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Author Topic: Ability to disable Real-Time Telemetry Connection message  (Read 2017 times)

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Ability to disable Real-Time Telemetry Connection message
« on: October 26, 2022, 12:09:12 PM »

Love Tacview but I have found when connecting to servers with RealTime Telemetry that I host I am seeing my IP address posted in the chat for all to see. Is there a way to stop doxing myself every time I connect via RealTime Telemetry to Tacview?

Just to be clear, I want to stop seeing peoples connections posted in the game chat. This information is important but should be in logs, not posted for streamers / players to see.

If there is no way to currently disable this? If not can we PLEASE make it a priority for future builds?

- OzDM
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