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Author Topic: CodeMeter Runtime 7.30 released  (Read 2215 times)

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CodeMeter Runtime 7.30 released
« on: August 25, 2021, 04:19:09 PM »
CodeMeter 7.30
Release Date: 2021-Aug-11
Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Download Windows (66.88MB): Click Here

Installation CodeMeter under Windows 7
Beginning with version 7.30 CodeMeter does not support Windows 7. Installation under Windows 7 is no longer possible. For the charged extended Windows 7 support version 7.21 is maintained (FB75902).

WibuCmTrigger.jar removed
The Java applet WibuCmTrigger.jar is no longer supported and has been removed from the installers (FB72829).

Enhanced Docker container support
Now it is possible to run CodeMeter License Server and protected application in separate Docker containers. The communication between the containers uses its own private network, which must be configured in all participating containers. In the container with CodeMeter License Server, CmCloudLicenses or CmActLicenses can be included. For CmActLicenses, the binding has been specially adapted for Docker and hardened against multiple uses. For the binding, the license must be created with the 'container' option and, if applicable, the 'vm' option. Alternatively to a locally existing license, the server search list can be configured for CodeMeter License Servers to use licenses at other CodeMeter License Servers (FB75606).

Queries to Active Directory Server
In order to avoid queries to Active Directory servers, the auto-completion of user and group lists is no longer performed. For the use of the auto-completion in CodeMeter WebAdmin users can query these lists from the server via a button (FB75803).

FB78432: CodeMeter Installer: The installers for CodeMeterRuntime, CodeMeterSDK and WibuCmNet have been adapted to display the corresponding EULAs for Japanese and Chinese in the respective local language.

FB62326: WibuCm: Linux, macOS: On Linux and macOS, the library no longer checks for a CodeMeter license server running in the current process space. This allows the library to be used even in isolated environments, such as Docker.

FB73487: WibuCm: If CodeMeter License Server is installed as a service but is not running, since version 7.20 the service can also be restarted in the user context via the Windows Services Administration. That this also works with protected applications, the restarting of the service from the WibuCm library was changed from a call of the CodeMeter License Server to the use of the Windows Services Administration.

FB66681: CodeMeter License Server: For error texts via API and in the event log helpful short texts are now also issued for high number error codes.

FB67819: CodeMeter License Server: macOS: Performance improvements in license access, which is especially evident with many open handles.

FB77207: CodeMeter License Server: CmActLicense: For systems running in Microsoft Azure, the binding has been adjusted so that it remains valid even after shutdown and restart.

FB74699: CodeMeter License Server: In addition to license tracking, rejected license accesses can now also be queried using the cmu command line tool and the '--list-rejected-allocations' option. Via cmu, the retention of rejected license accesses must first be activated (either generally or only for a single Firm Code), and subsequently the list of rejected accesses can be retrieved.

FB73885: CodeMeter License Server: The WebSocket API now supports a configurable timeout for upgrades. The default value is 300 seconds.

FB75967: CodeMeter WebAdmin: In CodeMeter WebAdmin the license transfer can now be generally forbidden, even if the programmed license allows it. In addition, the programmed maximum borrowing time of borrowable licenses can be further limited globally in the profiling.

FB69672: TMR: The '--cmdust' option is now available in a customized version for TMR servers.

FB77317: CodeMeter License Server: With the changed StationShare ID in CodeMeter 7.20, all accesses in the event log were incorrectly classified as terminal server (ts).

FB76990: CodeMeter License Server: Windows: If on the same machine a license with StationShare is executed once as a user and once as the same user but with administrator privileges, they now share the license again.

FB73808: CodeMeter License Server: The 'CmCheckEvents()' behavior after "Release Event" has been corrected.

FB74720: CodeMeter License Server: On older Linux distributions (RHEL7 / CentOS7) the detection of new CmDongles did not work anymore. A different 'udev' rule is now installed for these operating systems.

FB74723: CodeMeter License Server: When resetting the system time, opened handles with the specification "Maximum Life Time" were incorrectly closed automatically.

FB77393: CodeMeter License Server: The event filter for 'CmCheckEvents()' has been corrected. It now only waits for registered events.

FB73512: CodeMeter License Server: When using 'CmCheckEvents()', problems occurred on existing multiple threads. FB73364: CodeMeter License Server: Multiple use of event notification in the context of a 'multithreaded' application could lead to invalid return values.

FB77546: CodeMeter License Server: When accessing a NameList in SingleAllocation mode, different behavior occurred in the debug and release modes of a protected application.

FB77297: CodeMeter License Server: Local NoUserLimit accesses were incorrectly treated as terminal session starting with CodeMeter 7.20 on Windows Server 2019.

FB74767: CodeMeter License Server: The license tracking logs were not correct for StationShare accesses and license transfer. Excess shares were logged for which there were no previous accesses.

FB77875: CodeMeter License Server: In license tracking eventually BorrowIDs were doubled and protocolled.

FB77655: CodeMeter License Server: After a restart with activated UWF writing filter eventually CmActLicense licenses were no longer accessible.

FB70219: WibuCmNET.dll: A .NET application did not wait for the CodeMeter service to restart.

FB74745: CodeMeter WebAdmin: An empty CmActLicense container prevented the display of all containers in CodeMeter WebAdmin.
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