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Point Of Attack 2.5.20 10/09/21
« on: September 12, 2021, 12:05:04 AM »

Point Of Attack 2.5.20 10/09/21

This update is designed to work with any previously installed version of POA 2.0/2.5

Download v2.5.20(88.3MB): Click here
Install: (make backups first)
The installer will search for the locations of the specific install folders as necessary. However, for highly customized installations, users might need to install the update to a temporary folder first, and then copy the files from there to the actual (existing) folders.

* = Corrections
+ = Additions/Improvements

10 Sep 21:  POA v2.5.20    TU v1.02.20 

* Some graphics (such as flags and icons) weren't always displaying correctly in x64.
* Forms weren't showing up correctly/program locking up when the Windows Task Bar position was set to 'Screen Top'.
* Tweaked fatigue routines to better model extra fatigue from terrain and grades.
* The AI was not always setting firing unit facings to better engage higher value targets.
* The circle graphic for Arty and other impacts on the map was not being drawn to scale or animated (if the user animation setting on).
* Arty/IF Form wasn't being cleared between missions if the second mission wasn't possible (so the opposing player could potentially see some friendly force information).
* Player control (AI vs Human) is now set to original values when players continue playing past the end of a scenario, after having selected "Reveal All" in the Game Results Form.
* Fixed an issue in the movement editing mode that sometimes prevented changes from being made (introduced in the previous version).
* Fixed Mouse-Over text for objects - types weren't always being shown.
* Fixed [Show Prohib Locs On Map...] display when button clicked on Unit Movement Commands Form.  White means OK, dark gray is prohibited/unreachable.
* Fixed a form-sizing issue with the Penetration Graph Form when it displayed below minimum size.
* Adjusted the routines that determine if a unit can occupy an IP - limited the "cargo cost" check to only personnel unit types (was blocking vehicles/guns set to more than one cargo point).
* Corrected a floating point error in firing routines when target was in an IP.
* Fixed an ".... is not a valid integer value" error during the combat phase.
* The AI now automatically re-routes Maneuver Group units to objectives left unoccupied due to losses & other combat results.
* Fixed a recently-introduced EEFACE error when adding new weapons to TO&E forces when the wpn system was used by multiple unrelated nations.
* Some forms were allowed to remain open at the end of a player's turn which allowed for crashes if later clicked or closed.
* Corrected a problem with Composite Units not moving when the HQ unit was loaded on a carrier and the carrier had orders to stay more than 1-hex distance behind the HQ.
* Fixed an omission with units not appearing on the map for Turn 1 when the TFHQ was not yet in play (reinforcement) or a passenger.
* Fixed an issue where friendly units weren't always being drawn on the map if they were in the same loc as one or more partially-known enemy units.
* Corrected an issue with Maneuver Groups when the Group's HQ is a reinforcement - selecting the Group resulted in a new one being created.
* Firing locs/lines weren't always being erased correctly at the end of each segment in the combat pulse.
* Fixed an error in the movement routines when AI assistance was required to complete an order - for example, issuing an altitude change orders to a helicopter before loading passengers on the ground.
* Corrected a problem when viewing Sensors in the Select by Country & Type Form; was not always showing multiple type sensors (e.g., Visual and Radio).
* Fixed a typo in the code that didn't show any wpnsys armor angles, even if valid, if the wpnsys had an invalid turret front armor value.
* Corrected an EEFFAC access error in the WpnSys Data Editor when selecting Special Systems for a new Wpn System created after deleting an existing one.
+ Redid Noise/Sound Detection Routines to be more explicit.
+ Added Noise Level Fields to WpnSys, Gun, and Ammo Data Tables (movement, firing, impact/detonation).
+ Added the detection method (sight, sound, radar, etc.) to reporting info.
+ Updated Maneuver Group map display: all defined groups shown, with the selected group in red.  Arrow/Obj Loc colors are user-changeable, but default to blue/green shades.
+ Added additional detail to S-3 Staff Officer messages for then units can't move due to SOP considerations.
+ Tweaked S-3 display to show carrier's speed info for passenger units, marked with an asterisk (*).
+ Updated Detailed Unit Info Form for In-Flight units (missiles, rockets, large arty, etc.).
+ Added extra diagnostic messages when multi-core operation fails at system memory allocation in LOS routines.
+ Improved the Maneuver Group AI in terms of assigning units to objectives, especially in terms of keep formations together and in achieving all objectives faster.
+ Added a direct link to Force Tree Display Settings Form: <Right Click> on any blank area of the Tree View Panel (i.e., not over a unit).
+ Created 64 bit (x64) version (now the default).
+ Added additional status messages for IF/support missions.
+ All messages become timed in AI vs AI games if not timed by default.  The timeout duration is 20 sec.
+ "S" now scrolls the map down, it's identical to pressing "X" (which is also still valid).
+ The Arrow Keys now scroll the map in the appropriate direction.
+ Added utility to change Map Hexline Display Values via Main Menu | Display | Adjust Map Layers -> Click [Edit Line Defs].  Note: there are the actual hexlines/hexsides on the map which are used for all game purposes (movement, targeting/LOS, etc.) - NOT the cosmetic symbols placed on top of them.
+ Added new Unit Speed setting so now Road speed can be set separately from Cross-Country/Offroad.
+ Redid Movement AI routines to be faster and more capable.
+ Added a new S-3 staff officer notice when a unit can't move out of its current location due to either a permanent or temporary condition.
+ Updated sighting routines to execute faster, and instituted true multi-core capability.
+ Updated Airdrop Form to show expected damage probabilities, and to uniformly enable/disable editing whether displayed from the Staff Officer Form or Main Menu.
+ Added paradrop icon on map for units in-air.
+ Adjusted paradrop damage routine models, and aircraft exit and landing are now individual loss determinations.
+ Added option to show reinforcement icon as the turn number on the Force Tree instead of the default clock.
+ Updated the "In IP" text and option on the Unit Info Form.
+ Added an auto-check/adjust for ammo accy curves where last value was significantly out of range (applies mostly to older data tables)
+ Paradrop units upon exiting the aircraft are sighted to the same level (including being not sighted) as the aircraft itself for all in-play units.
+ Added parachute size for targets in the air.  Parachute sizes are standardized and based on the suspended wpn system weight and type (cargo vs. person).
+ Paradrop injury statistics added to the Combat Report on Max Detail Level.
+ Parachute drop rate now affected by altitude.
+ Updated Movement Order Index/Legend to better display remaining float time for In Air/Paradropped units.
+ Revamped terrain fire routines for wrecks, ammo detonations/ explosions, and spreading.
+ Added new Wreck Display form which shows qtys of material on-board, expected smoke generation over time graph, and terrain fire probability.
+ Added "Terrain Flammability Rating" to Ground Conditions Data Table, and in-scenario Weather Periods and Current Conditions.  Included AI to set default values.
+ Unit Info Form | Movement Tab: Ordered speeds now shown as a % of Wpn System max.
+ Added additional information to the "Translate Orders" button/utility when giving movement orders (Unit Movement and Unit Info Forms).
+ Added a new "Show Adj Loc Times" display option when giving orders (at bottom left of Movement Orders Form).
   - Shows the cost of each loc adjacent to the last loc in the path.
   - Detailed info added to Mouse-over text for each loc.
   - Does not apply to aircraft.
+ Slow unit movement rates (from terrain, conditions, grades, etc.) are now flagged and shown in the S-3 Staff Officer messages.
+ "Road/Offroad Speed set to Zero" now explicitly flagged in the Unit Info Form, and also in the "Translate Orders" report.
+ When selecting to change SOP and other values from the Force Settings Form, the Unit Into Form is displayed and the changes made there.  This allows for a consistent interface and for changes to be propagated to multiple units.
+ Added option to auto-check program version when game first loaded.  Can also access via Help |  and Help | About (button)
+ Added new FOW setting "Override Normal Orders Delay For Current Player": Main Menu | Preferences | General Tab | [Fog of War Settings].   While enabled, the player's units will have zero command delay and no internal unit friction. Can't be set in 2-player games, or if Friendly FOW is ON (FOW Level > 2).
+ Added linked help files that automatically paste in the content of another related help file.
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