have been several setbacks leading to our being several months behind our proposed schedule.   :'( One setback was the discovery that the maps I was producing over the late spring and summer were not going to work effectively.   >:( So I had to completely scrap all of that work and go in a different direction. While there was lost time and effort, the good news is that we have better tools to produce a game map. Furthermore, in the short run time was lost, but over the long run the new tools will produce better quality maps with less effort.  :thumbsup So cross your fingers and wish us well in the coming year as we navigate the complications of development.

Speaking of the maps, here are 2 samples. They're not 100% complete, however they are very close to it. The grids are 1km squares to help give some scale. Contours are 10m, and I think everything else is self explanatory. Let me know your thoughts

Thanks for the update.

This is looking great  :thumbsup

Your point about the tools allowing faster and better map production is very true and everyone will benefit.

I am really looking forward to this.



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